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    Apartments For rent in El Souq St.
    Top Favorites in Area Top Favorites in Area
    4,500 EGP

    Apartments For rent in El Souq St.

    شارع السوق, التجمع الثالث شارع السوق, التجمع الثالث

    Apartments For rent in Fourth Neighborhood
    Top Favorites in Area Top Favorites in Area
    5,000 EGP

    Apartments For rent in Fourth Neighborhood

    المحلية الرابعة, التجمع الثالث المحلية الرابعة, التجمع الثالث

    Apartments For rent in Sixth Neighborhood
    5,000 EGP

    Apartments For rent in Sixth Neighborhood

    , التجمع الثالث , التجمع الثالث

Be the first to know about new properties in Third Settlement , New Cairo - 5th Settlement

Apartments For Rent of Various Sizes in the Third Settlement


Location of Third settlement in New Cairo


Third Settlement is located in New Cairo, which is one of the most popular residential areas due to its services and a privileged location. The Third settlement is one of the distinct areas that includes various services and vital places that have added great value to the third settlement such as: German University in Cairo (GUC) - Arabella area - Katameya Heights.


The Third Settlement also overlooks the Ring Road, and is considered one of the most attractive places for the middle class of the community due to the commensurate prices of residential units in it compared to other residential places.


Division of the Third Settlement


The Third Settlement area is divided into localities from the first Settlement  to the seventh, and housing unions (Katameya) and the future, which are residential buildings divided into apartments of various sizes.


Types of Units in theThird Settlement


The types of the residential units vary in the third settlement, and the vast majority of them are apartments of different sizes. The areas of the apartments start from 63 square meters, 70 square meters, 100 square meters, 125 square meters, 135 square meters, and you can also find apartments for rent in the third settlement There are also owned apartments.


Great Services in the Third Settlement


The Third Settlement area is characterized by the widespread of services, organized architectural planning and the precise division of its streets and places of services, so that each residential area gets its right to have nearby services.


Educational Services 


Among the most famous schools in the Third Settlement are:


  • Omar bin Al-Khattab School for Girls 

  • Dr. Samir Fahmy Experimental Language School 

  • Al-Jihad School 

  • Al-Horreya Model School  

  • Abdel Moneim Wasel A / S Boys School 

  • Ajyal Language School 

  • Modern Education School 

  • Imam Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi Technological School Applied School 

  • Cairo Official Language School 

  • Nile International School 

  • British International School  

  • Salah El Din Experimental School


In addition to a number of nurseries, including: 


  • Modern Faith Nursery 

  • Children’s World Nursery  

  • New Cairo Nursery 

  • Smart House Nursery  

  • Cayan Nursery 

  • Nursery Kinder Park Nursery & Preschool 

  • Twinkle Star Nursery  

  • Small Steps Nursery


There are also a number of universities and institutes near the residential communities in the Third Settlement, which provided a lot of time and effort for university students and institutes, and the most famous of them are:


  • The German University in Cairo (GUC)

  • The Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology 

  • The New Cairo Technological University 

  • The New Cairo Academy of Sciences and Arts 

  • The Higher Institute for Foreign Trade and Science Administration 

  • Higher Institute of Computer Science and Information Systems


Health Services in the Third Settlement 


Maintaining the health of the family is one of the things that we always look for most, so we are looking for high-end residential places that have medical services available throughout the day, and the third settlement is one of the areas that provided this for its residents, as there are a group of hospitals and medical clinics that provide excellent medical care And among those hospitals (Third Settlement Medical Center - Third Settlement Health Bureau - Dar Al Dawa Specialized - New Cairo Hospital - Dar Al Seha Hospital - Al Safwa Specialized Clinics - Al Nour Eye Clinics - Dr. Sherine Dental Clinic - Nabed Al Tagamoa Specialized Clinics - Dr. Muhammad Al-Jamal Psychiatry and Neurology - Edarak Specialized Clinics - Cure Clinic for Physiotherapy).


There is also a group of pharmacies, including (Rushdi Pharmacy - Rabie Pharmacy - Dr. Wael Pharmacy - El Ezaby Pharmacy - Misr Pharmacies - Pharmacies 19011 - Al-Nawai Pharmacy - Dr. Muhammad Al-Salawi Pharmacy - Dr. Muhammad Abdel Hay Pharmacy - Al-Khouli Pharmacies - Dr. Asem Pharmacy - Dawakhana Pharmacy - Dr. Bakri Pharmacy).


Commercial Malls, Restaurants, and Cafes in the Third Settlement 


The Third Settlement includes a group of the most famous commercial malls that provide the finest services due to the presence of a different group of shops selling personal items and international brands, and there are also different types of restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious meals, in addition to a number of entertainment means, and among the most popular malls are: Third Settlement Mega Mall - Future Mall - Gardenia Mall - Dreams Mall - Katameya Mall.


Health Clubs with the Latest Sports Equipment in the Third Settlement


There is a group of different sports clubs equipped at the highest level with the latest sports equipment that helps maintain fitness, and among the best gyms in existence (VEIN GYM - Smart Gym - Bar and Dumbbell Gym - Sport House - Fighter GYM - Titans GYM - True GYM - Be Fit GYM- Balance GYM).


Features of the Third Settlement


  • The Third Settlement area overlooks the Ring Road directly, so it can be reached easily

  • The green spaces represented in parks and gardens are spread between the residential areas, so the residential units overlook either green places or main streets with a wide width

  • Most of the housing units in the third settlement are residential apartments, and this is what made the search for apartments for rent or ownership in New Cairo easy and simple

  • All services are spread near residential areas, and this is what encouraged a large percentage of the population to search for their units in that particular area of ​​New Cairo

  • The third settlement area is considered one of the residential areas that are characterized by the reasonable prices of residential units

  • The diversity of spaces provided the opportunity for different groups to search for what suits them


Compounds Close to the Third Settlement


If you love to live in closed residential compounds and enjoy a quiet, distinctive and different life and get all the privileges offered by living in the compounds, there is a group of wonderful residential compounds around the Third Settlement area, which offers a range of housing units of different design and size (apartments - duplexes - penthouses - Townhouse - Twin House - Villas), and among the most famous compounds surrounding the Third Settlement are:


The number of the Apartments For rent in Third Settlement is 3 listings
The sub locations in Third Settlement are First Neighborhood, Second Neighborhood, Third Neighborhood, Fourth Neighborhood , Fifth Neighborhood, Sixth Neighborhood, Seventh Neighborhood, El Shabab Square, El Mostakabal 3, El Fath St., El Fagr St., El Nasr Square St., El Amal St., El Souq St., El Forn St.
The types of locations in Third Settlement are Duplex, Studio, Penthouse, Roof, Apartment with Garden, Full Floor