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Chalets for Sale in Alexandria Governorate


Alexandria is a charming city located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is characterized by its beaches, waves, and mild weather. It includes multiple neighborhoods and areas where you can find apartments and chalets for sale, including residential and tourist attractions of all kinds. 


Alexandria Governorate is the second capital of Egypt after Cairo. Its importance lies in the fact that it is Egypt’s frontage on the Mediterranean Sea. It includes the port of Alexandria, two international airports, and a network of roads and transportation linking it to all the governorates and cities of Egypt.


Details about Alexandria Governorate


Alexandria Governorate is called the Bride of the Mediterranean, and it is Egypt's largest window on the Mediterranean. Alexandria is considered one of the most important and largest governorates of Egypt in terms of area, and it has a strong presence in terms of importance after Cairo Governorate, and some consider it the second capital of Egypt.


The area of ​​Alexandria Governorate is 2879 square kilometers, and it is divided into 3 cities: Alexandria, which is the capital and largest city in the governorate, Burj Al Arab, and the new city of Burj Al Arab. It has a population of more than 4 million people.


Alexandria is characterized as a historical city that includes various landmarks from all ages, a residential city that includes universities, schools, companies and multiple businesses, and a coastal city that Egyptians love to visit in summer and in winter to enjoy its pleasant atmosphere, outdoor areas and various restaurants. It is a comprehensive city with more than one character.



Location of Alexandria in Egypt and the Most Important Main Roads


Alexandria is located in the far north of Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea, bordered to the east by the Beheira Governorate and to the west by the real estate of Matrouh Governorate, and in general it is close to the most important coastal cities such as the city of El Alamein, and one of the closest cities to it are the city of Rashid, the city of Damanhour, and the city of Tanta.


Alexandria is about an hour and a half away from El Alamein city, and less than an hour from the North Coast, as well as the new city of Burj Al Arab. As for Cairo, you can reach Alexandria in about two and a half hours.


Alexandria is characterized by the main roads linking it with Cairo and other governorates, in addition to the various types of transportation network; Alexandria includes two international airports, Alexandria International Airport, Burj Al Arab Airport, Alexandria Port, and the railway line that connects it with Cairo and the real estates of Tanta, Banha and others. It is easy to reach from Cairo to Alexandria via the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and from Cairo to El Alamein and Marsa Matrouh, through the international coastal road, and among the most important main roads are Mahmoudia Axis Road, Tanta-Alexandria Road, and the Army Road.


On the internal level, Alexandria includes a tram, and multiple transportations linking the most important areas in it, namely Miami, Maamoura, Smouha, Glim, Sidi Bishr, Sidi Gaber, Asafra, Raml Station, El Max, Ajami, and many others.


Details of Chalets for Sale in Alexandria


The chalets in Alexandria vary in terms of their location, area, design and finishes. There are chalets for sale at the best prices in Alexandria in the Agami, Palm Beach, Maamoura, and Montazah areas, as well as New Alexandria.


You can find chalets in the mentioned areas directly on the sea, first row, or second row from the sea. The chalets in Alexandria are distinguished by their presence on the picturesque sandy beaches, and they are delivered equipped with finishes. Some of the chalets in Alexandria are located within the tourist villages such as Marina El-Agami Village, or in a compound such as Sawari New Alexandria Compound.


Chalets in Alexandria are characterized by their low prices, which presents you with a huge investment opportunity. If you already have a place of residence and are looking for a chalet to spend your summer times, you can also take advantage of this matter and offer the chalet for rent in Alexandria during the holidays and summer, which will generate a huge financial return for you.


Areas of Chalets in Alexandria City


Areas of chalets for sale in Alexandria range from 50 m² up and 120 m², while inside the compounds and tourist villages in Alexandria you can find areas of more than 170 m² and include 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, and some chalets also have a private garden in Maamoura and Montazah. .


Features of the city of Alexandria 


  • Its direct location on the main roads linking it with other coastal cities such as the Alexandria - Matrouh Desert Road and the International Coastal Road, as well as its proximity to Cairo and its easy access within two hours.

  • The charming beaches in the Maamoura area, which is considered the first to provide the experience of the tourist village in Egypt, and the Montazah area, and Al-Ajami and others.

  • Its mild climate, pleasant weather in summer and calm sunshine in winter.

  • Its streets are characterized by good planning and good infrastructure, and it includes a network of roads and transportation that connects all areas of Alexandria together.

  • Distinctive engineering and architectural designs dating back to the era of Alexander the Great, where Alexandria passed through many historical eras that gave it a special character.

  • Alexandria includes different types of real estate and chalets, including average, above average and luxury, and in tourist villages and outside.

  • Real estate prices offer a great opportunity for investment, as they are much lower than other similar coastal cities and there are payment facilities and installment systems.

  • Commercial markets in Alexandria, shops and malls all over Alexandria, as well as various exit areas and countless restaurants and cafes.

  • A historical city that includes archaeological areas and tourist attractions, places of worship including mosques and churches, and modern areas such as the Library of Alexandria.


Services Available in Alexandria City 


Alexandria is a residential and a tourist city at the same time, so if you want a chalet for sale in Alexandria for the purpose of housing, then you are interested in the presence of schools, hospitals, medical centers in Alexandria and shopping areas, and if you are thinking of investment or tourism purposes, you will find many places for picnics and entertainment as well.


Schools and universities in Alexandria


Alexandria includes public, private and international schools, the most famous of which are Abbasia Secondary School, Alexandria Language School, Salah El-Din International School, European School, and many other international and French schools. 


As for universities, you will find the University of Alexandria, which includes faculties in all disciplines, including medicine and engineering, the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology, Pharos University and other various educational institutions and institutes. You can also find nurseries for children that follow the Montessori educational system.


Hospitals and medical centers in Alexandria


There is a group of the largest hospitals and medical centers in Alexandria, the most important of which are Alexandria International Hospital, German Hospital, Royal Hospital, Ajyal Hospital, medical clinics in all specialties, university hospitals, University Children’s Hospital in Shatby, Smouha International Hospital, and an endless number of specialized radiology and analysis centers , specialized clinics, obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, beauty centers, dental clinics, and veterinary clinics.


Exit and entertainment areas in Alexandria


Among the most famous landmarks of Alexandria are the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Qaitbay Citadel, Royal Jewelry Museum, Stanley Bridge, and Montazah Park. As for the malls, you will find San Stefano Mall, City Center Mall, Green Plaza, and a large number of cinemas, high-end restaurants such as Delsey's and Greek Santorini, and many fish restaurants and popular restaurants such as the farmer's liver, sweets and breakfast restaurants and cafes. All this beside the beaches and enjoy swimming and marine activities.