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What is special about the apartments in El Seyouf area?

When we are searching for apartments for sale in El Seyouf in Alexandria we have to ask ourselves the important question of “what are the main features should be in any residential area?”

  • Good infrastructure.
  • Great facilities like schools, pharmacies, hospitals, parks, sports clubs, and markets.

Therefore, choosing to search for apartments for sale in El Seyouf was the right choice, since it has:

  • a lot of mosques, for instance, Al-Anwar mosque (Khaled Bin Al Waleed) and the mosque of Mecca.
  • Many schools to meet the different needs and individual preferences ranging from Al-Azhar Primary and Preparatory Institute to Al Ajil Private Schools Complex, which is considered one of the largest, oldest and most prestigious schools in the district.
  • EL Seyouf Garden (formerly Al Bayasa) is a beautiful, medium-sized circular garden with an excellent location.
  • Abdel Wahab Village Grill, a large popular barbecue restaurant extending through a large building with several floors.
  • Alexandria Academy of Sciences.

    Al Seyouf is under the municipal umbrella of Al Mandara, and it’s located near El Asafra, and Sidi Bishr.