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Separate Villa For Sale

بجوار سوق المنطقة السكنية الخامسة

Separate Villa For Sale in El Sadat City

بجوار كمبوند نيست سادات

Villas for sale in Monufia

In the urban areas of Monufia you can find villas for sale. You can find a variety of villas for sale in Monufia in the more rich districts as well as villas for rent.

The central and local governmental offices are mostly located to Shibin El Koum which is having its infrastructure modernized. The city also offers university, schools, hospitals and a large stadium are available in the city. Social organizations, athletic teams, and political parties are also part of the Monufia capital.

The climate of the city is classified as a hot desert like the rest of Egypt which isn't accurate in real life. In 1961 the highest temperature was recorded in Monufia as 48 celsius degrees while the lowest was -3 which was recorded in 1996.

The university of Menoufia was established by President Anwar El Sadat in 1976 starting with a number of colleges and institutes in the governorate which were following Tanta university. The Monufia university has now expanded to 14 college and institute. The American university in Cairo also has a branch in Sadat City which has its own university since 2013.