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Villas for sale in Asyut

Villas won't be available in governments that don't have many urban areas like Asyut like others with less rural areas like Cairo and Alexandria which have nearly no rural areas. Still finding villas for sale in Asyut isn't a big challenge, especially for those old families who owned their land and decided to build a villa big enough for all the family members.

Although luxury hotels aren't featured in Asyut, there are other lodging options there besides renting a villa or a flat. The city center there offer accommodations with good quality, and if you want a more comfortable option, then you have the choice of accommodation in one of the boats on the bank of the Nile river.

On these large boats on the Nile, you can find more comfortable accommodation, a perfect view of the sunset and good rooms to stay with many dining options. These boats are located at only ten minutes from the city center and add a nice touch to the whole experience of living in Asyut. Also, the university hostel is one of the options that people can introduce to you if you ask for accommodation in Asyut.

The city of Asyut is also a perfect choice for those who would like an adventure to explore the ancient Egyptian monuments and see some places built by Pharaonic kings along the ancient Egyptian history.

The number of the Villas For sale in Asyut is 12 listings
The average price per meter for Villas in Asyut is 11,150 EGP
The sub locations in Asyut are Asyut City, Asyut Al Gadida City, Dairut, Manfalut, Cusae, Abnoub, Abu Tig, El Ghanayem, Sahel Selim, El Badari, Sodfa, Other Neighborhoods, Axis Of The West Assiut Plateau, Porto Assiut, El Moalemeen City
The types of locations in Asyut are Palace, Twin House, Separate Villa, Town House