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Apartments for sale in Egypt's top governorates

Egypt is divided into 29 governorates, some of them  are very densely populated with many available housing options for sale or rent like Cairo, while others have small populations and large areas with different types of housings like New Valley or South Sinai.

Aqarmap offers you summarized details about most well-known residential areas in three of Egypt’s top governorates (Cairo, Alexandria, Giza), their services, main features, location, surroundings, and much more.



Cairo is one of the most populated governorate in Egypt, with a population of approximately 20 million people, and it has the most famous roads, bridges, monuments, and numerous facilities. Also, the area of ​​urban space in Cairo has been expanded, as several new cities were built and became already populated by residents and commercial projects, including: “Fifth Settlement, El Shorouk, Madinaty, Al Rehab, Al Nozha El Gadida, New Administrative Capital, and others”.

In  Greater Cairo, you can search for apartments for sale or rent in many areas such as Nasr City, Heliopolis, Garden City,  Maadi, Downtown and El Obour 

  • Nasr City 

IF you are searching for apartments for sale with a variety of prices, Nasr City is an ideal area. It’s one of the biggest districts in Cairo and was established as a stretch of Heliopolis. 

it is divided into two parts:

Eastern neighborhood:It Stretches from the first and the sixth neighborhoods to the eleventh neighborhood, Rabaa El Adawiya, El Mohandeseen, El Tawfeeq, El Sharikat, El golf, El Ahly Club, the tenth neighborhood, cinema neighborhood, El Wafaa wa Al Amal, International Park, Izbat Al-Hagana.

The western neighborhood that has many important neighborhoods, such as Olympic Zone, Nasser Stadium (Cairo International Stadium), El Sekka El Hadid Sporting Club, the International Market Area, university areas, and archaeological areas. It includes some neighborhoods: the Seventh, the Sixth, El Sarayat El Sharqiyya, El Istad, Ezbet Al-Arab.

As an old-established area, you will find all the needed services in Nasr City such as health services, educational services, transportation, and entertainment.

As for health services, there are many public and private hospitals that are suitable for all middle and upper middle classes. Also, there are many well-known pharmacies to provide all medical needs. Here are some of them:

  • British Medical Center

  • Dar Al Hekma Hospital

  • Hassabo International Hospital

  • Magrabi Eye Hospitals and Centers

  • El Tayaran clinics

  • Heliopolis Specialized Clinics

  • The armed forces outpatient clinic

  • Rabaa Al-Adawiya Hospital

  • Branches of famous pharmacy chains.

Nasr City is one of the most suitable districts for hiking, shopping, and recreation, as it has many malls, restaurants and cafes, such as:

  • El Seraj Mall.

  • City Center Mall.

  • Genena Mall.

  • City Stars Mall.

As for educational services, you will find: Al-Azhar University, which is the largest Islamic scientific institution in the world.

Schools vary between government and private, such as:

  • Cambridge Egypt Integrated Schools.

  • Cairo International Schools Group.

  • Orman Private School.

  • Cairo Manara language secondary school for girls.

  • Al Manhal Private School.

  • Al-Radwan Islamic Private Schools.

  • Saint Fatima Language School.

There are also a good number of nurseries, including Kids Camp, International Nursery, Children's World, Semsem World.

There are also means of transportation in Nasr City, including minibusses, microbus (taxis), Public Transport Authority buses, and tuk-tuks, such as in the Tenth neighborhood where the streets are narrow.

  • Heliopolis 

Heliopolis lies at an excellent location in Cairo which facilitates moving to and from it. It is also near Cairo international airport which adds another feature to the district. 

The district is easily reachable as it lies between a number of main roads like Salah Salem and Merghany. It is also reachable through public transportation including buses, microbuses and the Cairo Metro. 

In Heliopolis, there are many well-known districts and streets such as Korba,  Gesr El Suez, Ard Al Golf, and Triumph square.


The district has recently turned into a very commercial one with many restaurants and cafes, making it a visit for many. It also has a number of stores and markets and Heliopolis club and Ittihadita Palace. Korba is one of the most demanded districts in Heliopolis and one of the districts having the highest unit prices. 

Gesr El Suez 

Gesr El Suez street is one of the most vital ones in the district and it extended from Al Asher till Ibn Sandar street. Around Gesr El Suez lies a number of economical residences apart from the street itself. From Al Asher to Herafeyeen, Arbayeen, Hadekat Badr and Al Arab are relatively lower level residences while from Tagneed to Ibn Sander and Kobri Al Kobba are economical but relatively higher lever residences. 

