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    A commercial store for sale with an area of ​​265 square metersMy land in Midtown Condo Mall, the Administrative Capital, with a 10% down payment
    Top views in Area Top views in Area
    41,062,943 EGP

    A commercial store for sale with an area of ​​265 square metersMy land in Midtown Condo Mall, the Administrative Capital, with a 10% down payment

    كمبوند ميدتاون كوندو - بتر هوم,  الحي السكني السابع - R7 كمبوند ميدتاون كوندو - بتر هوم, الحي السكني السابع - R7

    A commercial store for sale, area of 120, second floor, in Midtown Condo Mall, the Administrative Capital, with a 10% down payment
    Top views in Area Top views in Area
    11,250,000 EGP

    A commercial store for sale, area of 120, second floor, in Midtown Condo Mall, the Administrative Capital, with a 10% down payment

    كمبوند ميدتاون كوندو - بتر هوم,  الحي السكني السابع - R7 كمبوند ميدتاون كوندو - بتر هوم, الحي السكني السابع - R7

    Stores For sale in Midtown Condo Compound - Better Home
    4,125,000 EGP

    Stores For sale in Midtown Condo Compound - Better Home

    كمبوند ميدتاون كوندو - بتر هوم,  الحي السكني السابع - R7 كمبوند ميدتاون كوندو - بتر هوم, الحي السكني السابع - R7

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Shops For Sale At Special Prices in Midtown Condo in the New Capital


Midtown Condo is an integrated residential and commercial project by Better Home . It is also one of the distinguished projects that grants you a unique combination of tranquility and vitality at the same time. Its location is far from the city hustle, and close to the high-end residential compounds with nearby vital projects that provide the best services with shops for sale at special prices. . 


Details of Midtown Condo by Better Home 


The company implemented this project on an area of ​​about 60 acres, with the aim of providing the largest amount of landscapes, green spaces and swimming pools, a matter that makes the compound an entertainment destination. The compound also enjoys numerous service places surrounding it. The project is also characterized by the diversity  of buildings and facilities, as some of these buildings are related to residentials services Residential, while others serve the commercial projects. 


The buildings of this project vary between commercial units and malls, and residential buildings consisting of ground and 7 floors, with a lot of residents. This makes the compound very attractive for customers to take advantage of the various projects established in the area.It is worth mentioning that The difference in the spaces of the commercial units was necessary, in order to suit the requirements of each project, bearing in mind that these units start from an area of ​​110 square meters. 


Advantages of Investing in Midtown Condo 


 In Midtown Condo, you can get a house and workplace in one place in the capital's most luxurious locations. So, you invest in the new capital’s finest areas,enjoying an unparalleled number of services. 


Available Services in Midtown Condo  


  • The project contains a full-service commercial area  In Midtown Condo , which includes shops for selling household and personal items and. you can also create your own project inside it


  • There is a health club, with many different sports fields, and a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment, to remind everyone to exercise in a place adjacent to their projects 

  • The compound contains a spa for relaxation .This spa contributes to reducing stress and psychological pressures related to work, a matter that helps provide a productive and fruitful work environment


  • There are distinguished restaurants and cafes that enable you to get your favorite meal at your workplace, through delivery services  


  • The project enjoys swimming pools distributed harmoniously throughout it for entertainment. It is also home to the first music park of its kind, for the sake of music lovers


  • There is 24-hour security and guarding to protect individuals and property


  • The project contains more than one multi-use mall such as Midtown Condo Mall, which has many units and shops. These units and shops have been finished and equipped with facilities, in addition to the green spaces that permeate the buildings and facilities. It also enjoys a charming view of the artificial lakes and other water bodies


Advantages of Investing in Midtown Condo Mall 


  • The mall is characterized by containing many shops, which can be used in many activities related to the labor market


  • The project serves the largest category of residents of the capital, as it contains restaurants and cafes that offer delicious dishes, which attract all individuals.  


  • There are medical centers and first aid services, to ensure the safety of customers all the time


  • The mall has guest reception service, and safe entertainment places for children. 


  • There is a mosque for prayer. So, people do not have to go outside  


  • The project includes special places for smokers, a special hall for meetings of clients and businessmen, and other places to meet your different customers


Different Prices of Units in Midtown Condo Mall


It is worth noting that investing in this project is undoubtedly profitable, as the prices are appropriate for all units. The prices vary depending on their commercial, residential or other purposes. The sophistication of the place, the luxury of the building, and the exquisite Western designs make these units competitive in the market.  


