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Apartments for rent in Asyut

If you are searching for apartments for rent in Asyut, you can find apartments in different areas and different districts of the governorate whether in urban areas or not.

Asyut is famous for Asyut University, which hosts Egyptian students from all the other governorates each year, which makes renting apartments in Asyut a great choice with a yearly contract for a student. Some people relocate for jobs in Asyut from Cairo or from any other city in Egypt. Which makes apartments for rent in Asyut a great choice for those staying temporarily or even for a newly married couple staying in Asyut.

Traveling to Asyut from Cairo isn't the best road trip ever, but it is a unique one. The desert road that connects both cities isn't like other roads and driving through it is more like an adventure. If you would like this type of adventure then you know where it is now. It will be cool as long as you have your food and drinks long enough for the ride. Also, having enough fuel and taking any emergency backups needed. Or you can choose to travel by train as well.

The number of the Apartments For rent in Asyut is 25 listings
The sub locations in Asyut are Asyut City, Asyut Al Gadida City, Dairut, Manfalut, Cusae, Abnoub, Abu Tig, El Ghanayem, Sahel Selim, El Badari, Sodfa, Other Neighborhoods, Axis Of The West Assiut Plateau, Porto Assiut, El Moalemeen City
The types of locations in Asyut are Duplex, Studio, Penthouse, Roof, Apartment with Garden, Full Floor