2,129,600 EGP

Commercial store for sale, 22 square meters, in Capital Gate Mall, R7, Administrative Capital

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Commercial.December 14, 2023

Capital Gate Mall - Ibn Sina

22 m²

Semi Finished

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96,800 EGP/M²

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Commercial store for sale, 22 square meters, in Capital Gate Mall, R7, Administrative Capital● Shop number: A 2/12● Price per meter: 96,800● Total unit price: 2,129,600
3 years receiptSemi finished20% down payment, 15% discount, 5 years installments30% down payment, 20% discount, 6 years installmentsCash discount 30%(Discount before advance / discount on total)The price per square meter of warehouses is 46,600The price of the garage bag is 219,300The price per square meter of garage for commercial use is 71600the site● On the main axis R7● Next to Staw Compound● In front of Al-Mustaqbal International School● Next to the university area(Knowledge Center)
Engineering consultant
LDB Company
previous job
● Sun Capital Compound, 6 October● Expansion of the Grand Mosque in Mecca and Medina● Plaza Stadium - Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia● Park Avenue Hotel - Al-Qassim - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia● Al-Mousa Commercial Mall - Taif - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Description of the project and services● Land area 5000 square metres● Construction rate 50%● Floor area 750 square meters● Ground floor + 2 floors + 2 basement● Free outdoor space on the ground floor and a share of the land● Commercial permit● Permit to rent with a return of 10% and up to 20% annually● Areas of 17 square meters● All activities are permitted
Capital Gate Mall services
3 types of bathrooms are provided to suit men and women, as well as for the disabled, on each floor.To make it easier for them to deal in Capital Gate Mall, the New Administrative Capital.There is a large group of distinguished restaurants at a high level of quality, providing all types of cuisine.In addition, there are cafes to provide the best drinks that you can drink with your friends there.As for the elevator, an elevator was provided for 16 people, which provides great comfort for everyone.A large sports walkway was created in the heart of the available green spaces.There are 110 shops that you can get for various commercial purposes.As for the view, it is distinctive, as the buildings overlook the green lands.A very spacious garage was designed to accommodate more than 466 cars.There are very distinct escalators that make it easy to go down and up inside the mall.There is a pharmacy with a spacious area of 68 square meters, and the height is 3 full meters.As for the security system, attention was paid to it, as contracts were signed with a large group of well-known security companies.Wide spaces in front of the stores give you a great opportunity to use them.