14,887,000 EGP

Town House For sale in Badya Compound - Palm Hills

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Town House.June 6, 2024

Badya Compound - Palm Hills

190 m²

3 rooms

3 bathroom

Without Finish

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78,353 EGP/M²

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About the houseIn a strategic location in the heart of Badia.. You can reach your daily needs in 5 minutes, your weekly needs in 10 minutes, and your monthly needs in 15 minutes. In order to guarantee you comfort and ease within the city, we designed a dedicated track for bicycles with an area of 250 km, green areas for walking, and an internal transportation network.
About Badya 3K Feddan6 Commercial District Centers4 Schools(National and International)1 International University1 Educational Hospital18 Clubhouses85 Feddan Sports Club36 Sports Arenas31 Villa clusters52 Apartments clusters
Prime Location Sphinx airport 35 MinutesThe great pyramids of Giza 25 MinutesThe grand Egyptian museum 25 minutesNew administrative capital 40 Minutes
• Beside its prime location, Badya is also well-connected from inside with a 250 KM bike line surrounding the city, pedestrian green areas promoting walkability and an internal autonomous taxi. The city also applies an intuitive urban planning concept, where you are 5, 10, 15 minutes away from your daily, weekly and monthly needs.
• A fully cognitive city helping you stay connected everywhere , The city is truly alive and processes your usage habits by smart meters connected to mobiles giving you resource efficiency. The high-tech gated community has facial recognition, artificial intelligence, high speed WIFI covering the whole city and many more smart features.
• By going green, Badya promises to reduce 30% of water and electricity consumption, reducing your operational costs by 20%, and producing 30% of its energy needs from renewable resources. Badya is also the first city to abide by the UN sustainable development goals in the MENA region.
• Entertainment: Where to be and be seen in the heart of downtown Badya. Enjoy the hustle and bustle or entertaining vibes. There are shopping malls, office spaces, cinemas, theaters, mixed-use units, events arena, a cultural hub, a spa, hotels, boutique shops and restaurants to satisfy every craving you could have.
• EducationAn unwavering commitment to knowledge, Badya offers everything from nurseries to 5 national and international schools. Continuing with higher education, Badya International University Has different undergraduate and postgraduate experience.
• The Biggest Club in West CairoBuilt on 85 acres, Palm Hills Club has facilities and professional trainers to put you on the right path. On top of that, the world-renowned Rob Ehrens will bring his expertise to run and manage the horse-riding facilities and provide impeccable care to horses housed there.

• The Parks At Badya you will find linear, sports and community parks in every residential area, for you to enjoy vast green spaces, scenic bike lanes and footpaths. In addition to must have sports amenities, to foster a healthy community with something for everyone.

• A new world of organic livingAt Badya, we want to make sure we eat right. So, we have created a means of providing for our own with our own through Aquaponics which is a sustainable method of raising fish and Hydroponics to grow vegetables. We is a proud organic, 100% naturally committed community!
• The Business Aspect Cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, advanced system, business parks will call the innovational channels of Badya, home. Whether a start-up or a fortune 500, the space is all yours to further enhance your future.
• The Medical Badya provides a 24-hours, always on-call, fully functional medical clinic with experienced Doctors and Nurses to tend to your every need. Armed with the latest equipment and analysis in the field of medicine, you can rest assured, you are in the safest hands.