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Alex West
Sky Line Residence

Sky Line Residence


Apartments 21,158 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,026,000  EGP


King Mariout

Apartments 0 EGP/M²
Duplex 0 EGP/M²
Terrace Smouha


King Marriott Alexandria

Twin House 18,474 EGP/M²
Separate Villa 17,520 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 7,460,000  EGP
Palm Hills Alexandria

Palm Hills Alexandria


Separate Villa 41,485 EGP/M²
Apartments 27,014 EGP/M²
Duplex 24,326 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,102,847  EGP
Solik Gardens
Orouba Royal
Florence Mega Mall
Riyadh Alammar Compound

Riyadh Alammar Compound


Apartments 7,479 EGP/M²
Cleopatra Plaza

Cleopatra Plaza


Apartments 28,023 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 5,880,000  EGP
Hayat Marseilia

Hayat Marseilia


Apartments 7,806 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 975,000  EGP
Saluga Muruj


New Alexandria

Duplex 21,500 EGP/M²
Apartments 17,500 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 4,200,000  EGP
Ivory Muruj

Ivory Muruj


Apartments 20,056 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,642,550  EGP
Zinnia Sawary

Zinnia Sawary


Apartments 23,846 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,262,500  EGP
Royal Plaza

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Alexandria Compounds


Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo Governorate, and it was the capital of Egypt in the ancient era, as it remained the capital of Egypt for more than 900 years since its foundation by Alexander the Great, and it was named Alexandria after the name of Alexander the Great.


More Information about Alexandria Governorate


Alexandria City is distinguished by its unique location on the Mediterranean Sea and its inclusion of many important landmarks and tourist areas that make it an ideal destination for all. The city also includes the largest sea ports in Egypt, including Alexandria and Dekheila.


In addition to its distinctive location and charming landmarks, Alexandria is blessed with a wide range of necessary and recreational facilities, such as schools, health centers, malls and parks, in addition to all services such as electricity, water, gas, roads and modern housing, so let us take you on a tour in Alexandria compounds before the purchase decision.


The Neighborhoods and Regions of Alexandria


Smouha Neighborhood in Alexandria


The Smouha neighborhood is considered one of the most prominent neighborhoods in Alexandria, and it has a strong infrastructure, as it is an integrated neighborhood with services. 

In the Smouha neighbourhood, there are commercial centers such as Green Plaza Mall and Zahran Mall, and sports clubs such as Smouha Sports Club and Horse Club. It also includes basic facilities such as Alexandria International Hospital, Smouha Language Schools, and Pharos University.


Lauren Neighborhood in Alexandria


The Louran neighbourhood is located in the Raml area, which is one of the most famous and elegant neighborhoods in Alexandria, and includes the famous tram station, Laurent, and Loran district. Lauren is famous for its large number of apartments available for sale or daily rent in addition to villas, palaces, and high-end residential compounds that provide multiple options of real estate.


Gleem District in Alexandria 


Gleem area is located to the east of Alexandria, and it is one of the best areas of the city. Gleem is famous for its high-end residential properties, its distinctive architectural designs and the provision of services in it. It also has a privileged location near San Stefano and the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University, and is also located near important areas, such as the National Maritime Museum And the Royal Jewelry Palace Museum.


Available Services in Alexandria City 


Health Services in the City of Alexandria


Residents of Alexandria can obtain integrated medical care, as it includes many clinics, hospitals and medical centers, such as: Al Yusr Hospital, Kidney and Urology Center, located in Port Said Street, Cleopatra, and Al Thagher Specialized Hospital.


Also, there is Raouda Specialist Hospital, located in Canal Mahmoudia Street in front of the Karmouz Bridge, and the Gulf for Home Health Care which provides medical care services at home, and Alexandria International Hospital in Smouha neighborhood.


 The city clinics include Healthy House Medical Clinics located on Al Firdous Street in Smouha, Lifor Cosmetic Clinics on Victor Emmanuel Street in front of the main gate of Smouha Club, and WAM clinics on Albert the First Street, Barons Buildings in Sidi Gaber.