Ard Al Golf 

One of the most luxurious districts of Heliopolis that lies between Nasr City and other parts of the district. 

Triumph Square

One of Heliopolis's most famous squares, linking St. Fatima to Orouba Road; it is a relatively commercial street. Triumph Square features many facilities and services including, pharmacies, markets, schools, and kindergartens. Triumph Square offers medium and upper-medium housing solutions.

The landmarks and attractions in Heliopolis include: 

  • Presidential Palace 

  • Orouba Palace 

  • Ghaba Park 

  • Baron Empain Palace 

  • Heliopolis Library 

  • Maryland Park 

  • International Airport 

  • Military Academy 


El Maadi

El Maadi is one of the most luxurious, quiet and beautiful districts in Cairo; apartments’ prices are high in most of its districts. It is located south of Cairo, on the east bank of the Nile. Maadi is regarded as the preferred district by foreign communities, as there are large numbers of them still living in it. It also includes 26 foreign embassies.

Maadi can be easily reached by metro, as there are 3 stations there: Maadi Gardens, Maadi, and Sakanat El Maadi.

Partitioning of El Maadi District

Maadi consists of seven main neighborhoods:

Old Maadi

It is famous for its high towers, such as Othman Towers on the Nile Corniche. On the other side, it has buildings that consist of not more than three floors, such as Degla neighborhood that is characterized by vast green areas, wide uncrowded streets, and only three-story buildings. It is located between the railway line and the Autostrad. One of its most important streets is the 9th Street, which is parallel to the railway line and full of famous restaurants and cafes.

New Maadi

It is characterized by many oil companies, the most famous of which is the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO) and its compound overlooking the Ring Road. It also includes residences of the Kuwaiti and Saudi companies. One of its most important streets is Al-Nasr Street, which is the first commercial street in Maadi. Besides, it contains Suzanne Mubarak Public Library, the Olympic Center, and agencies for some cars.

Sakanat El Maadi

It is one of the oldest high-end neighborhoods in Old Maadi. It starts from Port Said Street to the railway line. 

Zahraa El Maadi

It is the most recent residential neighborhoods in El Maadi and characterized by complete calmness, wide streets, and the large number of green spaces. All of its buildings are upscale towers.

Arab El Maadi (El Arab)

It is the most popular area due to its unique location, which is connected to all neighborhoods of El Maadi. The neighborhood has many shops, handicraft workshops, and various means of transportation. 

Hadayek El Maadi

It is one of the industrial zones, and lies behind the Corniche. One of its most important streets is Hasanin Dasuqi Commercial Street.


It is divided into 3 parts: Tora El-Balad, Kotsika, and Tora El Asmant. Its most famous landmarks are Tora Prison, and Abdel Moneim Riad Mosque. Also, it includes the Portland cement factory in Tora El Asmant.

El Maadi is full of government and international schools, international hospitals, well-known sporting clubs, and many malls and facilities.

Services and landmarks

All services are available in El Maadi such as  health services, educational services, transportation, and entertainment.

On El Maadi Corniche, you will find many luxury hotels, such as the Cairotel Hotel, Sofitel Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel. Also, you will find nightclubs and popular restaurants like Andrea and Platform, and ships equipped with fine restaurants to spend an enjoyable Nile cruise amidst water, calmness and music.


  • Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences.

  • Modern Academy of Engineering and Technology.

  • Maadi British International School.

  • Victoria College Maadi.

  • Wadi Degla Language School.

  • Thakanat El Maadi Primary School.

  • French Lycee schools.

  • The American College in Cairo.

  • Simba nursery.

  • Paradise Kids Nursery.

  • Creative Child Academy Nursery.

As for the health aspect, it includes:

  • Dr. Othman Hospital.

  • El Maadi Armed forces Hospital.

  • Al-Fateh Islamic Hospital in El Maadi.

  • Alaa Ezzat Hospital.

  • Andalusia Maadi Hospital (Al-Nakhil).

  • Tabibi clinics.

  • Dawi Clinics.

  • As-Salam International Hospital.

  • Cleopatra Hospital (Nile Badrawi).

  • Branches of the most famous pharmacy chains in Egypt.

As for the sports aspect, it includes:

  • El Maadi Yacht & Sporting Club.

  • Wadi Degla Club.

  • El Sherouk Club for Police Officers.

  • El Maadi Club for Armed Forces Officers.

  • El Maadi Teachers Club.

  • Military Beach 54 Club.

As for entertainment and shopping, they have a big share in El Maadi, for example:

  • Maadi Grand Mall.

  • Bandar El Maadi.

