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Commercial Units For Sale in OIA Compound in the New Administrative Capital


OIA New Capital is located at the top of the list of projects that combine residential and commercial investment services, in an environment far from all pollution and crowding, combining  the civilization of the past with the luxury of construction and the modernity of the present through wonderful modern designs.


Details of OIA Compound in the New Administrative Capital


Edge Holding Company for Real Estate Development established the OIA New Capital project on an area of ​​about 30 acres, in the Seventh Residential neighborhood (R7), designed to combine the housing and work environment in style.


Areas of Units in OIA Compound in the New Administrative Capital


The total area of ​​the buildings is about 20% of the total area, including various buildings for residential and commercial units, the areas start from 125 square meters.


Investment Advantages and Services Available in OIA in the New Administrative Capital


OIA New Capital has a variety of spaces for commercial units, which are suitable for all large and small projects, which can be used to establish a restaurant, café or shops with the latest international designs.


The compound is equipped with the latest security equipment ,  crews of security and guard personnel 24 hours a day.


Units in OIA New Capital overlook a wonderful view of natural appearances.


Services Available in OIA New Capital That Promotes Investment


  • OIA New Capital contains a shopping mall with many commercial units available, restaurants and cafes
  • Garages are available for project clients
  • Medical services at the highest level are present, to take care of everyone
  • The compound has a gym, and a cinema and a spa
  • Elevators are available in the buildings for the convenience of customers and visitors


Reasonable Prices and Payment Systems for OIA Compound in the New Administrative Capital

The project enjoys premium prices compared to the prices of the shops in other neighborhoods, and it is also unique in the presence of good facilities, allowing many people to establish their projects in the most luxurious areas, with a payment system of up to multiple years.


Prime Location of OIA Compound in the New Administrative Capital 


This compound differs from other projects, as it is located on four main axes, which contribute greatly to linking the capital with the various cities and governorates of Egypt, and it is also distinguished by its location in the most vital areas of the capital, which is the G5 area in the seventh residential neighborhood


The project is located in the vicinity of the British University in Egypt (BUE), and is a few minutes away from the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and the Regional Ring Road, which connects many different areas of Cairo, steps away from the Green River, and not far from the largest entertainment areas in the New Capital such as Disneyland, where a few minutes away from it, as well as the Mega Mall, which is a popular destination


Surrounding Landmarks Near OIA Compound


The project is distinguished by its presence near the exhibition city, which hosts major exhibitions and is accepted by individuals from different countries of the world, making your project global.


The compound is close to the embassies and ministries neighborhood, to which major governmental and diplomatic institutions will be transferred, thus contributing to the transfer of your project's services to various social circles.


The compound is a short distance from the most famous religious landmarks such as the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, which is frequented by many visitors and locals.


Background Information on the Real Estate Developer of OIA Compound 


Edge Holding Company is the owner of OIA New Capital. Edge Holding Company is one of the recent companies in the field of real estate investment, as it was established in 2018, as a result of collaboration that took place between two groups of major leading companies in the field of construction and development, namely the "Al-Burouj Egypt" company, specialized in contracting and residential projects and which has implemented many projects in various cities of Egypt, and the second is the "Saudi Al-Mashareq" group, established in 1978, specialized in heavy contracting, infrastructure and building airports and factories, and the owner of a group of multinational entities, and includes 18 companies with branches In 6 different countries.


Through this gigantic combination between these two companies and their extensive experience, Edge was able to implement projects that are distinguished by accuracy and perfection and in the most attractive areas of the capital for residents and business owners, and among its implemented projects:


  • Oia Compound, New Administrative Capital

  • Oia Towers, New Administrative Capital


Reasons Why the New Administrative Capital Became the Best Choice for Investors


More Areas and More Jobs


The New Administrative Capital is one of the largest capitals in the world, as it was built on an area of ​​170,000 acres, equivalent to the size of the country of Singapore, after setting a dedicated budget of up to USD 45 billion, and is expected to include about 40 million people in the coming years This increases the need to establish various projects that serve these residents in various fields, and thus; Providing more job opportunities for young people in all disciplines.


Road Diagrams to Facilitate Crossovers


In order to facilitate the ease of everyone to the capital, the Urban Planning Authority set up a plan to develop roads inside the New Capital, build bridges and pay attention to the main axes, in order to connect the capital with the various cities and governorates of Cairo, provide the largest network of transportation, and build the Capital International Airport to receive all visitors, and provide it with a network Railroad and Monorail station.


Neighborhoods of the Capital Serve the Largest Number of Individuals


The plan of the capital is characterized by its division into a number of important neighborhoods, namely the Sefarat neighborhood, the Ministries district, the banks district, the courts district, and the center of the capital, where all service and government institutions in Cairo will be transferred to. All individuals need and resort to these districts to obtain their basic services for the work environment, travel, and others.

The types of locations in OIA Compound - Edge Holding are Storage, Shops, Showroom, Restaurant, Nursery, School, Hotel, Factory, Cafe, Warehouse, Mall