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Pharmacy 190m for sale in Go Heliopolis Mall - Masr El Gedida

  • Finish Type WITHOUT_FINISH
  • View Main Street
  • Size (in meters) 190 M²
  • Listing ID EG-2675896
  • Price 19,080,000 EGP
  • Seller Role Developer
  • Payment Method Cash or Installments
  • Price Per Meter 100,421 EGP/M²
  • Listing Description

    About the developer:

    - The Go Heliopolis compound project is one of the projects of Khuzam Real Estate Company, and its first residential projects in Heliopolis.

    - Khozam Real Estate Development Company is one of the Khozam Group companies that have long experience in the field of real estate development in the Egyptian market for nearly 50 years.

    - The chairman of the company’s board is Nader Khouzam, the expert, and the real estate appraiser without the definition. The investments of Khuzam Real Estate Development Company in the Go Heliopolis compound project are about 1,250,000,000 EGP

    - The company has made sure that the Go Heliopolis compound project will be its first real estate project, and that within the project there will be high-end housing in the best and most prestigious neighborhoods of Cairo, and all services are available around it, and at reasonable prices.

    - Khozam Real Estate has contracted with the most important Lebanese contracting company, Shaddad Contracting Company, to become the main contractor for the Go Heliopolis Police Heliopolis project.

    - Shaddad is one of the major contracting companies that have many years of experience of up to 60 years.

    - Hizam Real Estate Development Company was entrusted with the task of managing the project of the Helio Police compound, to CHROME Company, which is one of the companies whose experience in managing several projects in the Middle East region reaches forty years.

    - Khozam Real Estate Company has chosen the Heliopolis area as the location of the Joe Heliopolis housing project in the best and most prestigious neighborhoods of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

    - This is in addition to the sophisticated architectural design of the Go Heliopolis compound, which combines modern design with a classic.

    - Khozam Real Estate Development Company is looking forward to establishing many housing projects in the new administrative capital in the coming stage.

    About the project:

    - Go Heliopolis Compound Heliopolis for lovers of luxury life, and housing in the finest areas, where Joe Heliopolis compound has a unique location directly overlooking Al Nozha Street, which is one of the largest main streets in Heliopolis. Moreover, the Go Heliopolis Compound is a full-service compound within which you will find what provides You have the luxury life and the comfort you wish to spend the happiest times with your family in a healthy atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of other regions, and you will find all the spaces at reasonable prices for you.
    The total area of ​​the project land is about 18000 square meters, and it includes about five residential towers, within which there are about 760 housing units with various areas divided as follows:

    - The areas of (Tower 3) in Compound Go Heliopolis are as follows:
    - Apartment of 75 square meters consisting of one bedroom.
    - Apartments in areas 125, 127 and 135 sq.m, consisting of two bedrooms.
    - Apartments in areas 155, 165 and 175 square meters are composed of three bedrooms.
    - The spaces of (Tower 5) in Compound Go Heliopolis are as follows:

    - Residential apartments with areas 127, 125,130 and 135 square meters, consisting of two bedrooms.
    - Apartments in areas 170 and 185 consisting of three bedrooms.
    - Within the Go Heliopolis Police project, there are also a number of commercial units and stores with special prices.


    - Go Heliopolis Police Compound was constructed on an area of ​​18000m2, 16000m2 has been allocated for the buildings, and the rest of the space is for green areas.
    - The complex includes a number of housing units of various sizes, which number about 760 housing units with international designs that are suitable for high-taste people.
    - The areas of residential units in the compound Go Heliopolis Police range from 120 square meters to 190 square meters, and all units have a wonderful view of the green areas.
    - The compound also includes many features, and countless services, that make life inside it distinguished by the sophistication and luxury that everyone dreams of.
    - There are two gates for the compound, one of which overlooks Al-Nuzha Street, and the other gate overlooks City Stars Mall Street.
    - There are many commercial units and large supermarkets that sell all supplies around the clock.
    - In every residential tower in the compound of Go Heliopolis, there are three electric elevators, two of them for owners, and a large elevator to move furniture.
    - At the top of each residential tower, there is a track for walking, mini cafe, and kids area only for residents of the tower.
    - There is also a private garage for each residential tower inside the Go Heliopolis compound.
    - There are green spaces and trees throughout the compound.
    - There is a section for servicing the residents of the compound, including free plumbing, carpentry and electricity maintenance throughout the day.
    - There is a recreational area for children to develop their skills, and to enjoy the best times.
    - There are also inside the hypermarket compound and pharmacies with all kinds of medicines.
    - There is also a well-equipped gym, many cafes, and restaurants.
    - There are medical clinics to cover all medical care needs and ambulance emergencies.
    - There are many banking services and banking services inside the compound.
    - Go Heliopolis Police compound is characterized by the presence of strict security measures around and inside.
    - Where guard shifts work 24 hours, in addition to the presence of surveillance cameras.

    The Location:

    - Go Heliopolis is located on the outskirts of Heliopolis, specifically between El Nozha Street from the west, Al Nasr Road to the south, and next to City Stars in the east.
    The Go Heliopolis compound is unique in the best reality because it is found in the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in Egypt, which is the Heliopolis neighborhood, which is located close to the most important, and the most prestigious residential communities inhabited by the elite of society.
    Like the Fifth Settlement area, New Cairo, it is also located close to the downtown area of ​​Cairo and the Nile Corniche, and this is what distinguishes the site of the Compound Go Heliopolis.
    Moreover, the location of this luxury compound in the heart of Heliopolis district makes it next to the most important luxury shopping malls City Stars Mall.
    One of the most important features of the Go Heliopolis compound is that it is located on the eastern side of the Cairo Governorate, which is one of the entrances to the capital, Cairo, to which many tourists flock due to its proximity to Cairo International Airport.

    - Go Heliopolis Compound is within walking distance:

    - Two minutes from the road to victory.
    - 5 minutes from Salah Salem Road.
    - 10 minutes from October Bridge.
    - 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
    - 20 minutes from Fifth Avenue, New Cairo.

    payment system:

    - 10% down payment and 5 years installments
    - 20% down payment and 6 years installments

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