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Town House Without Finish For sale in Midtown Sky Compound - Better Home

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Town House.May 19, 2024

Midtown Sky Compound - Better Home

350 m²

5 rooms

4 bathroom

Without Finish

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Midtown Sky New Capital is a huge residential project that features modern architecture, elegant facades and excellent services. The Compound is characterized by variation and diversity of housing units, as there are apartments, houses, duplexes, and villas. Midtown Sky Compound is located on ​​122 acres of area, where buildings occupy only 20% and the largest area is dedicated to green spaces and artificial lakes. Therefore, all units of the Compound enjoy wonderful views.

About the Midtown Sky Compound

Midtown Sky New Capital has a large number of medical and commercial services, as there is the Midtown Mall which offers an elegant and integrated life on the land of the New Capital.

Overview About the Developer of Midtown Sky New Capital Project

The Midtown Sky's the fourth project of Better Business, a leading real estate development company that is interested in the modern trend of architecture through skillful architectural and construction designs. The Better Business Company has carried out a great deal of mega projects in many places, through which it won the confidence of its customers. For example: The projects of the Fifth Settlement and the 6th of October City, and 3 other projects that are all located in the New Administrative Capital: Midtown New Capital, Midtown Solo, The Capital, and Midtown Condo, the New Administrative Capital.The Better Business Company adopts a distinctive approach in its projects, as it introduces a new concept in the residential compounds while providing all services that any client looks for in order to achieve the best experience for residents and investors alike.

Location of the Midtown Sky Compound

The project is located within the New Administrative Capital, on the G3 plot, in front of the exhibition grounds and near the R7, which is the most important residential neighborhood in the Capital. The Midtown Sky Compound is located in a distinguished and vital location, as it is close to Al Masa Hotel, the British University and Expo City. Also, the Midtown Sky New Capital overlooks the Green River, which represents the heart of the New Capital and serves all regions of the Greater Cairo. The Compound is just 15 minutes from the Administrative Capital Airport and the Presidential Palace. Moreover, the project is located near the state districts, such as the Ministries District and Embassy District.

Services of Midtown Sky Compound

-Private garages.-International schools at the highest level.-Swimming pools for adults and kids.-A large shopping mall; Midtown Sky Mall.-Gyms and spas.-Artificial lakes and vast green spaces.-Premium experience in penthouses.-Recreational facilities and parks.-Upscale restaurants and cafés.-24-hour security service.-All units of the compound are completely independent.

Designs of Midtown Sky Compound in the Administrative Capital

Midtown Sky Compound relied on modern architectural designs with elegant facades and luxurious areas in order to provide a high-end life with integrated services and luxuries at the same time. With an area that exceeds 80% of the Compound's, green natural spaces, such as gardens, parks, jogging tracks, swimming pools and beautiful artificial lakes, are distributed in the Midtown Compound. The project is located on ​​122 acres of area, which is divided between housing units and green spaces. Besides, there are garages and a large shopping mall; Midtown Sky Mall.

Types of properties in Midtown Sky New Capital

The Midtown Sky compound is distinguished by its different types of housing units. It offers apartments, penthouses, townhouses and twin villas. Each type is provided in various areas to match the needs of each customer. All units also feature wonderful views over the green spaces and water bodies, such as the artificial lakes. Actually, units of the project occupy only 20% of its total area, leaving the rest of the area for the green nature.-Apartments: Area of apartments in Midtown Sky New Capital start from 90 and up to

Prices in Midtown Sky New Capital

Prices of units vary according to the type and the area of each unit in addition to its location in the resort. It is noteworthy to highlight that real estate prices are subject to change with time depending on the value of the unit.

Payment systems for units in Midtown Sky New Capital

The project provides payment facilities to meet all needs of customers with different capabilities and requirements. The project presents:7% of the unit price should be paid as a down payment and the rest would be paid in equal installments over 7 years without interest.Opportunities of real estate investment in the New Administrative Capital

Advantages of the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is a fertile ground for mega projects and investments, as it offers housing units, international shopping centers, and all kinds of services, medical or entertainment, at the highest level.
Additionally, the New Administrative Capital includes vital state districts, such as the Presidential District, the Ministries District, the Egyptian Parliament, the Government District, and many other Egyptian government headquarters. Having a project in the New Administrative Capital means you are in the largest administrative and development project in Egypt in the years to come.
As a matter of fact, the Egyptian government has worked hard to build an integrated city with all services and facilities, likewise the New Administrative Capital. It also paid attention to the environmental aspect, as the Green River, which is the largest natural park in the Middle East. The Green River passes through the New Capital wholly in order to be a natural outlet and an amusement park for residents and visitors.
The New Administrative Capital also enjoys a strong interconnected network of transport and means of communications, linking it with the Greater Cairo and the surrounding new cities and regions. Therefore, the New Administrative Capital has become an ideal location for housing, investment and living a high-end life with services and luxury at the same time.