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Apartments For Rent In The Eighth Residential District In The New Administrative Capital

The eighth residential neighborhood  was designed within the first phase of urban development and includes a number of the most beautiful compounds in the Administrative Capital as well as residential buildings for the middle class.


The Strategic Location Of The Eighth Residential Neighborhood


The eighth residential district is unique in its location near the most important neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital, as it is adjacent to the Sefarat neighborhood, which makes it the destination for foreign visitors working in the neighborhood and near the seventh district - the most sophisticated and sophisticated residential neighborhood.


Details Of The Construction Of The Residential Neighborhood In The Administrative Capital


The construction of the eighth district began in 2019, when the Urban Communities Authority allocated 2,500 feddans, out of the 40,000 feddan for the first phase in the Administrative Capital, for Al-Marwa Contracting and Urban Development Company.


As for the internal division of the Eighth District, it includes green areas on ​​40 acres, gardens interspersed with apartments for rent on an area of ​​15 acres, and two sports clubs with areas of ​​73 acres and 35 acres.


Areas Of Apartments For Rent In The Eighth District


One of the most important features of the Eighth District in the New Administrative Capital is its targeting to the middle and upper class in their residential projects while maintaining a high level of the population by constructing compounds with a high rate of luxury and privacy, designs that delight residents, and high-quality finishes while surrounding green spaces for all apartments and villas In The New Administrative Capital.


The eighth district has a variety of apartments for rent to provide multiple options for the tenant to choose what suits him, as the area of ​​apartments for rent starts from 100 square meters for newlyweds and small families and reaches 300 square meters for large families.


Services Of The Eighth District In The New Administrative Capital


The Eight District includes all the elements of a successful life such as schools, hospitals and clubs Sports and Malls.


Here, in detail, are the most important services in the eighth district


1. Educational services


The Administrative Capital Real Estate Development Company has allocated 14 plots of land for The New Administrative Capital schools on an area of ​​58 acres, each school has an area ranging between two acres and six acres, and has agreed to hand over these lands to the largest companies responsible for building schools, such as:


  • Modern Baron for Educational Services
  • Sama Modern Company for Educational Services.
  • Egypt International Pioneer Company for Educational Services.
  • Science Way Company for Educational Consulting.


2. Medical services


The Administrative Capital includes a medical city with three hospitals: a general hospital, a children's hospital, and a maternity hospital.

There is also a large hospital complex near residential neighborhoods, the first being the eighth district called Capital Care, which includes four specialized hospitals, outpatient clinics, and radiology, medical analysis and rehabilitation centers.


3. Recreational and commercial services


The eighth district is surrounded by the most important entertainment and commercial attractions, as it contains two clubs; One of them is an area of ​​73 acres and the other is an area of ​​35 acres, with playgrounds for various sports and a social building to spend quality time with friends and family.


As for the commercial malls near In The New Administrative Capital, they are among the most famous malls in the Administrative Capital that provide various products of local and international brands, as well as entertainment services that motivate visitors to repeat their visit to them, such as cinemas, cabarets, places for children, restaurants and luxury cafesIn The New Administrative Capital , among the most famous malls that serve the residents of the neighborhood VIII:

  • The Mall of the Champs Elysees

  • Midtown Mall

  • Vinci Street Mall


The most luxurious compounds in the eighth district of the Administrative Capital


The eighth district compounds are unique in their tranquility compared to the rest of the administrative capital. The compounds in the neighborhood are divided between villas for sale and residential compounds. Here is a list of the eighth district compounds:


1. Scarta compound


Scarta compound is one of the most prestigious residential projects on an area of ​​20 acres and its residential units enjoy spectacular views of the crystal lakes and green gardens. 


Scarta compound enjoys a strategic location near the embassy district, the fairground, the cathedral, the medical district and the schools complex, which raises the price per square meter. The design of the Scarta is unique in taking the privacy factor into consideration by providing acoustic and opaque glass that does not allow viewing from outside the unit.


Scarta Compound includes various residential properties between penthouse and duplexes and residential buildings consisting of 7 floors with apartment areas  For Sale in Scarta ranging from 80 square meters to 165 square meters.


As for the finishing of residential apartments, they are delivered without finishing and the owner can inform the party responsible for the sale to finish them according to his taste and with the best quality Building materials.


2. Anakaji Compound


One of the most famous compounds in the Administrative Capital that combines the joy of design, a vital location and unique services, Anakaji Compound is the first Nubian design compound in bright and cheerful colors on an area of ​​20 acres, as well as its proximity to the Green River, which gives


The units such as Duplex  Apartmentson  Anakaji Compound have great views. Among the most important landmarks that the compound overlooks are: the government district, the presidential palace, the conference hall, the embassies neighborhood, and Al-Masa Hotel.


3. Roses Compound


One of the most luxurious works of the Golden House Company, which is adjacent to the Anakaji Compound, which enjoys a vital location, as it is close to two schools, an administrative area and a commercial market; This, in turn, increases its turnout, in addition to its proximity to the most important cultural and political landmarks such as the Presidential Palace and the Opera House.


Roses Compound contains various services that qualify it to be an integrated city, including: restaurants, cafes, gymnasiums, swimming pools, malls, and commercial markets. The compound is surrounded by a wall up to 3 meters high and 3 gates to ensure privacy and safety inside.


The compound offers a package of apartments for rent with distinctive real estate designs and internal division of units with optimal utilization of spaces, as for the areas available for apartments in roses Compound  range from 113 square meters to 242 square meters.


The sub locations in R8 are La Verde Compound, Scarta Compound - Makka, Roses Compound - Golden House, Anakaji Compound - Aqar Misr, Capital Dream Compound - Al Tameer, Menorca Compound - Maradev, De Joya 1 Compound - Taj Misr, The Curve Compound - Cornerstone, City Oval Compound - Master Group, La Verde Cassette Compound, De Joya Strip Mall - Taj Misr, Residence 8 Compound - Sky Abu Dhabi, Ramatan Compound, De Joya 2 Compound - Taj Misr, Mardev Plaza Mall
The types of locations in R8 are Duplex, Studio, Penthouse, Roof, Apartment with Garden, Full Floor