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Buy your apartment in a Alexandria

It’s almost everyone’s dream to live in Alexandria, where they can enjoy the coastal climate and get a magical sea view, and experience less congestion and noise than the capital.

This comes in addition to the integrated services and large investment opportunities that Alexandria embraces, making it in the second place after Cairo. Alexandria makes 30% of industrial production in Egypt.

It is also an important commercial hub, as it possesses a port through which 80% of Egypt's foreign trade takes place.

These are some reasons why you should not hesitate to buy your apartment and pump some investment in Alexandria.

So if you plan to buy an apartment in Alexandria, you have to know first about  the most beautiful and finest neighbourhoods of Alexandria,

Each one of us has memories in Alexandria; the smell that gets into your nose at the moment once you are near Alexandria Corniche, Al Mamoura beach, Montaza Palace and Qaitbay Citadel. As for Mahatet El Raml, it was the best place for outgoings. let's know about Alexandria's well-known neighbourhood.


San Stefano in Alexandria


One of the most famous buildings in Alexandria is the Four Seasons Hotel in San Stefano, which may be one of your first options in looking for a new place of residence in Alexandria.

San Stefano neighbourhood is located within the East District of the city, which is near Glim and Janckles neighbourhoods, as well as Stanley Bridge.

As for San Stefano or Loran neighbourhood, it is ideal for housing as the neighbourhood enjoys a great quietness throughout the year.

These places may become crowded during July and August due to the shopping mall located inside the San Stefano Hotel.

Otherwise, the neighbourhood lies near the beach which is owned by the hotel, so your home will remain having a wonderful view.

There are also a lot of services available in the neighbourhood; including shops, clothes and a cinema located inside the shopping mall in San Stefano.

There are also many hospitals; including Loran Hospital.

You can enjoy a range of cafes overlooking the sea, just a few steps away, which are suitable for family and friends.

The area is also easily accessible through Mahatet El Raml tram or any public means of transportation in the city.




Smouha is one of the the most famous neighbourhoods in Alexandria. It is a quiet place and has a lot of green areas. It is also considered as being relatively far from the sea; thus, you will be safe during the summer crowd.

Smouha is one of the largest neighbourhoods in Alexandria. It includes Smouha Club and a number of the most famous landmarks in Alexandria, such as: Victor Amanoiel Square, Al Ibrahimeyah, Ali bin Abi Talib Square, and Alexandria Security Directorate Building.


Sidi Gaber


After developing Alexandria Corniche, and after having succeeded in attracting many international restaurants and cafes.

A shopping mall will be also opened having most of the famous brands.

Hence, looking for a place to live in Sidi Gaber should be taken into consideration.

Sidi Gaber, one of Alexandria neighbourhoods, is affiliated to the east of the city. It is an excellent place to live in because everything you will need is near to you.

In Sidi Jaber, the famous train station and the Armed Forces Hospital are located.

Alexandria tram runs in the centre of the neighbourhood. It links most of Alexandria's neighbourhoods.

Sidi Gaber is located next to Alexandria University. There are also many international and language schools, such as Antoniadis School and Sidi Gaber Language School.


Camp Chezar


It is one of the finest neighbourhoods of Alexandria which is affiliated to the central neighbourhood of Alexandria. Camp Chezar is located between Al Ibrahimeyah and Al Shatby. The neighbourhood dates back to 48 BC.

The Roman Commander Julius Caesar set up a camp for his forces in order to settle the conflict between Cleopatra and Ptolemy; then the area was named after Caesar Rome, where Caesar means palace in French.

Some Greek communities remained in the neighbourhood until recently.

What distinguishes Camp Chezar is being distant from the crowded areas of Alexandria during the summer.

It is also near the sea, and then you can have a housing unit in one of Alexandria's finest neighbourhoods keeping a clear view of the sea.


Kafr Abdo


It is one of the finest and most expensive neighbourhoods in Alexandria, so you can enjoy a high-class place of residence in Kafr Abdou area.

Kafr Abdo is located between Sidi Gaber and Al Dhahirah regions. You will also find in the neighbourhood the finest restaurants and cafes suitable for evenings and family outings, and a number of shops.

And now, if you are seeking to find apartments for sale in installments in Alexandria's neighbourhoods, check the following compounds. 


