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Apartments For sale in Latin District - Saudi Egyptian Construction

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Apartments.June 18, 2024

Latin District - Saudi Egyptian Construction

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Details of the IL Latini New Alamein project

In the heart of New Alamein, Il Latini project was implemented under the supervision of the Egyptian Saudi Company to be one of the giant residential projects.
New Alamein is considered the first million-dollar city in the North Coast region, and it includes many projects, residential complexes, and recreational services as well. It is distinguished by its view of the Mediterranean coast, and there is a complete transportation network.
Il Latini project includes a library and a corniche and is considered a residential community with full services and facilities.

Location of Il Latini project

The company developing IL Latini New Alamein has chosen a strategic location for this project as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the heart of New Alamein City, just 45 minutes from New Alamein Airport, 20 minutes from Sidi Abdel Rahman, and only 5 minutes from Marina 7.
The project is characterized by its proximity to the tourist places and attractions in New Alamein, such as El Alamein Lake, the House of Culture, the University District, as well as the cinemas complex.

Cities and main roads near Il Latini project

Il Latini project is located on the International Coast Road, and it can be easily reached through two main roads: the Alexandria-Matrouh road and the new Fouka road, or what is called the main Matrouh road.
Il Latini project is close to Dabaa, Galala, and Marina El Alamein, in addition to some cities such as Marsa Matrouh and Alexandria, which are only an hour and a half away. The project is also located very close to Hacienda Bay and Marassi North Coast, and there is a 14-kilometer corniche nearby.

Types and Areas of Real Estate Units in Il Latini project

The developer of the Il Latini project, the Egyptian Saudi Company, tried to provide luxurious residential units with a wonderful view of the sea, swimming pools, and green spaces, and made sure that the design of the whole place is pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the soul.
The company was able to provide residential apartments in various areas to suit all tastes, and the areas vary as follows:
Studio apartments start from 62 square meters.One-room apartments range from 88 square meters to 100 square meters.Two-room apartments range from 120 square meters to 135 square meters.Three-room apartments range from 158 square meters to 205 square meters.Four-room apartments start from 235 square meters.
IL Latini New Alamein project includes about 249 apartments containing 12,000 apartments, including studios and apartments. The residential buildings are divided into two types, the first consists of a ground floor and four upper floors, and the second consists of a ground floor and seven upper floors. The units are characterized by luxurious and elegant finishes that exude sophistication and luxury and are scheduled to be delivered fully finished in 2023.

The Real Estate Developer of Il Latini project

The Egyptian Saudi Company, which is the developer of Il Latini New Alamein, was established in cooperation with the Urban Communities Authority in 1975, and over all these years it has been able to achieve multiple achievements through the implementation of many residential and tourism projects. The company always relies on the best technologies and pays attention to the smallest details, from choosing materials for construction to finishes and facades, due to its commitment to its customers to always provide them with the best, respect delivery times, and achieve quality.
Il Latini project is considered the latest project of the Egyptian Saudi Company, in which it simulates the beauty of the ancient city of Alexandria with its Greek character and Roman civilization, and highlights the classic, luxurious, and elegant design lines.

The Previous Projects of the Egyptian Saudi Company

Hilton New Damietta project.Dora and Zahra project in the new city of Assiut.Nile Towers project in Maadi.Sawary Compound project in Alexandria.Blue Fair Compound project in the New Administrative Capital.

Design of IL Latini New Alamein Project

IL Latini project in New Alamein was designed from the inspiration of a mixture of Greek, Egyptian, and Roman civilizations. The neighborhood is designed in the classic style of the ancient city of Alexandria, influenced by the Greek and Roman civilizations.
The IL Latini New Alamein area is divided into 6 regions comprising 249 residential buildings. These six regions are distinguished by the diversity of spaces as follows:
The first region is 66 acresThe second region is 57 acresThe third area is 51 acresThe fourth region is 50 acresThe fifth district is 86 acresThe sixth district is 93 acres
The design of the neighborhood is distinguished by the vast spaces that have been exploited in a wonderful way, as only 35.5% of the total area of the project has been allocated to buildings, while the remaining percentage is for green spaces and industrial water sources.

Services Available in Il Latini project

24-hour security and guarding system and surveillance camerasThe interior design of the project is carefully plannedA social club for family gatherings and with friendsAn area designated for restaurants and cafes, similar to a large open food court.A commercial areaA large hypermarket Children's entertainment areaA cinema complex that includes a number of showrooms with modern equipment.There is a library like the Alexandria Library and a 14-kilometer corniche like the Alexandria Corniche.Strong infrastructure for a stable lifestyle in the long term.

Payment Systems for Properties in IL Latini New Alamein

The developer of Il Latini project offers competitive prices for booking units, and at the same time it provides flexible and convenient payment systems for customers, where 5% can be paid as a down payment for the unit booking, then another 10% after three months, then the rest is paid in equal installments for a period of up to 7 years.