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Shop 171m for sale in the Venue Mall - New Cairo


Last update: 12 July 2021

Finish Type Semi Finished
View Main Street
Listing ID EG-2838526
Price 4,275,000 EGP
Price Per Meter 25,000 EGP
Seller Role Developer
Payment Method Cash or Installments

About Project:

The Venue Its unique and privileged location in Banks Street and Restaurants in the heart of the Fifth Settlement
The region is the most dynamic and strongest in terms of investment opportunities and with the highest traffic density
It features a modern design in a high style, as it has mirrored glass fronts
Gives every space a distinct view.
An integrated (commercial - administrative - medical) project
It meets all the needs of businessmen and companies by providing integrated factors for the ideal investment

About Developer:

The executing company of The Venue Mall new Cairo is the United Arab Company, which has a diversified precedent in the field of construction and construction in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and among its founders:

Engineer Mohamed Fouad
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Capital Construction Company, Project Management, where the founders of the company have decades of experience in the field of real estate investment and in many investment sectors, and the Capital Company is considered one of the most important real estate development companies in the Fifth Settlement with a distinguished business precedent in the “Beit Al Watan – Andalus – Andalus” area 2 “The company has taken the luxury of construction as its slogan and made it a tangible reality with distinct architectural touches in all its projects.
Engineer Wael Al-Sayegh
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Maadi Group and Al-Waha Company,
And a shareholder in many large projects such as: Eterna Healthcare City - HCC - CMC - Silver 1,2,3
Where these projects represent the most important landmarks in the city of New Cairo, and Maadi Group is a leading company in the field of real estate development and is keen to maintain its position at the forefront of companies that apply international architectural standards, and the company is keen that its projects meet the needs of a wide and vital segment of society At carefully thought-out prices to suit most segments of society and different tastes, Maadi Group is characterized by managing its projects by providing after-sales services to meet all customers' needs after receiving the units.


The mall is distinguished by its unique and distinguished location on Banks Street and Restaurants in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, as it is located between the South and North 90th Street, which are the two largest main axes in the Fifth Settlement, in the middle of the largest and most important brands, banks, hospitals, restaurants area, and next to the air hospital and QNB
3 minutes from Cairo Festival Sea
Two minutes and half of the Downtown Mall


Food court
Waiting Area
Backup generators
Firefighting system

Payment plan:

Ground floor: commercial
Lower fronted shops by 6.20 cm
Ceiling height of 4.50 cm
Areas starting from: 79 m
First floor: commercial
Spaces starting from 71 m
administrative Offices
The second, third, fourth and sixth rounds (currently available only the fourth)
Fully finished + air-conditioning package for the first 50 customers
Spaces starting from 38 m
the fifth floor
Spaces starting from 40 m
Delivery: Two and a half years
10% down payment, and the rest for 4 years
15% down payment, and the rest for 5 years
20% down payment and the rest for 6 years

94 M²
8,930,000 EGP
94 M²
13,205,000 EGP
98 M²
7,350,000 EGP
98 M²
7,350,000 EGP
56 M²
2,184,000 EGP
53 M²
2,067,000 EGP
49 M²
1,911,000 EGP
44 M²
1,716,000 EGP
45 M²
1,755,000 EGP
132 M²
5,214,000 EGP
133 M²
5,253,500 EGP
45 M²
1,710,000 EGP
47 M²
1,786,000 EGP
47 M²
1,786,000 EGP
149 M²
22,350,000 EGP
56 M²
22,960,000 EGP
53 M²
2,173,000 EGP
49 M²
2,009,000 EGP
44 M²
1,804,000 EGP
45 M²
1,845,000 EGP
46 M²
1,886,000 EGP
45 M²
1,845,000 EGP
45 M²
1,845,000 EGP
132 M²
5,478,000 EGP
133 M²
5,519,500 EGP
45 M²
1,800,000 EGP
47 M²
1,880,000 EGP
47 M²
1,880,000 EGP