Educational Services in Alexandria 


There are many educational institutions in Alexandria, where residents can register their children in a number of schools located in the city, the most prominent of which are the following: 

  • European schools in Alexandria on Nabawi Al-Mohandes Street 

  • The American School in Khalid Pasha Street, and the American School in Alexandria on Jamila Bouhraid Street behind the Support Fund

  • The British School in Alexandria on Mahmoud Abu Al-Ela Street 

  • The Egyptian American School behind the Nozha Airport

  • The Smouha Language Schools in the Smouha neighborhood


Also, students can join a group of the most prominent universities in Alexandria, including:


  1. Alexandria University on El-Geish Road in Al-Shatby

  2. The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in the Naval Academy Street in Abu Qir

  3. The Egyptian Japanese University for Science and Technology in the new city of Burj Al Arab 

  4. Pharos University in Canal Mahmoudia Street in the Smouha neighborhood. And 

  5. The Attis Aeronautical Academy in Sauter Street in Azarita


Sports Services and Recreational Places in Alexandria


Alexandria residents can visit Alexandria's clubs, including Smouha Sports Club in Victor Emmanuel Square in Smouha, Al-Ittihad Alexandria Club in Plato Street in El-Shatby, and Alexandria Sports Club located on Al-Hurriya Road, to spend an enjoyable time with the family, practice sports in the open air, or even spend fun free time. 

Those interested in maintaining their fitness can visit a number of gyms, and from Gold's Gym Alexandria, Up Hill Gym, In2 Gym, Women's Rock Gym, Planet Gym Kafr Abdo, and many others.


Alexandria also includes many recreational places, including Shallalat Gardens, which is a large park that extends over an area of ​​8 acres that includes green spaces and stunning waterfalls, as well as a library that includes many books in various fields.


Among the most prominent entertainment places in Alexandria is the Corniche of Alexandria, one of the most important symbols of tourism in Alexandria, with its view of the Mediterranean coast, as well as the Stanley Bridge, which is distinguished by its wonderful design, and for lovers of adventure and excitement, you can visit Africano Park on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.


The Most Important Landmarks of Alexandria


Alexandria neighbourhood enjoys a high position due to the charming atmosphere it provides to visitors and residents, and topped the list of tourism and heritage places.

 Whether you want to take a stroll and enjoy the scenery or visit the prominent archaeological and historical sites, this area is your first destination, and the most prominent landmarks are:


  • Montaza Palace: one of the most prominent landmarks of Alexandria, and enjoys a privileged location on the Corniche of Alexandria, and visitors can see many of the historical monuments that the palace includes, dating back more than 100 years


  • Citadel of Qaitbay: It is one of the most important and oldest tourist places in Alexandria, and it is located in the far west of Alexandria


  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina: The Library of Alexandria is one of the most important landmarks in the city, as it is distinguished by its enormous size and wonderful engineering design, and is located in the Shatby area


  • The Royal Jewelry Museum: The Royal Jewelry Museum is located in Zizinia, Alexandria, and houses a collection of the most valuable artifacts and jewelry of the royal families in Egypt, from the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha to the reign of King Farouk the First


  • Alexandria National Museum: It is considered one of the best places of tourism in Alexandria, and includes hundreds of artifacts dating back to the Pharaonic, Ptolemaic, Roman and Islamic eras


  • Antoniades Palace: Located in the Smouha neighborhood, the palace dates back to the Ptolemaic period in Egypt, and the palace is a distinctive entertainment destination, as it is surrounded by vast green areas and includes many marble statues of mythological and ancient historical figures


  • Greco-Roman Museum: Visitors can enjoy learning about a large collection of antiquities found in Alexandria, dating back to the Ptolemaic and Roman times


  • The Roman Theater: The Roman theater is one of the most important monuments of the Roman era, and it is located in the Kom al-Dikka area, and its construction dates back to the 4th Century AD


The Best Commercial Malls in Alexandria


Residents and visitors alike can get an integrated shopping experience and buy what they need in Alexandria, when visiting a number of commercial shopping centers available in Alexandria, and among the most famous shopping destinations:


  • San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall: It is a residential hotel commercial complex, located on the Corniche of Alexandria in San Stefano neighborhood, and can be easily accessed from Sidi Gaber station, as well as through the airport, as it is only 5 kilometers away, and it can be reached by The entrance to the governorate, as it is 10 kilometers away


 The mall is characterized by its large size, with its unique view of four main streets, including the Corniche Road and San Stefano Tram Station


  • Green Plaza Mall: located in the Smouha area of ​​Alexandria, and it includes many shops that give visitors a distinctive shopping experience, as well as Carrefour Market, in addition to cinemas and an entertainment area dedicated to children's games


  • City Center Alexandria: It is located at the entrance to the Alexandria Governorate, 15 minutes from the city center, and it provides a wide range of clothing stores that include the most famous brands, service centers, banks and Carrefour Hypermarket. It is also a distinctive entertainment destination for families, as it includes Magic Planet and cinemas 


  •  Mega Florence Mall: It is one of the most modern commercial malls in the heart of Alexandria in the park, and includes many shops, restaurants and cafes, in addition to the presence of a medical clinic