  • Maadi City Center.

  • The Baron Mall.

  • Hop 50 Mall.

  • Gourmet Degla.

  • Kao souvenir shop.

  • Maadi Platform.

  • Boomers.

  • Cafelluca Boat.

  • Nile Point.

  • Grand Café.

  • Point 90.

In El Maadi, there are a good number of landmarks, such as the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court, El Maadi Island, Maadi Technology Zone. 

The Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court

It is distinguished by its architectural design that combines great antiquity and civilization, as it was built according to the Luxor temples. It has 14 pharaonic obelisks on the ground floor and 14 obelisks from the first to the fourth floor. Its design is similar to the design of Egyptian temples in terms of pillars and crowns that are decorated with lotus and papyrus.

The pillars are 28 meters high, and there is a fountain in the shape of a lotus flower.

El Maadi Island

It is a group of small islands next to each other in the middle of the Nile. They are connected to the land by hanging wooden bridges. It is located in front of the Armed Forces Hospital and the Supreme Constitutional Court.

There are many artificial lakes in which fish are raised. It has many restaurants, parks, and cafeterias, and includes several sections, including the rural, Chinese and Italian sections. It also has a children's island, which contains amusement parks, football, basketball, tennis courts and more.

Maadi Technology Zone

It is the first specialized investment zone in Egypt and was established through a joint cooperative project between a number of governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Ministry of Investment, and Cairo Governorate.

Also, the most important landmarks in Maadi includes:

  • Hussein Sedky Mosque.
  • Church of the Virgin Mary in Maadi.
  • Maadi Satellite Station.
  • Petrified Forest National Park, east of Maadi.
  • Gate of the House of Suleiman Pasha, the French - Lycee El Maadi.



Are you seeking to find apartments for sale in Alexandria? It’s almost everyone’s dream to live in Alexandria, where they can enjoy the coastal climate and get a magical sea view, and experience less noise and congestion than the capital.

This comes in addition to the integrated services and large investment opportunities that Alexandria embraces, making it in the second place after Cairo.

Alexandria also contains a huge number of landmarks, these landmarks enhance the increase of touristic activity in the city, some of them are:

  • Alexandria Library

  • A number of archeological museums and castles

  • Qaitbay Citadel

  • The Roman Amphitheater 

These are a few reasons why you should not hesitate to buy your apartment in this governorate. 

Now, if you took the decision to buy an apartment in Alexandria, it's time to know more about the most beautiful and finest neighbourhoods of Alexandria.

  • San Stefano 

San Stefano neighbourhood is located within the East District of the city, which is near Glim and Janckles neighbourhoods, as well as Stanley Bridge.

As for San Stefano or Loran neighbourhood, it is ideal for housing as the neighbourhood enjoys a great quietness throughout the year.

These places may become crowded during July and August due to the shopping mall located inside the San Stefano Hotel.

Otherwise, the neighbourhood lies near the beach, so your home will have a wonderful view.

There are also a lot of services available in the neighbourhood; including shops, clothes and a cinema located inside the shopping mall in San Stefano.

There are also many hospitals; including Loran Hospital.

You can enjoy a range of cafes overlooking the sea, just a few steps away, which are suitable for family and friends.

The area is also easily accessible through Mahatet El Raml tram or any public means of transportation in the city.

  • Smouha

Smouha is one of the most famous neighbourhoods in Alexandria. It is a quiet place and has a lot of green areas. It is also considered as being relatively far from the sea; thus, you will be safe during the summer crowd.

Smouha is one of the largest neighbourhoods in Alexandria. It includes Smouha Club and a number of the most famous landmarks in Alexandria, such as: Victor Amanoiel Square, Al Ibrahimeyah, Ali bin Abi Talib Square, and Alexandria Security Directorate Building.

  • Sidi Gaber

Sidi Gaber, one of Alexandria neighbourhoods, is affiliated to the east of the city. It is an excellent place to buy an apartment because everything you will need is near to you.

In Sidi Jaber, the famous train station and the Armed Forces Hospital are located.

Alexandria tram runs in the centre of the neighbourhood. It links most of Alexandria's neighbourhoods.

Sidi Gaber is located next to Alexandria University. There are also many international and language schools, such as Antoniadis School and Sidi Gaber Language School.

  • Camp Chezar

It is one of the finest neighbourhoods of Alexandria which is affiliated to the central neighbourhood of Alexandria. 

What distinguishes Camp Chezar is being distant from the crowded areas of Alexandria during the summer.

It is also near the sea, and then you can find many apartments for sale here in one of Alexandria's finest neighbourhoods keeping a clear view of the sea.

