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Apartments for Rent in Ismailia

The city of Ismailia is a well-planned city, where there are many paved streets, wide green spaces and parks, which are far from the traffic jam and noise, so there is a lot of search for apartments for rent in Ismailia because it is characterized by calm and relaxation. As Ismailia is a very famous coastal city, you will find that it’s very common to find a high demand for apartments for rent, especially apartments for rent in fayed.

Recently, the governorate witnessed a rise in housing prices as a result of the future investment that awaits the city with the construction of the new Suez Canal as well as residential projects such as the future city, which contains a variety of residential areas and services to suit all tastes and needs.

There is also Ard Al Gamyat ,  which is a great neighborhood suitable for the middle class and is close to the shopping centers and the world famous brands.
But if you are looking for apartments for rent in a more elegant neighborhood you can start searching Garden city and Hay Al Osra in Al Ismailia.