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Commercial For sale in Spark Capital Insight Mall - Brouq

Commercial For sale in Spark Capital Insight Mall - Brouq

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Spark Capital

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Commercial Units for Sale in Spark Capital in the New Capital

Spark Capital Insight Mall is the latest project of Brouq Development and Real Estate Investment Company in the capital. 


The mall is located on one of the most distinguished plots in the Administrative Capital in a very distinguished location, the mall features a variety of commercial, administrative and medical units in the Spark Capital Inside Mall.


The project also features the largest food court open area on the Green River and the view of the Iconic Tower.



Background Information About The Real Estate Developer Of The Project


Spark Capital Insight Mall in the New Administrative Capital is the first project of Brouq Development and Real Estate Investment Company in the capital.


The company was established in 2020 when “NBS Real Estate Company” cooperated with “Qatar High-Speed ​​Group” and “Al Feda Contracting Company” and Brouq Company has a portfolio of Huge strategic land in Egypt with investments amounting to 8 billion Egyptian pounds.


NBS Real Estate Development Company has more than 25 years of experience in the Arabian Gulf and North Africa; With a very strong project precedent, with investments exceeding $1.37 billion, it chooses its projects carefully and achieves the required quality, and adheres to international and local requirements and standards in construction, and its most important works are:

  • Brooq Tower Doha

  • Doha Bay Tower

  • Conference Palace and a group of 5-star tourist resorts in Fez, Morocco



Strategic Location Of Spark Capital Insight Mall


The unique location of the mall gives it an added value for all its visitors, as the location of the Spark Capital Insight Mall is strategic and unique in the center of Downtown, to serve the most densely populated area in the Administrative Capital, and the mall is located in MU-23, in plot G15 directly on the Green River, and at the intersection of the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed North with Al-Amal axis and the main entrance to the capital from Suez Road, a few minutes from the Monorail station, a ten-minute drive from the Government District, the Fairgrounds and the Opera House, and adjacent to:


  • Boodia Tower platforms

  • Green River

  • Diamond Hotel

  • Expo City

  • British University in Egypt (BUE)


Distinguished Architectural Design of Spark Capital Insight Mall Project 


Spark Capital Insight Mall has been designed with distinct ingenuity represented in a design inspired by Spanish architecture, with large glass facades designed to let in light and sunlight, a breathtaking view of the Iconic Tower and the green river, wide corridors, and vibrant spaces within the mall, as well as a sophisticated smart mixed-use mall that offers Administrative units in Spark Capital Inside Mall, a commercial, medical and hotel, affiliated with Brooq Real Estate Company, and offers special prices with the longest payment systems up to 14 years.


Area in which Spark Capital Insight Mall is located


The Spark Capital Insight project is located on a large land area of ​​9000 square meters, the area of ​​the mall itself includes about 30%, and the rest of the space is dedicated to the facilities, services, and landscapes provided by the mall, which ensures the maximum benefit from the entire mall.


The mall consists of a ground floor and 10 upper floors and includes various types of medical, administrative, commercial, and hotel units in the new capital, which makes it a source of attraction for hundreds of investors. The floors of it were allocated to shops with different spaces that suit all activities, to become distinctive for all fields.


Areas Of The Commercial Units Inside The Spark Capital Insight Mall


The company executing the Spark Mall project provided varying areas for each of the shops and administrative units in the new and medical capital, to allow the investor the opportunity to choose the appropriate space and division for his investment activity. These spaces are divided as follows:


From the ground floor to the second floor: It includes commercial units, shops, restaurants, and cafes with areas starting from 22 square meters, with a real mandatory lease for 3 years.


From the third to the eighth floor: apartments in the administrative capital inside the mall, clinics, medical centers, and administrative offices with areas starting from 35 square meters.


From the ninth floor to the last floor: it includes hotel units and apartments in the 5-star Spark Capital Inside Mall, equipped with all the necessary services for comfort and luxury.


Facilities And Services Of The Spark Capital Insight Mall Project


The project is characterized by being in a lively and always active area, which means that it will be a successful start for those wishing to invest, and shine and appear in the most wonderful activities in the various commercial and service fields in the new capital, and the units and the large space of the mall have been divided to vary within it many purposes for all units to suit the needs of all business owners and projects Among the most important services that the mall enjoys:

  • The largest food court area is open with a panoramic view of the Green River that includes a variety of international restaurants and cafes.

  • Large open area on the ground floor PLAZA on an area of ​​3000 square meters.

  • The mall has 11 elevators, 3 escalators, and 3 service elevators for easy movement between floors.

  • A health club and gym are also available at Spark Mall.

  • Spark Capital Insight Mall provides the Administrative Capital with ATMs area.

  • The project was provided with a facility management system, including a fire alarm system, a solar energy system, air conditioning systems, and a lighting system.

  • In Spark Capital Insight New Capital there is a private parking garage for 338 cars.

  • The mall is equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras, as well as a security and guard system.

  • There is a Roof lounge and also Sky restaurants.

  • Spark Mall has guest reception halls and large screens.

  • Wi-Fi in the entire mall.


Prices of Shops in Spark Capital Insight Mall in the New Administrative Capital 


Spark Capital Insight Mall is one of the most important and distinguished projects

Milla for those who want to enjoy the beauty and look forward to the best in the future, given the payment systems it offers that suit, everyone, to make those who make reservations happy and be among the lucky ones to benefit from the offers and advantages inside the mall and live in an unparalleled area in the most prestigious areas and activities in the New Administrative Capital.


As for the prices of commercial units in the New Administrative Capital, administrative and medical, they are reasonable and suitable for all customers wishing to invest within opportunities and prices with huge discounts.


Payment Systems for Units in Spark Capital Insight Mall


Brooq Real Estate Company has provided distinguished payment facilities and long payment methods; to satisfy its customers and make it easier for them to book Spark Mall, with a booking down payment starting from a 10% down payment, and paying the rest of the amount in installments over 14 years in equal installments and without interest.


Advantages of Investing in the New Administrative Capital


The New Administrative Capital is one of the largest Egyptian cities built by the government in partnership with many private sector companies, where many companies were keen to build promising residential and commercial projects to revive the New Administrative Capital and provide investment opportunities in the New Administrative Capital that suit all segments of society, and other projects which provided many investment opportunities for young people, and many companies were keen on building it with the latest international standards to suit the status of this city, which is scheduled to be the new capital of Egypt during the coming period.