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Separate Villa Extra super lux For sale in Al Burouj Compound - Capital Group

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Separate Villa.April 21, 2024

Al Burouj Compound - Capital Group

340 m²

3 rooms

3 bathroom

Extra Super Lux

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Details about Al Burouj Compound in Shorouk City

It is always important that we strive to find places that meet our needs and desires, whether we are looking for a home to live with our family or looking for a promising investment project.
Al Burouj Compound is a stunning residential project that combines the beauty of design with practical realism, and is the product of Capital Group Properties, a leading real estate development company. This unique destination extends over a massive area of more than 1,200 acres in the Shorouk area of New Cairo. Al Burou Compound is not just an ordinary residential complex, but rather an architectural and investment masterpiece characterized by uniqueness and distinction. It was designed with great care to achieve a perfect balance between environment, architecture and services, and provides its residents with an exceptional experience.
This project comes to give you a unique opportunity to realize the dream of living in a safe and integrated environment that meets all your needs and aspirations. It is an opportunity to experience life with the utmost luxury and comfort.

The Real Estate Developer of Al Burouj Compound Shorouk City

Capital Group Properties is one of the most prominent real estate development companies in the Egyptian market. It was established in 2015 and quickly rose to prominence with its magnificent architectural designs and diverse residential units. The company follows the highest quality standards in implementing its projects and always strives to meet the needs and aspirations of customers.

What distinguishes Capital Group Properties is its commitment to providing unique real estate projects, as it works to provide integrated residential communities that include distinct residential units, modern facilities, and beautiful green spaces. The company also pays special attention to choosing distinctive locations that meet the needs of investors and prospective buyers.
Thanks to a professional team of architects and specialists in the real estate industry, Capital Group Properties has become one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt. The company has an investment vision based on providing the best real estate opportunities to its clients and achieving joint success in the world of real estate.

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Location of Al Burouj Compound Shorouk City

The location of Al Burouj Compound in Shorouk City, New Cairo gives you easy access to many vital areas in Cairo. Al Burouj Capital Group is located close to the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road, Mostakbal City, and Madinaty, making it a vital hub in the region. In addition, you have easy access to the Regional Ring Road and the World Medical Centre. It is also a short distance from the New Administrative Capital and Cairo International Airport.

Places and Areas near Al Burouj Compound New Cairo

Cairo International Airport, 20 minutes away from Al Burouj Compound Shorouk City.The New Administrative Capital is only 15 minutes away.10th of Ramadan City, located 18 kilometers away.The World Medical Center and Hospital are just 1.8 km away.Ismailia Road, 2 km away.Geneva Road, 400 meters away.My city is 24 kilometers from Al Burouj New Cairo.Mostaqbal City, you can reach it in 19 minutes.

Compounds and Services near Al Burouj Capital Group

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Features of the Units in Al Burouj Compound, Ismailia Road

Real estate investment in Al Burouj Compound Shorouk City is an excellent choice for many reasons. Al Burouj New Cairo is considered an attractive investment opportunity due to its strategic location and the many main advantages it offers:

Ideal location: It is distinguished by its strategic location in Shorouk, which makes it easily accessible to many vital areas in New Cairo and Greater Cairo.Innovative designs: The compound was designed with great care and attention to the smallest details to provide a luxurious living environment.Diversity of housing units: The compound allows investors to choose the residential unit that suits their needs from a variety of apartments, villas, and townhouses.Price variety: Units are offered at a variety of prices to suit different budgets.Flexible payment systems: Providing flexible payment options that make the purchasing process easier and more convenient.Integrated services: The compound provides many services and facilities such as swimming pools, health clubs, commercial areas, and children’s play areas.

Services Available in by Al Burouj Capital Group Compound

Shopping and commercial centers: The compound provides distinct and diverse commercial centers.Security and Protection: An advanced security system with surveillance cameras and a professional security team.El Sawy Culturewheel: A cultural center that includes a group of cultural events.Smart Village: An advanced smart community.Celebration halls: distinctive spaces for hosting events and celebrations.Green spaces: Beautiful landscapes and green spaces.Children's areas: designated areas for children to play and enjoy.Electric elevators: modern elevators.Sports facilities: integrated gym.Restaurants and cafes: a diverse dining experience.Social and sports clubs: clubs for social and sports activities.Integrated Medical Center: A medical facility serving the residents of the compound.Areas for walking and cycling: areas designated for sports activities and enjoying the outdoors.Vegetable cultivation: Allocating space for growing vegetables using organic fertilizer.

Designs of Units in Al Burouj Compound Shorouk City

Al Burouj Capital Group is indeed considered one of the best distinctive residential complexes in the Shorouk area. The designs in this project are distinguished by their diversity and difference, allowing residents to choose a unit that perfectly suits their needs and tastes. Whether you are looking for a small apartment, a large villa, or even a commercial unit, you will find it in Al Burouj Compound.

As we mentioned previously, the area of Al Burouj Compound is 1,200 acres, and it is noteworthy that the residential units occupy only 17% of this total area, with the remaining area being allocated to green spaces and water lakes. Al Burouj New Cairo contains a large orchid park with an area of 70 acres, which is one of the distinctive landmarks in the Al Burouj Al Shorouk project.
You can find various residential units, including apartments and villas with different designs.
The residential units are distinguished by their elegant and luxurious design, as they are delivered with ultra-luxe finishing. In addition to the ideal distribution of these units to ensure privacy and full benefit from the stunning views without blocking the view by other residential buildings.

Areas of Units in Al Burouj Compound Shorouk City

Residential apartments:

The apartment areas in Al Burouj New Cairo include a variety to suit different families’ needs. Apartment areas range from 90 square meters up to 190 square meters. You can choose from two or three-bedroom apartments depending on your needs and family size.


If you are looking for larger residential options, the villas in Al Burouj Al Shorouk Compound meet this demand. Villa areas range from 160 square meters to 440 square meters, giving you ample space to live and enjoy privacy.


Townhouse units are also available within Al Burouj Al Shorouk Compound with areas ranging from 165 square meters to 245 square meters. These units provide the perfect combination of comfort and extra space to suit your needs.


For lovers of dual spaces, duplex units are available within Al Burouj Al Shorouk Compound with an area of 176 square meters. These units offer a unique and comfortable residential experience.

Thanks to this diversity of spaces and unit types, residents of Al Burouj New Cairo can easily find a unit that perfectly meets their needs and preferences.

Price per Square meter in Al Burouj Compound

The prices of residential units in Al Burouj Compound vary, due to the different details of the units, as prices are determined based on the unit’s area, its location in the compound, its internal division, and the views it overlooks, but in general, all residential units are distinguished by their competitive prices. Al Burouj Compound has advantages for its residents, compared to other residential compounds in other areas.

Payment and repayment Systems offered by Al Burouj Compound Shorouk City

The Company of Al Burouj Al Shorouk Compound is keen to provide customers with payment facilities for purchasing residential units there. I found that the best way to implement this is for the customer to pay 5% of the unit value upon booking, another 5% upon contracting, and 10% upon receipt, then pay the rest in equal installments over a period of up to 14 years.