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Properties for Sale in Mohandessin in Giza


The Mohandessin neighborhood is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Giza governorate, with an area of ​​more than 6000 square meters, and it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Greater Cairo in general, as it was established in 1950. 


Despite the old and originality of the Mohandessin neighborhood, it did not lose its elegance and attractiveness to the residents, as it is distinguished by its location in Central Cairo and near the neighborhoods of Giza, west and east Cairo.


Mohandessin has its connection to the main roads, making it close to the rest of Greater Cairo areas and also close to the neighboring new cities such as October and Sheikh Zayed Real Estate.


The Mohandessin neighborhood is distinguished by its heritage which is evident in buildings and real estate. It is famous for several residential and commercial streets, including Lebanon Street, Arab League Street, Shehab Street, and others. 


The Mohandessin district includes different types of real estate, including residential, commercial, and administrative ones in the Mohandessin district. It is also famous for the presence of medical clinics for senior doctors and specialists. 


Details of Units in the Mohandessin Neighborhood in Giza


The Mohandessin neighborhood is distinguished by its location in Greater Cairo and its ease of access from several different areas, as it is connected to many main roads and axes, and Mohandessin is considered one of the finest and oldest areas in Giza Governorate. 


The Mohandessin neighborhood includes real estate, apartments, shops, and others. You can find apartments for sale at the best prices in Mohandessin, as well as for rent. Most of the properties offered for sale are located in the famous streets and high-end squares in Mohandessin, including:


  • Shehab Street 

  • Ahmed Orabi Street 

  • League of Arab States Street

  • Syria Street

  • Lebanon Street

  • Jazirat Al Arab Street

  • Sudan Street

  • Hegaz Street 

  • Wadi El-Nile Street 

  • Sphinx Square


In Mohandessin, you can find what you are looking for from ownership properties for sale or rent, whether it is an apartment, a full floor, a commercial store, or an administrative headquarters for your company. In addition to the availability of basic services, outdoor areas, shopping malls, and more.


Strategic Location of the Mohandessin Neighborhood in Giza Governorate


The Mohandessin neighborhood is located in Giza Governorate and officially belongs to the Agouza neighborhood. It is characterized by its proximity to high-end neighborhoods such as Zamalek and Dokki neighborhoods. 


It is also linked to Sheikh Zayed City and the real estate of 6 October City, which facilitates access to engineers through several ways and in record time.


The 6th of October Bridge links the Mohandessin district with Downtown Cairo, and it can be reached west of Cairo, where Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October are, through the 26th of July axis.


Mohandessin is characterized by the availability of all means of transportation, whether public or private. It is also expected to open a metro station soon, ensuring easy access for residents to and from all neighborhoods of Greater Cairo.


Types of Units in Mohandessin Area


The properties in the Mohandessin neighborhood vary between residential, administrative, clinics, and others. You can find apartments in the Mohandessin neighborhood at the best prices, and other properties such as:


  • Studios

  • Duplexes (double apartments)

  • Buildings and condominiums in the Mohandessin district.

  • Shops

  • Administrative Offices

  • Medical clinics in Mohandessin


Most of the properties in the Mohandessin neighborhood are delivered with super lux finishing, and some apartments are delivered ready-made, including furniture and furnishings.


Areas of Units in the Mohandessin Area


  • Studio: Areas start from 30 square meters and include one bedroom and a bathroom.

  • Apartments: spaces start from 75 m² up to 300 m² and include 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a 6-piece reception hall, and a nanny's room.

  • Duplexes: the duplex apartments' areas start from 135 m² and consist of 3 bedrooms, up to 850 m², and consist of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 6 reception pieces.


