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Commercial For Sale in The Pavillion Mall in the New Administrative Capital

The Real Estate Company behind Pavillion Mall has helped in boosting its value by choosing a great location in the biggest residential compound in the New Administrative Capital which is Park Lane compound Hood then topped it off with a great design that was inspired by the Park Lane walk in London. All that and more below. 


Background Information on El Attal Holding: The Real Estate Developer of The Pavillion Mall


El Attal Holding, which was created by Engineer Ahmed El Attal in 1987 is one of El Attal Real Estate Development companies that has had an excellent reputation that made it sit on the top of the real estate market. The achievements of El Attal goes as far as Malaysia and Bahrain and with many successful projects under its built, it has gained the trust of its clients and customers.


Brief Timeline of El Attal Holding’s Experience in the Field


El Attal Holding has managed great and strong partnerships that has kept its name among the first when real estate comes into conversation, most notably: 

  • 1948: Started as Khelousi El Attal for Textile, Importation and Appliances

  • 1949: The Companies merged into El Attal Brothers that provided the electronic equipment to the Aswan High Dam

  • 1967-1998: The company has entered many projects and markets like providing electronic appliances, sound and light systems in the MENA region and establishing the first company in Egypt that specializes in HSE and entered the construction market in 1983 

  • 2001: Creating a new company for importing, finishing and installing kitchens

  • 2007: El Attal Group was created

  • 2008: The first branch in Malaysia was opened 

  • 2011: The establishment for Jusour for construction materials

  • 2012: The establishment of a food and beverages company and importation and exportation

  • 2013: The Establishment of AGD to build many types of villas and luxurious housing in the New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, and Shorouk cities 

  • 2017: The Establishment of Spatium for internal designing and finishing

  • 2018: El Attal Holding was created with a new vision of the Real Estate Market in Egypt

  • 2019: Introducing the first compound in the world in The New Administrative Capital, Al Ain El Sokhna  and the North Cost by El Attal Holding


Previous Works of El Attal Holding 



Areas of Units in Pavillion Mall 


The total area of Pavillion the Mall is about 13,000 square meter, the areas inside the mall starts from 33 and up to 256 square meter that varies between commercial, administrative or clinics; the mall has a great variety of shops that specializes in clothes, shoes, purses and many more from all around the world and to fit all the needs that you can grab a bite after in the best cafes and restaurants.  


Details on The Pavillion Mall Project in Park Lane Compound


The Pavillion mall that is the highest end of commercial shops, medical centres and cafes is located in the largest residential project in the New Administrative Capital which is Park Lane. It is located between the first and third areas in the Seventh Residential District (R7) in the New Administrative Capital and near the Green Forest and in front of the Swidish University.


Pavillion Mall properties are also only a few minutes from the main roads and axis such as Al Ain El Sokhna Road, Mohamed Bin Zayed Southern and Northern axis which is considered a connecting the main and branch roads to the New Administrative Capital. It is also the main exit to New Cairo.


Available Services in The Pavillion Mall in the New Administrative Capital 


  • ATM machines and exchange offices that work all day around to get all what you might need of cash to answer your needs

  • Surveillance cameras and highly trained guards that keep an eye on the mall to keep you and your loved one safe

  • The main source of power in the mall is solar power to be a sustainable structure and environmentally friendly

  • Stunning and highly secured fronts to the mall that are heat, shock and even earthquake resistant

  • Large landscapes and greenery for your viewing pleasure

  • Gym that fits all ages and equipped with the best equipment and technology advancement in the fitness world for your health 

  • Wi-Fi of high speed for all visitors

  • Tracks for walking and jogging

  • Kids area for their entertainment

  • The mall uses the latest security technology for the safety of the visitors against incidents or natural disasters 

  • Regular patrolling movements for your safety and your family

  • A health centre that can be visited by the visitors in case of medical emergencies

  • Elevators that fit the elederly and those of special needs 

  • Central air conditioning


Payment Systems for Units in Pavillion Gated Community


The real estate developer behind The Pavilion Mall in the New Administrative Capital has facilitated the payment process for administrative units offered for sale in the pavillon by offering a system through which you can pay 10% down payment and dividing the rest on a 6 years installment plan.


Advantages of Starting Your Business in A Mall


It is one of the most important questions when you start a business and to answer you, there is an immense growth and demand for malls and shopping centres specially that are near residential apartments in the pavillon compounds. 


Going to the mall is no longer for shopping purposes but it is a “family day out” for the Egyptian family which makes sense; malls are clean, safe, provide many services and entertainment.


Moreover, being in The Pavillion Mall or a shopping centre means that you are near main roads and getting a lot of traffic. You can find all that and the mall in Pavillion mall.

The types of locations in The Pavilion Mall - Al Attal are Storage, Shops, Showroom, Restaurant, Nursery, School, Hotel, Factory, Cafe, Warehouse, Mall