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Commercial Units and Shops For Sale in Aventura Mall in New Administrative Capital


Aventura Mall is one of the most prestigious buildings in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. The mall is developed by Lamar Global Developments (LGD) and is one of the latest projects that have been met with great acceptance by many customers wishing to invest in the city of dreams.


Details about Aventura Mall in New Administrative Capital


Aventura Mall offers a range of distinctive services, as it provides fully finished units according to the latest international standards. Also, there are various units in Aventura Mall, including commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel units with wonderful views over the Green River.


Background Information on the Lamar Global Developments (LGD): The Real Estate Developer of Aventura Mall


Eng. Rushdi El-Gebaly, Chairman of Lamar Global Developments, has succeeded in reserving a charming spot in the heart of the New Administrative Capital to establish the Aventura Mall project. The project is established with investments estimated at EGP 300,000,000, and it is the first project of the company in the New Administrative Capital. The company has used all its experience that extends to 20 years in the Egyptian real estate market to establish this mall. The company is indeed one of the largest real estate marketing companies in Egypt.


Lamar Global decided to assign the consulting work of the project to Arkan Consultants, which is one of the largest Egyptian firms and has extensive experience in many countries.


Previous Works of Lamar Global: The Owner of Aventura Mall


  • More than 80 projects on the ground

  • A huge business base in Beit El Watan El Takmili

  • Many projects in the 6th of October City


Areas of Units in Aventura Gated Community


The total area of one building in Aventura Mall is about 3576.5 square meters, while the total area of the project is 4664.3 square meters. The available area for sale to customers is about 11,000 square meters. The Mall is divided into two buildings and each building consists of 10 floors, as follows:


  • Firstly, the commercial units: two floors in each building for shops, in addition to other additional spaces for cafes and restaurants

  • Second, the administrative units: 8 floors in one of the two buildings, so that units would be administrative offices of different designs and areas

  • Third, the medical units: 8 floors in the second building and similar to the administrative units. Units may be used by medical clinics of various areas and designs

  • Garages for visitors of the Mall and owners of units


Areas of shops range from 50 to 110 square meters, while areas of ​​medical clinics range from 56 to 130 square meters. As for the administrative office, areas range from 50 to 180 square meters.


Aventura Mall Is Adjacent to the MU23: The Main Gate of the New Capital


The mall is distinguished by its location in one of the best areas in the New Capital, i.e. MU23, which serves as the main gateway to the New Administrative Capital. MU23 is the greatest service area in the Second and Third Residential District, R2 and R3, and other new cities. 

The mall is also located near Al Massa Hotel, the Green River, the Diplomatic District, and the Chinese Towers. It is also close to the main and vital roads through which you can move from the New Capital to Cairo and its suburbs.


The Most Prominent Services of Aventura Complex


Aventura Mall provides a wonderful and integrated set of services for visitors and customers alike. The most important of which are as follows:


Various Entertainment Services


  • Vast green spaces surrounding the mall so that customers and visitors can enjoy beautiful landscapes

  • Restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and beverages to visitors and owners

  • Gym for practicing bodybuilding games

  • Special kids areas to keep them safe and help them to have fun with many games that develop their creativity


Tailor-Made Services for Customers


  • Large meeting rooms for holding seminars, meetings and conferences with the best modern and advanced technologies


Services for the Convenience of Visitors and Customers


  • 2 secure garages for cars of visitors and owners of units

  • Medical clinics equipped with the best modern technologies, devices and equipment to provide all medical specialties in Aventura  

  • Security service and surveillance cameras throughout the day to maintain the safety of customers and visitors

  • ATMs to get cash in real time in order to facilitate the buying and selling process in case you want to buy in cash and not electronically

  • Intelligent self-extinguishing system

  • Elevators and escalators to facilitate the movement of the elders and kids and make them happier while shopping and browsing the Mall


Eco-Friendly Services 


  • Multiple stores with international brands for those who love shopping and owning the best shoes and clothes

  • 50% of the smart buildings depend on clean energy

  • The project includes an energy-saving electricity system

  • Glassy design in apartments in Aventura in order to be sound and heat proof and to save energy


Facilitated Payment System For Units in Aventura Project


The Aventura Mall project is characterized by a variety of units that are fully finished and modern designed according to the best international specifications.


The areas of units range from 45 to 550 square meters and you can own a unit by paying 10% of the total unit price as a down payment and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years. The annual return of investment is up to 14% and units will be delivered starting from the next year.


There are very limited numbers of stores for major brands and exhibitions at exceptional and distinctive prices in new capital. These stores are provided for a limited period with areas ranging from 45 to 1000 square meters.


Advantages of Investing in Aventura Mall in the New Administrative Capital


Properties of Aventura Mall are suitable for doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. So, Aventura Mall is the best option for all those looking for the highest profit return on an ongoing basis.

After less than one year, the construction work of Aventura Mall project would be completed.

The types of locations in Aventra Mall - Eg Master are Storage, Shops, Showroom, Restaurant, Nursery, School, Hotel, Factory, Cafe, Warehouse, Mall