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Villas for rent in Dokki

Dokki is divided into two sections east and west, which are separated by Dokki Street. The street passes through Al Dokki Bridge which is designed to relieve the pressure on the street Dokki to connect Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz st without intersecting with Tahrir Street.

Dokki also has many important centers such as the Institute of Statistical Research, the College of Kindergarten, the Faculty of Specific Education, the Faculty of Physical Medicine, the Faculty of Applied Arts, as well as the most important and famous hospitals such as Al-Shabrawishi Hospital, Saridar Laboratories Tower and 6 October Hospital.

By increasing international facilities, institutions and banks, many are keen to rent villas in Dokki. Also, many members of the diplomatic cable and the embassies of foreign countries are keen to rent villas in Dokki. Most villas for Rent in Dokki are located in Shooting Club area, Al Mesaha, and Mosaddak st. The prices of villas for rent in Dokki vary according to area, the finish and location ranging from 40,000 LE to 80,000 LE per month.