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Medical For sale in Financial District

Medical For sale in Financial District

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Clinics for Sale in Financial and Business District in the New Administrative Capital


The New Administrative Capital witnessed great attention by the Egyptian state, Arabs, and foreign investors. It is a gigantic edifice and has many advantages, so anyone looking for a better future for himself or his investment will compete to reserve a place in it.


Strategic Location of the Financial and Business District in the New Capital


The Financial and Business District is located between the Northern and Southern Axes of Mohammed bin Zayed. So, the district enjoys a distinctive strategic location and can easily and quickly be accessed.


Details about the Financial and Business District


The total area of ​​the Financial and Business District is about 195 acres and the volume of investments within it is about USD $3 billion and 200,000. 

The China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC) is the developer of the entire District. 

The district is designed to meet the needs of investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen by providing them with new opportunities to develop their projects or start new investment plans. 

It will include a group of administrative and commercial towers, administrative offices, shops, clinics, housing units and banks.


Public Facilities and Infrastructure of the Financial and Business District


The New Administrative Capital in general and the Financial and Business District in particular are characterized by strong public facilities and excellent infrastructure. 

The New Capital has created a new concept of modern life and includes an integrated set of public facilities, including drinking water stations, sewage stations, electricity networks or natural gas lines and communication networks.


It is scheduled that the New Capital would have a pure water station of its own. Also, Siemens Company has developed a power station with a capacity of 4800 megawatts to provide the New Capital entirely with energy.


Educational Services in the New Capital

The New Capital has a set of educational services for all different stages of education. There are a group of the most prestigious universities, such as the Swedish University, the Hungarian University, the University of Liverpool and the German International University of Applied Sciences.

The educational plan in the New Capital includes the establishment of about 50 international and language schools. The most famous schools to be established are: Manor House School, Al-Bayan Educational School, and the British International School.


Medical Services in the New Capital


The medical care in the New Capital is characterized by the high quality and 24-hours service. The New Capital is planned to include medical units for sale and a large medical city consisting of 3 hospitals. The first will be a general hospital, the second is a children's hospital and the third is an obstetrics and gynecology hospital.

There are also many private hospitals, outpatient clinics and private laboratories for radiology and analysis. Additionally, there are many medical malls that include a number of clinics for sale, radiology centers, analysis laboratories and pharmacies, such as Capital Care Mall and Medical Capital Mall.


Malls and Parks in the New Administrative Capital


Malls in the New Capital have witnessed great interest by real estate companies and investors, so they competed to choose distinct locations to establish malls. 

The malls contain commercial units for sale with great services and the most famous malls in the New Capital are as follows:

Paris Mall


The mall occupies an area of ​​4 acres and is planned to be designed like the city of Paris. Paris Mall has many attractions, including a tropical forest, cable cars, dolphin shows, State-of-the-art cinemas, ice skating, and the largest theme park for kids.

The Champs Elysees Mall


The mall is located on 8,500 square meter of area and is developed by the Pyramids Developments. The mall is located near the Council of Ministers and features a large Aqua Park, a huge theater, and many shops, administrative units and medical clinics.

Inizio Mall


Inizio Mall is distinguished by a strategic location, as it is located near the Financial and Business District, the Presidential Palace and Al-Massa Hotel. 

The mall consists of 7 floors with a total of 138 commercial, administrative and medical units. The Mall has two entrances, one of which is for commercial and administrative units and the other is for medical units.

Types of Units in the Financial and Business District


There are various types of units in the Financial and Business District, including apartments, and commercial, administrative and medical units.

They also vary in area in order to accommodate different needs and preferences.


Advantages of the Financial and Business District


The Financial and Business District is distinguished by a prime location, as it is easy to go to and from it. Actually, this is a great advantage for the real estate companies looking for a strategic location to establish residential compounds, malls or companies and administrative offices in the New Capital.

So, the huge area of the District that made it one of the most famous districts in the New Capital, and that is why it became the headquarters of giant companies, banks and vital facilities.

The Financial and Business District contains the tallest tower in the continent of Africa (the Iconic Tower), which is one of the landmarks of the New Administrative Capital. The Iconic Tower includes a large international hotel and many residential, administrative and commercial units in New Administrative Capital, banks and medical clinics.

Enjoy A Luxurious Life in the Compounds of the New Administrative Capital

The New Capital has many great compounds, the most important of which are for example:


The City Valley Compound


The City Valley Compound is located on an area of ​​63 acres and is developed by EG Master Developments. The Company has paid the greatest attention to the safety factor, it established a complete wall surrounding the entire Compound. 

The compound is minutes away from the British University in Egypt (BUE) and the International Schools Complex and provides various housing units, including apartments and villas.


Atika Compound 


Atika Compound is a wonderful residential project and is developed by New Plan Developments Company. The compound provides various residential properties, including apartments, penthouses, duplexes, with areas starting from 70 square meters. The compound is located on an area of 35 acres and directly overlooks the Embassies District and the British University in Egypt (BUE).


Vinci Compound


Vinci Compound is located on 110 acres of land and is developed by Misr Italia Company. The Compound provides a high-end residential community with a distinguished set of high-end services. 

The compounds provide apartments and villas with great views, as 80% of the area of the compound has been allocated to green spaces, gardens, parks, water bodies, and attractive landscapes.