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Apartments for rent in El Fayoum

If you are searching for apartments for rent in Fayoum you have to know that Fayoum contains monuments like the Hanging Mosque that was built by when they ruled Egypt and its 27 kilometers from the city of Fayoum. Lahun Pyramids are also just 4 kilometers outside the city and they are among the pyramids built by ancient Egyptian Kings.

Qaitbay Mosque is one of the attractions in the city and it was built by the wife of Mamluk Sultan Qaitbay also Qarun Palace is one of the most important touristic sights in the whole governorate and is at about 44 kilometers outside Fayoum. Qarun was one of the richest people of all time and was mentioned to have enormous treasures in the Holy Quran.

At about 50 kilometers outside the city lies one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Egypt which is Wadi El Rayan, one of the most famous sights throughout the whole country. Wadi El Rayan is the largest waterfalls in Egypt.