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Commercial For sale in Paris Mall - Pyramids

Commercial For sale in Paris Mall - Pyramids

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After the success of Pyramids Developments Company in launching several projects within the New Administrative Capital, such as La Capital, La Capital Mall, Champs-Elysees Mall, and Paris East Mall, the developer launched its new project, Paris Mall in the New Administrative Capital.


With Egyptian hands and foreign experience, Paris Mall was established on an area of ​​3 acres, and offered administrative, medical, and commercial units for sale with areas starting from 20 square meters at competitive prices. In addition to attractive facilities for customers to pay the cost of the unit without incurring financial burdens.


Owning a commercial unit in a popular and active area such as MU23, directly in front of the Olympic Village, is the guaranteed way to invest with continuous profits and the possibility of developing commercial projects.



Details of the Paris Mall in the New Administrative Capital 


Paris Mall is located at the administrative entrance between R2 and R3, specifically in the MU23 area, near lively places full of visitors such as the Olympic Village and Paris Square, in addition to its distinctive view of two main streets: the Axis of Hope and the main axis. 

The mall offers different units: administrative, medical, commercial, and clinics with areas starting from 20 square meters.



Area of ​​the Paris Mall in the New Capital 


Paris Mall is built on a large area of ​​3 acres, equivalent to 1,400 square meters, and that space allows the opportunity to diversify the units within the mall.

The large area helped to include multiple services within one place, including administrative offices, medical centers, private clinics, beauty centers, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centers. All in order to attract more customers and clients.


The mall buildings consist of 10 floors divided as follows:


  • Ground floor to third floor for units and shops

  • The third and fourth floors are reserved for clinics and medical centers

  • Fifth floor to seventh floor for administrative units and offices

  • The eighth and ninth floors are dedicated to establishing a huge hotel with international standards and quality



Prime Location of the Paris Mall in the New Administrative Capital


Paris Mall enjoys an ideal location for commercial projects as it is located in the MU23 area, which is one of the largest investment areas in the New Administrative Capital, as it includes a large number of malls, shopping centers, and entertainment centers.


The mall is in the middle of the R2 and R3 districts, which are the most densely populated areas, and the mall is located close to the Financial and Business district, the stock exchange towers, the Government District where there is the Presidential Palace, the Cabinet, a number of ministries and government agencies and the new parliament building.


The mall overlooks major streets, one of which is 120 meters wide, the other is 100 meters, and the third is 40 meters wide. It also connects to major axes that connect visitors to and from it, such as the axis of hope that connects the mall to Suez and Ain Sokhna Road, and the main axis connecting the New Administrative Capital with New Cairo.



Features of Paris Mall in the New Capital 


In one place, Pyramids Company gathered premium advantages for customers, and visitors to spend as long as possible inside the mall, and determined to provide their needs for an enjoyable experience. 


  • The design of the mall, from the name of the project it becomes clear that it is a level of beauty and art Paris, in the destination there is a building that simulates the Eiffel Tower, and of course it will be a place for many visitors to take photographs and spend fun Parisian times in an Egyptian city

  •  Snow City, which is the largest indoor ice gym to provide the experience of traveling to Antarctica or any of the European cities in winter, making it a destination for many visitors to enjoy simulating European nature with the health of arctic animals, and to do various activities in snowy climates

  • Equipping a cinema complex that includes halls equipped with the latest screens, three-dimensional and four-dimensional vision technologies, and VIP cinemas, which attracts the audience to live the atmosphere of movies and enjoy a unique viewing experience

  • Attracting the world's most famous fashion brands to be an elegant and fashionable destination from the Paris Mall

  • A large space for well-known shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants

  • A space dedicated to children, including an amusement park and games park, to spend quality time with their families

  • A wonderful panoramic view that gives a feeling of luxury

  • A water park with dolphin shows, and water games for adults and children



Payment systems for owning the unit inside Mall


Pyramids has provided payment systems that help those who wish to own business to own their unit inside Paris Mall, at the best price and the best payment period. The company offers systems where you can:


  • Pay 5% down payment, and the rest of the amount in installments over 8 years without interest for the commercial units

  • Pay 5% down payment or 20% and install the remainder over 8 years without interest for the administrative units


In both commercial and administrative units, a distinguished offer is available by paying 30% in advance, and the first payment is paid with the receipt of the unit, with the remainder of the amount paid over 8 years without interest.



Background Information on Pyramids Developments Company


Pyramids Developments Company  has its origins in French roots, and this is evident in the architectural designs of the facilities it took over in the new capital. The company established a new branch in Egypt in 2013, and during that period it contributed to the development and construction of many prominent and important buildings.


Some of these works are part of government construction, health centers, some roads, hospitals, and residential units.


Some of them are special constructions in the New Administrative Capital in particular, such as: La Capital Mall, La Capital Compound, Champs-Elysées Mall, and Paris East Mall.


Among her architectural works in France: the Holiday Inn, and the redevelopment of some parts of the Louvre and the halls of the French Parliament.


It is worth noting that it launched the Grand Square Mall, with the aim of converting the property from a consumer commodity to an investment commodity.


This vision also applies to the Mall of Paris, the new capital, and this is evident in the volume of services provided, and the facilities of the payment process to spin the wheel of the Egyptian economy, and the transformation of the commercial center from a consumer place to an investment place for businessmen.