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Apartments for Rent in Marsa Matruh

In the beginning, Marsa Matrouh was the resort of kings, princes, elite and elite of society in Egypt and continued for several years. Over time, the city was developed in roads, buildings, services, transportation and investment in tourist villages, to be frequented by millions of people every year from all classes due to the variety of prices and types of properties. Marsa Matrouh fits all classes.

Marsa Matrouh has many luxurious Resorts and International hotels to attract tourists from Egypt and outside Egypt.  Where you can find chalets and apartments for rent in Marsa Matrouh. It also offers different views of the sea or on the road or on large gardens to suit everyone.
Marsa Matruh is famous for its water and sports activities that attract attention from different categories and places.

Rent rates for apartments in Marsa Matruh range from EGP 200 per night to EGP 1000 per night. Prices vary according to the areas, villages and their seasons.

One of the most distinctive tourist villages in Marsa Matruh is the village of Porto Matrouh. It is famous for its excellent services and great artistic functions. It is a great destination for those looking for apartments for rent in Porto Matrouh.