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Shop 111m for sale in Sixty Iconic Tower - New Capital

  • Finish Type EXTRA_SUPER_LUX
  • View Main Street
  • Size (in meters) 111 M²
  • Listing ID EG-2828083
  • Price 23,835,000 EGP
  • Seller Role Developer
  • Payment Method Cash or Installments
  • Price Per Meter 214,730 EGP/M²
  • Listing Description

    Sixty Iconic Tower is a distinctive project implemented by Al Burouj Real Estate Development Company. It is one of the highest and largest towers in the heart of the New Capital with a very privileged location. It is also designed according to the latest engineering construction and construction standards, by senior engineers and consultants.

    Various Types of Units in Sixty Iconic Tower in the New Capital

    The project includes various types of units such as administrative, commercial, and hotel units. All of which are equipped with modern architectural designs, which makes it a suitable investment opportunity and an area suitable for work and housing.

    It is also very quiet away from the noise, and diversity gives different options for the customer to choose the unit that suits him.

    The Real Estate Developer of Sixty Iconic Tower in the New Capital

    Sixty Iconic Tower is among the many projects of Al Burouj Real Estate Company, which has a great experience of more than 15 years of hard and continuous work in the field of urban development, planning, and project management.

    The company is also known for its adherence to the highest quality standards and its ability to deliver in time.

    Also, Al Burouj Real Estate Development Company has been in the market since 2006, and is characterized by its wonderful modern designs, as it is concerned with internal and external finishes to satisfy customers and their comfort; Therefore, it creates creative real estate solutions to satisfy all tastes.

    Previous Works of Al Burouj Real Estate Company

    -Sixty Business Park 1, the administrative capital, in the government and financial district, next to the Ministry of Finance.

    -Sixty Business Park 2, the Administrative Capital, next to the Tax Authority

    Prime Location of the Sixty Iconic Tower Project

    Sixty Iconic Tower, the Administrative Capital, is located in front of the Central Business District (CBD) and in front of the towers area, which includes more than 20 towers, as the financial and business district is the best area of ​​the Administrative Capital in terms of location, views and investment opportunities, as it is close to one of the most important landmarks of the capital.

    The Sixty Iconic Tower project is distinguished by its wonderful location, which has distinctive characteristics such as:

    -It has a great view of the tower area.
    -Sixty Iconic Tower overlooks the iconic tower, the tallest tower on the African continent, of which 49 floors have been completed.
    -Overlooking the financial and business district.
    -It enjoys a view of green spaces and beautiful landscapes.

    Areas Units Available in the Sixty Iconic Tower Complex

    The project overlooking Sixty Iconic Tower includes a group of real estate units of various sizes as follows:

    -Areas of commercial units range between 29 square meters and 161 square meters
    -Areas of medical clinics range between 54 square meters and 113 square meters
    -Areas of administrative offices range between 54 square meters and 113 square meters
    -Areas of hotel units range between 54 square meters and 170 square meters
    -The administrative and medical units are delivered fully finished + air-conditioning, while the hotel units are delivered fully finished with air-conditioning and furniture, and the shops are delivered semi-finished.

    Design of Sixty Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital

    The project was launched on an area of ​​8,000 square meters and was designed at a large height of 140 square meters in length. It also consists of a ground floor Sixty Iconic Tower, in addition to 40 repeated lofts, and includes four spacious underground garages for customer cars, divided as follows:

    -5 basement floors dedicated to car parking, storage rooms, and staff rooms.
    -From the ground floor to the second floor allocated to commercial units, shops, restaurants, and cafes.
    -The third floor includes medical units and clinics.
    -21 roles for administrative units and offices.
    -Then 9 floors dedicated to fully furnished residential units and hotel apartments.
    -The last floor is a service roof.

    Features of Sixty Iconic Tower

    -Wide green areas that provide distinctive views of all units
    -Places designated for walking, sitting, and relaxing among the gardens to rest and enjoy the fresh air
    -Very quiet in the place, which makes it a very suitable work area
    -High-quality designs according to the latest building and construction standards
    -Diversity of available units and areas for each customer to choose what suits him
    -Excellent strategic location in the financial and business solution

    Available Services of Sixty Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital

    -Security, guarding, and electronic gates for integrated protection in the place
    -Surveillance cameras throughout the project
    -Underground garages for cars
    -A large number of cafes and restaurants serving international cuisine
    -There are many various sports fields
    -Commercial areas with many shops and stores that offer all international brands
    -Allocate fully secured entertainment areas for young children's games

    Payment Systems in Sixty Iconic Tower Project

    The company that owns the project has been keen to provide various payment systems so that each client can choose the system that suits him as follows:

    -10% as a reservation down payment and the rest in installments over 7 years in equal installments.
    -15% as a reservation down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years equally.
    -20% down payment and the rest in installments over 10 years T in equal installments.

    More Information on the Financial and Business District in the New Capital

    The Financial and Business district is a major qualitative leap in the field of real estate investment and development, and Egypt is taking serious steps towards the era of global cities.

    The area of ​​​​the business and financial district in the New Administrative Capital is 195 acres, which is equivalent to 1,700,000 square meters.

    Division of the Financial and Business District

    The Financial and Business district includes 20 residential, administrative, and commercial towers for sale in the financial and service district, and the volume of investments made inside it reaches $3 billion.

    It also includes many local and international banks and stock exchange companies, and the Chinese company CSCEC designed the entire project, with luxurious and high-end designs that suit companies, banks, and major administrative centers to achieve a new modern thought in the field of urban development.

    The neighborhood also includes 12 commercial complexes and 5 residential and hotel buildings, In addition to many sports clubs, cultural centers, and hospitals.

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