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Apartments For sale in Fifth Square Compound - AlMarasem

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Fifth Square Compound - AlMarasem

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Fifth Square Compound in the Fifth Settlement

New Cairo, especially the Fifth Settlement, is considered one of the most prestigious and modern residential areas in Egypt. Fifth Square Al Marasem combines the charm of urban life with the beauty of nature, and provides an ideal environment for living and investment. Al Marasem Compound is located in a strategic location near central Cairo and Nasr City, making it an ideal stop for those looking for tranquility and natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.
Al Marasem Fifth Square New Cairo stands out for its luxury and stunning design. It is not just an ordinary residential project, but rather an architectural edifice that combines tranquility and luxury in the heart of this wonderful area. Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound offers a unique combination of modern services and facilities.

Details of Fifth Square Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Fifth Square Al Marasem is one of the wonderful architectural constructions in the heart of New Cairo, and is characterized by luxury and diversity in the residential units and the wonderful services it provides to its residents. This project was designed with great care to provide residents with an exceptional residential experience and luxurious life.

Fifth Square Compound is characterized by spacious green spaces and beautiful parks, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The residential units in Al Marasem Compound New Cairo are varied to meet the different needs of residents.

Fifth Square Al Marasem features a variety of distinctive services and facilities, including wonderful swimming pools to enjoy enjoyable times with family and friends. The project also includes high-quality schools and a hospital equipped with the latest medical technologies to care for health and safety.

Fifth Square Al Marasem combines luxury, sophisticated design, and distinguished services, making it an ideal choice for living and investing in the heart of New Cairo.

The Real Estate Developer of Fifth Square New Cairo

Al Marasem Developments Company is the owner of the Fifth Square Compound in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. This company was established in 1997 and is part of the famous Bin Laden Group. It has become one of the largest and most important real estate development companies in Egypt.

Al Marasem Developments Company has a strong reputation in the Egyptian and Arab real estate development market thanks to its commitment to the highest standards of quality and reliability.
Al Marasem Company seeks to achieve distinction and excellence in the various fields included in its projects, and always intends to meet the needs of customers and provide the highest level of luxury and quality in its projects.

Previous Projects of Al Marasem Developments Company

Al-Rehab Club in New CairoHeliopolis Club in El ShoroukCairo Airport HotelFairmont HotelThe administration building of Amer GroupEmaar sales buildingDreamland MallAl Marasem Hospital on 90th Street in Fifth Settlement

Location of Fifth Square Compound in the Fifth Settlement

The location of Al Marasem Fifth Square New Cairo was chosen with great care, as it is located in the Golden Square area in the Fifth Settlement. This location is considered one of the best locations in New Cairo, as it combines several features that make it a distinctive choice for living and investment.

The Golden Square area is famous for providing the best services and facilities. The area includes many prestigious universities such as Future University and American University, making it suitable for students and parents. In addition, there are modern hospitals and high-quality schools in the area, providing an integrated living environment.

What increases the value of the site is its proximity to Cairo International Airport, which facilitates transportation and travel. In addition, there are many commercial malls, entertainment centers, restaurants and cafes in the area, providing residents with many options to spend their time happily.

Roads and axes near Al Marasem Fifth Square New Cairo

5 minutes away from the American UniversityClose to 90th Street.It is located only 3 minutes from Al Rehab City.Close to Palm Hills Katameya and Mountain View Fifth Settlement.This project is located very close to the Heliopolis area, 20 minutes away.Very close to the most prominent roads and axes in Greater Cairo, such as: Suez Road and the Regional Ring Road.It is located very close to Cairo Festival City Mall and the Downtown area in the Fifth Settlement.

Types of Units in Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound in New Cairo

The company developing the Fifth Square Al Marasem Compound project offers a variety of residential units to meet the needs of different customers in New Cairo. These units include various spaces that allow everyone to make the perfect choice according to their needs and preferences. Among the units available in the project:

Studios: Small units that allow single people and students to live safely and comfortably.Residential apartments: It includes a variety of apartments of different sizes to suit the needs of small and large families.Penthouse: Two-storey units on the roof of the building, providing wonderful views and distinctive places for entertainment.Townhouses: Townhouse units are located in connected rows and provide large residential spaces that include private gardens.Twin House: Double units that include excellent residential spaces for large families.Independent Villas: Offering luxury villas with large spaces and private gardens, providing privacy and luxury.

These units feature modern and elegant designs that are in harmony with the surrounding environment and guarantee residents the best residential experience in New Cairo.

Areas of Units in Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Al Marasem Company allows customers to choose from a variety of residential units within its Fifth Square Al Marasem in New Cairo. These units include spaces that suit different needs and customer preferences. Here's an overview of some of these modules:

Studio: These units come with an area of 85 square meters.Apartments: The areas of these units ranges from 95 square meters and reaches 135 square meters.Regular apartments: Available in areas ranging from 150 square meters and up to 230 square meters.

These units feature contemporary designs and modern facilities, making them an ideal choice for families and individuals looking for a comfortable and convenient life in the New Cairo area. Additionally, customers can choose the unit that exactly meets their needs and fits their budget.

Features of Fifth Square Al Marasem

Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound is considered one of the leading residential properties in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, and it has an ideal location in the heart of this thriving area. Fifth Square Al Marasem is located near many basic services such as schools, hospitals, commercial malls, restaurants and cafes.

Another distinctive feature of this project is the Al Marasem Investment Partner System, which gives buyers the opportunity to invest in residential and hotel units. Through this system, the buyer can become a partner in Al Marasem Compound New Cairo by paying only 50% of the value of the residential unit, which allows him to own 50% of the unit and benefit from it as an investment. This provides an excellent investment opportunity and the potential to achieve good financial returns.
As for hotel units, they offer an opportunity to achieve excellent rental returns, as they can be easily rented with professional management that meets the needs of the residents in these units. This makes it an ideal choice for investors looking for sustainable, high-yielding rental income.

Services Available in the Fifth Square Al Marasem

Vast green areasDistinctive swimming pools designs24-hour guarding and securityPrivate parking for compound residentsArtificial fountains and artificial lakesClubhouseUpscale cafes and restaurantsInternational business districtSocial clubAn area designated for children's gamesA hall equipped with the latest sports equipmentDesignated areas for barbecues and partiesDistinct and quiet areas to sit among the green spaces for meditation

Design of Fifth Square Compound in the Fifth Settlement

Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound was designed in a unique architectural style that combines elegance and simplicity, with a modern design on an area of 158 acres. Fifth Square New Cairo is divided into 5 phases, divided into two separate areas, one for villas and the other for buildings that contain residential apartments and hotel studios, with a wonderful view for most of the units on the green areas.
Al Marasem Compound New Cairo was designed with great care to suit the residents’ high-end needs and provide them with an exceptional residential environment. The design combines elegance and simplicity, creating a perfect balance between modernity and luxury.

The green spaces and gardens in Fifth Square Al Marasem are distinguished by their comprehensiveness and beauty, as they were carefully designed to provide quiet rest spaces and areas for walking around and enjoying nature.

The residential and hotel units were strategically distributed to ensure the best view of the green spaces and beautiful scenery. Al Marasem Compound New Cairo also includes commercial areas and entertainment facilities that comprehensively meet the needs of residents.

In addition, Al Marasem Compound New Cairo has been divided into separate phases, creating a diversity of units and allowing residents to choose the unit that best suits their needs. It can be said that the design of Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound represents an embodiment of sophistication and uniqueness