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Apartments for rent in Sohag

Qena, Asyut, Minya, and Luxor are the governorates with the highest temperature in Egypt beside Sohag. It has the highest temperature differences between day and night. Sohag has a 16-degree temperature difference and its warm weather is due to a number of reasons including its location to the eastern side of Sahara, the rank of Sohag among the driest cities in Egypt is fifth and fourth in the rank of the warmest places in Egypt.

The whole Upper Egypt isn't the best place for renting but you can still find apartments for rent in Sohag using Aqarmap. Apartments for rent in Girga, apartments for rent in Akhmim and apartments for rent in New Sohag can be found easily through the refined search where you can target different types of real estates in a refined location that can be even by streets and not only governorates, cities, and districts.

Beside the city cemetery and in the streets, the city holds Souq Alatneen every Monday where goods are sold from farming tools to vegetables and fruits and many other goods. This weekly market is believed to have originated in the ancient Egyptian era but no real clue about that until now.

The linking of Sohag to all the northern Egyptian cities including Cairo the Egyptian capital is through is by the road of Asyut western desert, Eastern desert road and the rural road which are also parallel to the railways.