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For Sale Penthouse in Sarai 5th Settlement 10% DP Over 8 Years

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Penthouse.May 22, 2024

Sarai Compound - Madinet Masr

95 m²

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Details about Sarai Compound New Cairo

If you are looking for luxury housing in the Fifth Settlement area and want to choose from a variety of housing units of different areas, you can find what you are looking for in Sarai Compound New Cairo. In this compound, you will find peace and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in addition to a wonderful range of services.
Sarai New Cairo Compound is characterized by unique designs, vast green spaces, and colorful fountains that give it an exceptional appeal, which you may not find in any other residential project. If you are looking for a combination of luxury and tranquility, Sarai Compound is the perfect choice for you.
Sarai Mostakbal City is one of the newest names of residential complexes that compete with the most luxurious compounds in the region. Within the project, there are spacious residential areas with distinct views of the green spaces. The units in Sarai New Cairo are also varied, as there are independent apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

Real Estate Development Company of Sarai Compound New Cairo

Madinet Masr For Housing and Development (MMHD) is a leading company in the field of real estate development in Egypt, with a long history that extends to more than 60 years of experience in this field. The company is distinguished by a clear strategic vision that aims to achieve urban development in Egypt by creating high-quality integrated communities. This vision is evident in the design of its new projects in the East Cairo area, where the company was able to make the most of its long history in the field of real estate development and present projects characterized by distinguished urban planning and design.
Among its most prominent pioneering projects are “Taj City” and “Sarai”, as these projects are distinguished by their wonderful and diverse architectural designs for residential units, in addition to a comprehensive range of services and facilities that meet the needs of modern life.
Madinet Masr Company always strives to provide innovation and creativity in the field of urban development. The company places great emphasis on meeting diverse client needs by developing integrated, mixed-use projects. Its main goal is to enhance cohesion and communication between various segments of society, including residents, employees and visitors.

Innovation is an essential part of the company's identity and business, and this is clearly evident in its professional planning for Nasr City, which is one of the largest strategic cities in Greater Cairo. The company offers a huge range of facilities and amenities in the city, including government headquarters, residential, commercial and administrative projects, and educational institutions, in addition to exhibition centres, sports clubs, Cairo Stadium and many other developments in the city.

Previous Projects of Madinet Masr For Housing and Development Company

Among the most important projects that the company has worked on:Tijan Project.Primera CompoundTaj Sultan ProjectAbbasiya View ProjectTaj City in New Cairo.Taj Villa is a new phase in Taj Sultan.

Location of Sarai Compound

The location of Sarai Compound was chosen with great care by the developer company, and this reflects the company's strategic thinking in providing a distinguished residential environment. The location is distinguished by its proximity to the most important streets and main axes in New Cairo, including the Cairo-Suez Road and the New Administrative Capital. This prime location allows easy access to important vital areas in the city.

Sarai Compound's location near the main 90th Street means that residents can benefit from quick access to many vital areas in the city, including the New Administrative Capital. It also gives them easy access to the Bin Zayed Axis, which is one of the main roads in the region. This makes Sarai New Cairo an ideal choice for those looking for a central location and well-connected to the main road network in New Cairo.

Places and Axes near Sarai Compound New Cairo

It is separated from the ring road no more than a quarter of an hour away.Sarai New Cairo Compound and the American University are only 10 minutes away.It is approximately five minutes away from the New Administrative Capital

Areas and Services near Sarai New Cairo Compound

Taj City CompoundPalm Hills GardenArena Strip MallChurch of the Virgin MaryUtopia International SchoolMall of Egypt, Badr CityBadr International UniversityEgyptian Russian University

Areas of Residential Units in Sarai New Cairo

The types of residential units in Sarai New Cairo vary between apartments, villas, and penthouses, with different areas available to suit different tastes and satisfy a large number of customers:

Features of Sarai Compound New Cairo

There are many features available in Sarai Compound as well In addition to its distinguished location, its distance from crowding, and the calm and comfort that is instilled in residents and customers.
International Hotels: The compound includes a group of five-star international hotels, equipped with luxurious restaurants, health centers, and distinguished services.
Equestrian culture: A special stable for horses has been allocated under the supervision of experts and specialists in the field of equestrianism to teach children this important sport.

Lagoon and Fountains: The compound was carefully designed to include fountains throughout, which adds to the facilities’ atmosphere and enhances comfort.
Educational services: The compound includes private schools for children, and special ways have been provided to go to schools, whether by bicycle or on foot, with attention paid to providing gardens that reduce pollution and enhance their activity and vitality.

Services in Sarai Compound New Cairo

The largest artificial lakes you may find in New Cairo, on an area of 50 thousand square meters, spread and distributed evenly throughout the city.Smart home service using the latest technological systems with the ability to fully control the home using a phone or computer.International schools and universities established within the compound.A full-service area containing cafes and restaurants for family and friends to hang out with.There are parks and gardens for childrenA variety of sports fields.There is a huge commercial area, with a large mall selling the most luxurious international brands.A health club and a state-of-the-art gym equipped with the latest technology.A high-level hypermarket containing everything residents need.The compound includes a hospital fully equipped with the latest international medical equipment.Mosque.

Design of Sarai Mostakbal City

Misr City Housing and Development Company undertook the task of designing Sarai New Cairo, Mostakbal City, with the highest levels of luxury and sophistication. The company employed highly experienced engineers and consultants to ensure exceptional design. Sarai Compound in Mostakbal City has an area of 1,250 acres, equivalent to about 5 million square metres, and this huge area helped the company provide a variety of housing units.

Sarai Compound New Cairo was built on an area of 1,200 acres, and 18% of this area was allocated to buildings and facilities, while the rest of the area was allocated to green spaces, landscapes, and water bodies. Sarai Mostakbal City Compound includes various categories of modern housing units with a global European character. These residential units include hotel apartments, studios, duplexes and villas, meeting the needs and preferences of different clients.

Sarai New Cairo project, with its wonderful and distinctive design, reflects luxury and attention to the smallest details, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a high quality of life and modern housing in the heart of Mostakbal City.

Prices of Units in Sarai Compound New Cairo

The prices of the units offered for sale vary due to the difference in areas and designs, but they are the most suitable prices for people with good taste and lovers of luxury, in addition to the company’s keenness to provide all the facilities available to customers when paying in cash or in installments.
In addition, prices vary according to the facade of the residential unit, the number of rooms, the design and area of the apartment, and its level of finishing. Therefore, it is not possible to be certain about the price at the present time because it is constantly changing, so it is best to follow the prices through the table presented above in the Aqarmap Compound guide.

Payment Systems for Units in Sarai Mostakbal City

Sarai New Cairo Compound features exceptional payment systems and great discounts, including:

10% down payment: A down payment of 10% of the value of the residential unit can be paid.Payment over 8 years: The remaining amount can be paid in installments over 8 years without paying interest.Equal installments: Providing an equal installment system to ensure easy repayment.Immediate delivery: Possibility of obtaining the housing unit upon payment.

These systems make Sarai Mostakbal City an excellent choice for those wishing to invest in real estate and looking for upscale housing.

Rental return:
If you intend to rent your real estate unit within the compound, this can provide you with a stable source of income. There are many people looking for quality accommodation in this area. There is no doubt that real estate in general provides multiple opportunities for quick and sustainable profit. You can easily benefit from the ongoing real estate market movement, whether you want to sell your properties at a good profit or rent them out to generate a monthly income.

Maintaining a constant value for your money:
Investing in Sarai Compound in A