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Where to find apartments for rent in Kafr El Sheikh

Baltim is one of the famous vacation cities in Egypt. It is known as a tourist resort due to its moderate weather and amazing views on the Nile. It enjoys moderate-hot summers and mild and moderately wet winters, which makes of Baltim's apartments for rent a high-demand during the summer vacation. Lake Burullus is a great tourist attraction in Baltim, which adds more to the city's amazing features.

Fuwwah is another master city in Kafr El Sheikh. Some people like to rent an apartment in Fuwwah, Kafr El Sheikh for a week as a short vacation, to experience its Egyptian rural life. It features a local market "Souq" that is rich with premium agricultural products and items. You may also love to rent an apartment near its calm ancient mosques. It features an array of spacious streets that contains a number of different handmade workshops.

If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Kafr El Sheikh, then you may find Baltim, Sidi Salem, Fuwwah, and Borg El Burullus are amazing cities to stay. The Rental prices in Kafr El Sheikh start from 600 EGP monthly and may reach 3000 EGP in the downtown. Most people search for apartments for rent in Baltim to spend their vacation enjoying its 6 amazing beaches including, Fanar beach, Narjis, AL-Zahraa beach, As-Salam, and Al Fayrouz, which offers thousands of residential units varies among apartments, villas, and chalets for rent.