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Own a Thriving Business in Ainava Mall

Commercial Projects in the New Administrative Capital 

The New Administrative Capital was designed in order to be an open, sophisticated business center, and to suit the architectural nature of the city's design and serve its diverse activities. It has been carefully planned to include a range of commercial areas and shopping centers that serve the residential neighborhoods and meet the needs of residents and visitors. The City undoubtedly holds the biggest investment opportunities in Egypt and the Middle East, as it is one of the most prosperous projects in Egypt at present, and many investors foreign and local are rushing to get their share of what the New Capital has to offer. 

If you’re a business owner looking to expand your business, or an investor seeking a new business within the New Capital, you should start considering one of the New Capital’s most important malls yet; Ainava Mall

The Developing Company Behind Ainava Mall

Akam Real Estate Development is one of the biggest real estate development companies in Egypt, and it’s the company behind the beautiful project that is Ainava Mall. Akam is a partnership of four companies, two of which are the Egyptain Companies Residence and Bayanat, and one of which is Saudi Arabian, along with Faysal Islamic Bank. It’s important to mention that Residence Real Estate is the developing company of two of Ain Sokhan’s most popular resorts; Tulip and Aroma Resorts. Bayanat Real Estate is also a pioneering real estate development company in Egypt founded back in 1986. All of these huge real estate companies promise a well executed commercial project, which in turn promises prosperity for every business owner within Ainava Mall.

The Mall’s Distinctive Location in The New Capital

Ainava enjoys a very distinctive location as it lies in one of the New Capital’s most vital areas; The Seventh District (R7), specifically in area A2 spread across 39 acres of land. The mall falls beside the British University with a beautiful front view of the main street. 

More Details About Ainava Mall

  • The Mall consists of 3 floors providing different commercial, administrative and medical units. 

  • Commercial units in Ainava start from 150 square meters of space. 

  • As for medical and administrative units they start from 34 square meters.

  • If you’re looking to establish a hypermarket, the mall offers units ranging between 800 and 2000 square meters. 

  • Ainava is surrounded by landscapes and greenery that create a beautiful environment for both visitors and workers. 

  • The Mall’s parking space is heavily monitored by surveillance cameras. 

  • Ainava also provides full security services.

  • Visitors and workers of Ainava enjoy the central air conditioning system within the mall. 

  • You’ll be able to find many international brands and shops inside Ainava. 

  • The mall provides several restaurants and cafes for its visitors. 

Payment Options

Investors and business owners have the chance to pay 10% of their desired unit’s price as downpayment and instal the rest over 6 years, or 7 years and 5% more in two years. 

You can also get a 20% discount if you pay 20% of the unit’s price in advance and instal the rest over 5 years, or a 25% discount if you pay 25% in advance and instal the rest over 4 years. 

It’s also important to mention that unit prices within Ainava Mall vary according to its type, location, and your choice of finishes. 


The types of locations in Ainava Mall - Akam are Storage, Shops, Showroom, Restaurant, Nursery, School, Hotel, Factory, Cafe, Warehouse, Mall