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Properties for sale in Al Andalus Resort in Sahl Hasheesh


Al Andalus Resort in Sahl Hasheesh offers you a great opportunity for relaxation and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of external noise. It is a  place where you can spend a wonderful vacation directly on the sea, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of green areas, golden sands and clear turquoise water.


Al Andalus Resort is characterized by modern designs and a choice of comfortable colors. The resort has sea views and wonderful hotel units, fully equipped, in addition to all amenities and luxury, water games, fishing trips and a yacht marina, making it an integrated resort.


The residential units in Sahl Hasheesh Al Andalus project provides extreme privacy for the residents, in addition to security, guarding, calmness and luxurious architectural division according to the latest engineering construction standards.


Location of Al Andalus Resort in Sahl Hasheesh


Al Andalus Resort is located in the Sahl Hasheesh area of ​​Hurghada, where it is characterized by its proximity to various means of transportation, which allows visiting the various tourist and recreational areas of the city.


The resort is also located 20 minutes from Hurghada International Airport, about 25 kilometers from the heart of Hurghada real estate and 450 kilometers from Cairo.


Details of available properties in Al Andalus Resort 


Al Andalus Resort, Sahl Hasheesh, includes 50 well-equipped apartments. They are furnished with elegant furniture, and are characterized by their calm and warm colors, and include all the comfort, luxury and basic equipment that customers need. The apartments vary between studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom apartments for the customer to choose the unit that suits him.


Areas of Real Estate Units in Al Andalus Resort 


The available areas in Al Andalus Resort vary according to the nature of the apartment and the number of rooms available in it, starting from 45 square meters for a studio with one bedroom. Each unit also includes at least one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchenette, a balcony with great views, and a garden if the apartment is on the ground floor.


The resort consists of a group of residential buildings in Hurghada. Each building consists of a ground floor and 4 repeated floors, some of which have views of the swimming pools and vast green spaces, and some of them overlook the Red Sea coast directly, and the spacious beach with its soft golden sand.


Features of Al Andalus Resort in Sahl Hasheesh


- The village enjoys a wonderful calm and extreme privacy for individuals within their residential units

- Pets are allowed

- Modern designs in a modern style

- Great views of the pools and the sea directly

- Gorgeous balconies for units on recurring floors

Strategic location near the resorts of Hurghada

- Daily housekeeping and laundry services

- All units have central air conditioning


Services Available in Al Andalus Resort in Sahl Hasheesh


-Restaurants and cafés that provide hotel services to customers

- Free internet and Wi-Fi for residents of the village

- High quality electric elevators and rooms with soundproof glass

- Parking is fully secured

-24-hour security and guarding and surveillance cameras throughout the place

- Spa, sauna, jacuzzi and gym equipped with the latest sports equipment

- Public gardens for sitting, tracks for running, and places for bicycles


About the Sahl Hasheesh area


Sahl Hasheesh is one of the famous coastal areas in the south of Hurghada. It is about 25 kilometers from Hurghada and about 450 kilometers from Cairo real estate. It is also located on the coastal strip of the Red Sea with a beach of 12.5 kilometers in length, and includes more than 6 first-class tourist resorts.


It also includes a main gathering place for individuals and a cinema complex. The Sahl Hasheesh area is famous for being one of the most investment areas in Egypt. The Sahl Hasheesh area includes tourist resorts, luxury hotels and a tourist village.


It is also a luxury tourist destination, given its golf courses, an underwater pharaonic city, and a yacht marina. Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada is considered one of the most beautiful diving areas.


The best places for picnics and entertainment in Sahl Hasheesh


The city of Sahl Hasheesh includes a group of charming places that you can visit while on vacation, the most prominent of these places are:


The pharaonic city


The Pharaonic city is one of the wonderful monuments and the most famous places of entertainment in Sahl Hasheesh, which includes a group of ancient Egyptian monuments.


Sahl Hasheesh Beaches


Many people come to visit the beaches of Sahl Hasheesh as a result of the clear waters and watching the reefs and the charming marine landmarks, as it is completely calm and there are no waves at all and is suitable for those who cannot swim to enjoy in safety.


Yacht marina


In Sahl Hasheesh, there is the Marina area, which is a marine area for tourist yachts, which is loved by all tourists from all over the world, where you can take a cruise, practice scuba diving or even relax on the yacht.


Senzo shopping center


It is considered one of the most famous malls in Hurghada and is considered one of the suitable places for strolling and shopping at the same time, where you can buy from the most famous international brands or do shopping at the best prices.


Cinema complex


It is a huge cinema complex, characterized by its large, organized and comfortable exhibition halls, and the screening of all local and international films.

The types of locations in Al Andalous Resort - Orbit Group are Apartments, Building, Chalets, Furnished Apartment, Other, Land, Administrative, Commercial, Villas, Shared Room, Medical