Payment System for Units in Midtown Condo


The project’s developer is working on providing attractive offers for all customers to meet their aspiration and encourage them to increase investment. The company also seeks to enable individuals to establish large and small projects at the lowest costs and the easiest payment method. As for the most important installment system provided by the company for the Midtown Condo project, it is as follows:  


  • Pay 10% down payment of the total value of the original unit price, the rest is paid in monthly installments over 7 years, without any significant interest .  


Strategic Location of Midtown Condo Mall


The project is located in a strategic spot, making it a major destination for individuals working in the capital, as well as its is distinguished by its presence in the seventh residential neighborhood, which is home to many compounds and high-end service places. The compound is also in close proximity to the most important hubs and main roads that facilitate transportation operations Inside and outside the capital, such as the Mohammed bin Zayed South axis, and the Ring Road.  


The compound is not far from the most famous places and service institutions. It is a few steps away from the ministers and embassies districts, and is adjacent to the famous fairgrounds with its various conferences and exhibitions. It is also close to Anakaji Compound - one of the newest compounds in the capital - and facing the IL Bosco compound, which enhances the chances of your project's success . 


Background Information of the Real Estate Developer of Midtown Condo


Better Home company  is one of the companies specialized in establishing residential and commercial projects with integrated services. Since its establishment in 1998, it has always been interested in accurately and carefully choosing the sites of its various projects to ensure successful investment.  


The company was keen on adding exquisite touches, through  unique engineering designs in harmony with the original style. The company has a vision of providing  entertainment life mixed with  greenery, the blue artificial lakes and the lights of dancing fountains. All this is due to its possession of the best experiences and the most skilled specialists in the field.  


Previous Works of Better Home Company


  • Highland Park project, Midtown project, and Cairo Business Plaza project in the Fifth Settlement

  • Cairo Business Bay project, and Cairo Business Gate Fifth Settlement project

  • Midtown project in front of the American University in Cairo (AUC), the Fifth Settlement

  • Midtown Solo Compound, and Midtown Sky Administrative Capital

  • Midtown Condo in the New Administrative Capital

  • Highland Park project and Cairo Medical Center project in 6th of October  

  • Cityscape Mall project, and the Mega Mall project in 6th of October

  • Cityscape Mall project in Minya


 Reasons to Invest in the New Administrative Capital  


1- The Anticipated Population Density 


Due to the overcrowding and congestion that Cairo has reached, this gigantic project was established .It contains many neighborhoods and residential compounds, whose population numbers are expected to increase from 18 million to 40 million in the coming years, but without any overcrowding. Thus, the investments in this capital are listed among the sustainable projects. 


2- The Prime Location that Connects Different Cities of Cairo 


The capital is strategically located on the borders of Badr City, between Cairo - Suez and Cairo - Ain Sokhna roads. It is also 60 kilometers away from Ain Sokhna and Suez, and is located in close proximity to the cities of New Cairo, Mostakbal City and Madinaty. This location ensures easy access to various projects in the heart of the capital.  


3- The Abundance of Land and Air Transportation in the Capital 


You can easily move by land and air at any time as the capital has been provided with the railway line that connects it with all the cities of the republic. In addition, the Capital International Airport has been established on an area of ​​16 km, along with the electric train, which is expected to connect Greater Cairo with the Administrative Capital ,urban communities and various industrial zones.  


4-Strong Services and Facilities  


The capital is fully equipped with all the services you expect. It is characterized by complete safety, due to its possession of the first security control center with about 6,000 cameras distributed in the entire city. It also contains the sports city, the medical city, the conference center, and the Exhibition City that includes the various attractions of arts and culture. In addition, there is a business area and another for embassies and ministries. There are also educational institutions at the global level, and entertainment venues that have never been seen before in other Cairo cities, thanks to the capital's large area.  

The number of the Commercial For sale in Midtown Condo Compound - Better Home is 3 listings
The types of locations in Midtown Condo Compound - Better Home are Storage, Shops, Showroom, Restaurant, Nursery, School, Hotel, Factory, Cafe, Warehouse, Mall