  • Majestic Mall: A shopping center located in Orabi Square, Mansheya, Alexandria, and includes many local stores


  • City Light Mall: City Light Mall is one of the distinguished commercial malls in Alexandria, and is located in the heart of the city, and includes many shops for clothes, shoes, jewelry and perfumes, as well as a range of high-end restaurants and cafes


  •  Lami Grand Mall: One of the major malls specialized in home furnishings, as it includes household appliances, electrical appliances, carpets, furniture, mattresses and furnishings, and is located on the Ring Road, 3 kilometers from Carrefour after the American School


  • Al Multaqa Mall: One of the shopping centers that provide local shops and stores, and it is located near the Sidi Gaber section


  • Zahran City Mall: located on Victor Emmanuel Street, next to Hatem Mosque in Smouha, and it includes a wide range of shops, restaurants and cafes, in addition to entertainment places for children


  • Carpet City Mall: It is a commercial center specializing in the sale of modern, silk, tufted and handmade carpets. It is located in Laegitah Street in Al-Ibrahimiyyah


The Best Residential Compounds in Alexandria


The city of Alexandria offers a distinctive choice of high-end residential compounds, which provide various properties, most of which have stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.


Antoniadis City Compound in Alexandria 


It is developed by Antoniadis for Tourism and Urban Development Company, it is distinguished by its location in the heart of Alexandria. 

Antoniadis City provides many services and features, as it includes a gymnasium and a high-end restaurants area, in addition to the security and guarding services available 24 hours a day to provide maximum safety and security for residents .


Al Safwa Compound in Alexandria 


Al-Safwa project is a residential complex with integrated services within the new city of Smouha, and is characterized by its proximity to the most important landmarks of Alexandria such as the Library of Alexandria and Smouha Sports Club.


Royal Plaza Compound in Alexandria 


Royal Plaza is one of the high-end residential compounds in the Montazah area, which provides apartments for sale in Al Muntazah, developed by Al Halawani Real Estate Investment Company, and features a stunning view of the wall of the Montazah Gardens. Among the most important features of the compound are also the presence of a commercial mall extending over 45,000 square meters, a Carrefour hypermarket, in addition to the presence of cinemas and an entertainment area for children.


Terrace Compound in Alexandria 


Terrace Compound is a residential project  in alexandria developed by Sodic Real Estate Investment Company, located near Smouha Sports Club, and it provides fire protection systems and building management services, in addition to the availability of dedicated parking spaces, and the compound provides apartments of various sizes starting from 200 square meters. 


El Karma Compound in Alexandria 


One of the projects of Al-Karma Real Estate Investment Company, and the compound is located in the most prestigious areas of Alexandria, specifically in the new Sidi Bishr area, and features views of the most important streets and squares such as Mustafa Kamel Street, Al-Nakheel Street and Muhammad Amin Street.


Safwah Towers Building in Alexandria 


Safwah Towers compound is one of the best compounds in the New Alexandria City and is located near Al Mamoura and the park, and it overlooks the main axes such as the International Road, and it is also adjacent to a group of commercial markets such as Carrefour and Fathallah, and the compound includes apartments and duplexes with areas ranging between 100 and 160 square meters, and the compound includes A commercial center, security and guard services, in addition to an international school complex.


Spring House Compound in Alexandria 


Spring House Compound is located minutes away from Khattab Oasis Resort and Al-Orouba Carrefour, and enjoys a wonderful view of the King Marriott Lake. The Spring House King Mariout project offers properties between apartments for sale, duplexes, and villas, available in areas ranging between 165 square meters and 450 square meters.


The compound features a gym, a children's entertainment area, swimming pools, as well as security services available around the clock.


Miami Grand Plaza Compound in Alexandria 


Miami Grand Plaza compound enjoys an ideal location in the heart of the city, overlooking the entire Mustafa Street in the famous Miami area, and is surrounded by all the basic services such as malls, schools and supermarkets.


Jewar Compound in Alexandria 


Jewar Compound is a luxury residential compound located on the Burj Al Arab Desert Road in Bahij area, developed by Al Furat Development and Real Estate Investment Company, and it provides a range of high-end villas suitable for families, in addition to providing all services and recreational facilities such as a sports club, swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts and a nursery for children And mini-market.


Sawary Compound in Alexandria 


One of the most important residential projects in Alexandria, and it was developed by the Egyptian-Saudi company Secon, the leading real estate company, and the Surai Compound is distinguished by its location near the important areas in Alexandria, as it is 5 minutes away from the Library of Alexandria and 7 minutes