  • Kafr Abdo

It is one of the finest and most expensive neighbourhoods in Alexandria, so you can enjoy a high-class place of residence in Kafr Abdou area.

Kafr Abdo is located between Sidi Gaber and Al Dhahirah regions. You will also find in the neighbourhood the finest restaurants and cafes suitable for evenings and family outings, and a number of shops.



If we are talking about apartments for sale in Giza, then we should highlight 6th of October City.

6th of October City

6th of October is one of Giza Governorate cities. It’s one of the most famous residential and industrial cities  in Cairo. Apartments for sale in 6th of October vary from economic, middle, to high classes. 

6th of October City is located 38 km away from Central Cairo areas, and it’s easily accessible through the famous Ring Road, 26th of July Axis, Alexandria Sahrawi Road, in addition to Faiyum Road and Al Wahat Road. 

Most remarkable privileges of 6th of October City 

  • Quietness: if you search for quietness and privacy, you should put yourself away from the noise of Central Cairo areas.

  • The perfect design: 6th of October City is privileged by the perfect design of its districts and housing complexes; where streets and distance between residential buildings are considerably wide

  • landscape: the city has a wide range of green areas and gardens among residential buildings; so residents enjoy a healthy life and splendid views. 

6th of October City’s well-known landmarks 

  • Dream Land famous amusement park. 

  • A huge number of malls like: Mall of Arabia and CityScape Mall

  • Multiple famous international schools and private universities like The British School, Nile Egyptian Schools, 6th of October University, Akhbar El Youm Academy, and Zewail City

  • A big number of famous hospitals, like Dar Al Fouad and 6th of October University Hospital

  • Numerous sporting clubs, like: Wadi Degla Sporting Club, 6th of October Sporting Club, and Al Ashgar Sporting Club

Here, we will present some insights about neighbourhoods in 6th of October City such as Hadayek October, Northern Expansions, Gharb Somed. Hay Al Motamayez  and of course, Sheikh Zayed City

 Hadayek October 

It’s one of 6th of October City’s famous areas, including a number of national projects for housing, like Ebny Betak project and National Housing Project, in addition to other economic, middle, and upper-middle housing projects.

Northern Expansions 

It’s one of the most famous, vital, and major urban districts in 6th of October. It's located in the east of Ganoub Al Ahiaa District, on Gamal Abd Al Nassir Axis. It includes numerous huge housing complexes executed by real estate companies related to the Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Awkaf. The area is characterized by its nearness to clubs area, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, and Mall of Arabia. 

Gharb Somed

Gharb Somed is one of 6th of October City’s most luxurious districts, enjoying a distinctive and unique location at the city entrance, on Axis Road. It’s also characterized by its numerous villas and gardens, in addition to its wide streets. 

Hay Al Motamayez 

It’s one of 6th of October City’s oldest and best areas, and it’s located on 26th of July Axis. Some of its famous landmarks are: Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Novotel Hotel, and Misr University. 


 Sheikh Zayed City

This city is located near 6th of October City, Hadbet El Ahram, and about 28 km away from Cairo’s Downtown. It is bordered by "Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road", and can be reached via the 26th of July axis.

Sheikh Zayed is a quiet area, with huge green spaces and fine weather compared to Central Cairo. The city is divided into several areas, where residential real estates vary from economic, middle, upper-middle, and high classes. Moreover, the city has been divided into several districts and neighborhoods up to 20 districts.

Features of Sheikh Zayed City

  1. The availability of markets and major trade malls like: Hyper One, Americana Plaza Mall, and Mall of Arabia.

  2. The availability of green areas and open gardens, where African Park, the first open zoo in Egypt, has been opened.

  3. Gyms and sporting clubs, like: Sheikh Zayed Youth Center, Al Ahly Sporting Club, and triple Playgrounds.

  4. Significant governmental headquarters, like: Ministry of Tourism- Urban Communities Authority- The Environmental Cultural Center- Egyptian Tourism Federation.

  5. For health care services, there are many medical centers and hospitals affording the best services, like: Elsheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital - Rofayda Maternity Hospital - El Zohour Hospital.

  6. The availability of different types of schools, like: Azhari Institute - Hotel School - British International School - The Canadian International College.

  7. There are numerous restaurants, like: TBS- Crave, and cafes, like: Coffee Shop Company - Harris Cafe, in addition to numerous cinemas inside its major malls.

Now, you can decide on which area in these three governorates; Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria, you would like to buy your new apartment based on your considerations and preferences regarding location, price, atmosphere, means of transportation, and so on.