Advantages of Owning A Unit in Mohandessin


Of course, owning a property in Mohandessin offers you many advantages at the level of the property itself and the neighborhood level, among the advantages:


  • Most of the properties in Mohandessin are not newly built, which guarantees you that most of the apartments are registered in the real estate registry

  • Real estate has distinctive entrances designed with luxurious marble and mirrors, and elevators and garages are located under the buildings

  • The Mohandessin neighborhood includes all government services and facilities in terms of health offices, traffic offices, police departments, and banks

  • There are many places of worship in Mohandessin, the most famous of which are Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque, Anas bin Malik Mosque, and the Church of the Great Martyr Abu Seifen

  • There are different types of real estate and areas, including the high-end, such as Gameat Al Dewal Al Arabiya Street, Geziret Al Arab, and Sphinx Square, or the average and above average, such as Sudan Street and Ahmed Orabi Street

  • Most of the apartments are delivered with Super Lux finishing

  • The Mohandessin neighborhood is a commercial area with headquarters for major local and international companies and business offices in all fields. Most of the companies are located on Gameat Al Dewal Street and Lebanon Street


Available Services in the Mohandessin District


Mohandessin is characterized by being an old and populated area that includes all the basic services for living in terms of schools and hospitals, as well as shopping centers and various exit places.


Schools and Nurseries in Mohandessin


The presence of schools and nurseries near the house is a must to keep your children comfortable, and in the Mohandessin neighborhood you will find different schools, including:


  • Cairo British School (CBS)

  • Al Tala’a Islamic Language School 

  • City Language School

  • Green Land International School 


In addition to many other private, governmental, language, and international schools.


As for nurseries, you will find them in abundance, since the Mohandessin neighborhood is full of companies and business headquarters, nurseries continue to increase to meet the needs of working families, and among the nurseries are Al-Manar Language Nursery, Youpi Nursery, Mini-Me Nursery, Happy Dream Nursery, and over 20 other nurseries.


Hospitals and Medical Centers in Mohandessin


Mohandessin includes a group of the best hospitals, including:


  • Al-Salam International Hospital, 

  • Al-Safa Hospital, 

  • Al-Amal Hospital, 

  • Al-Noor Eye Hospital, 

  • Kids Hospital for Children, 

  • Al-Shorouk Hospital,


The neighborhood also provides its residents with medical laboratories and radiology centers, the most famous of which is Alpha Scan Center, and the blood bank in Al-Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz Street, as for clinics. 


You will find clinics in all specialties, and the most common areas where medical clinics are located in Greater Cairo in the Mohandessin neighborhood are Jazirat Al Arab Street and Sudan Street.


Shopping Malls in Mohandessin


The engineers in Cairo Al-Kabeer are famous for their shops and international brands, and they are abundantly located in Jazirat Al-Arab Street, Mohie El-Din Abu El-Ezz Street, and Lebanon Street. Sphinx Square is known for the Sphinx Computer Mall, which houses electronics and appliances. You can also find exhibitions of furniture and home supplies in Al-Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz Street and Arab League Street.


Entertainment Venues and Sports Clubs in Mohandessin


The Mohandessin neighborhood includes the Zamalek Club, the Shooting Club, the Tersana Club, the Agricultural Club, and many gyms. As for the places to go out. 


You will find many restaurants in Mohandessin and cafes on Jamiat Al Dewal Al Arabiya Street, the most famous of which are Umm Hassan Restaurant, Farah Restaurant, restaurants for Syrian food and grills, the Sphinx cinema, and areas Children's games and amusement parks.


The number of the Properties For sale in El Mohandeseen is 898 listings
The average price per meter for Properties in El Mohandeseen is 19,350 EGP
The sub locations in El Mohandeseen are Gameat El Dewal El Arbabeya St, Sudan St, Ahmed Oraby St, Wadi El Nile, Shehab St, El Higaz St, Syria St, Lebnan Square, Sphinx Square, El Tawfiekya, Mit Akaba, Geziret El Arab, El Mohandseen, Omar Toson St., Gool Gamal St
The types of locations in El Mohandeseen are Apartments, Building, Chalets, Furnished Apartment, Other, Land, Administrative, Commercial, Villas, Shared Room, Medical
The top brokerage companies in El Mohandeseen are Marasi Group, Adnan Group