1- Agadir Compound

It is located in El Soyouf neighborhood on the International Coastal Road, and is minutes away from the Corniche.

Area of apartments in Agadir Compound starts from ​​96 square meters, with a 15% down payment and interest-free installments up to 5 years.


The most important services in the compound:

- A commercial mall to meet the needs of the residents.

- A health club to provide the desired luxury.

- Security, guarding and surveillance cameras.

- A special garage and luxurious elevators.

- Repeated maintenance of units.

Three Of The Most Luxurious Compounds In Alexandria


2- Dream Life Compound

It is a distinctive residential complex also in El Soyouf neighborhood in which you can pay on installments of up to 3 years.

The areas of the apartments range between 82 square meters and 165 square meters.

The most important services in the compound:

- Its proximity to the main streets, Carrefour, and Fathalla Market.

- Luxurious entrances to the units and classic facades.

- A garage.

- Commercial and administrative facilities.

- A private elevator.


3- Bolkly Tower

A distinctive residential complex in Bolkly in La vison Street, in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of Alexandria.

There you can find large apartments, with areas of the apartments ranging from 145 to 175 square meters.

The most important services in the compound:

- Featured views of the units on green spaces.

- Classic facades and highly elegant finishes.

- Comfortable imported elevators.


4- Green Plaza Compound

It is in Alexandria’s Miami neighborhood, near the main road of Mostafa Kamel.

Areas of apartments in Green Plaza Compound range between 85 to 120 square meters.

You cay 15% down payment in advance and up to 4-year installments.

The most important features in the compound:

- Delivery of unfinished units, so that customers can finish them according to each one’s taste.

- The proximity to Miami beaches and Montaza Palace, which makes it a popular destination for holiday makers.

- It is near Carrefour and Fathallah Market.

- It is also good for families that it is close to El Quds Language School and Tiba International School.


5- Antoniadis City compound

It is one of the most famed residential complexes in Smouha district, as it combines privacy, green spaces and Roman style.

The areas of units in Antoniadis vary between 177 to 330 square meters.

The most important services in the compound:

- A residential compound that is free from commercial units, to keep quietness and privacy

- A 24-hour security service, through surveillance cameras, electronic gates and trained security personnel

- It overlooks green spaces and wide streets.

- It has a social club to ensure the wellbeing of the residents.


6- Cleopatra Plaza Compound

If you feel comfortable in large spaces and European architectural style as well as living in the city center, it will be a wise decision to reserve your unit in Cleopatra Plaza in the famed Azarita district.

The areas of apartments and duplexes in Cleopatra Plaza vary between 200 to 600 square meters.

The compound's partment came with many facilites as you can pay 30% down payment and installment for up to 3 years.

The most important services in the compound:

- The proximity to multiple services as it is in the heart of Alexandria.

- Unique views of green spaces.

- Private garages and central air conditioning.

- Fine engineering designs.

- Central garbage collection units.

Your Guide To The Top Compounds In Alexandria


7- El Safwa compound

If you are searching for a compound that combines privacy and calm, and, at the same time, has all services, and is only minutes away from the heart of the city, go for El Safwa.

If you want these options, You can start procedures to reserve your unit in El Safwa compound in Smouha, which overlooks major roads, including the International Coastal Road, and Agriculture Road. This facilitates easy access to the heart of the city.

The areas of units in El Safwa vary between 160 to 180 square meters.

The most important services in the compound:

- Each building of the compound has four corners isolated from other buildings, to maintain privacy.

- Each building has its own entrance with Securit glass doors, spacious garages, and two elevators.

- Inside the compound, you can have access to multiple services, including a shopping mall, social clubs, halls, restaurants and cafes.

The number of the Properties For sale in Alexandria is 13,909 listings
The average price per meter for Properties in Alexandria is 8,800 EGP
The average price change in Alexandria is 12%
The sub locations in Alexandria are Smouha, Roshdy, San Stefano, Miami, Kafr Abdo, Sidi Gaber, Lauran, Victoria, Sidi Bishr, El Hanouvel, Borg El Arab, Camp Cesar, Glim, El Mandara, El Asafra
The types of locations in Alexandria are Apartments, Building, Chalets, Furnished Apartment, Other, Land, Administrative, Commercial, Villas, Shared Room, Medical
The top brokerage companies in Alexandria are The gate real estate