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Compounds in El-Shorouk

El Shorouk compounds: Aqarmap Compounds Guide


The Compounds Guide is a completely new and updated service provided by Aqarmap. The Guide makes it easy for you to choose the property you want, whether it is residential in a compound or commercial in a mall. You can also choose the type of the desired property, whether it is an apartment, villa or studio with the area you specify. Search within El Shorouk compounds for a fully finished house or a semi-finished one if you want to finish it according to your taste. The results can be narrowed down to payment methods, and other search options that provide you with results that suit your interests.


Learn About the History of the Developers and Their Most Important Projects


When you choose any compound, you will find complete information about the developer, his previous projects, and the number of projects he developed to ensure his seriousness and commitment. The information is transparently provided and without any prejudice. You also find details about the advantages of the compounds, their inside or nearby services, the designs of the projects, and what they provide and enjoy, including privacy and a healthy environment.


Location of Your New Residence and the Nearby Roads


Location is an essential factor in choosing a home. It is important to choose a compound close to the main roads and axes that connect you with the nearby cities. It is also important to discover the services you consider indispensable, such as schools, universities or workplaces. Below each project or compound, you will find complete information about its location and the nearby roads and cities.


El Shorouk Compounds: Distinguished Services and Competitive Prices


El Shorouk City is located in Cairo Governorate at Kilo 37 on the Cairo-Ismailia road. It is one of the most prestigious areas in Greater Cairo, with an area of ​​about 10,808 acres before several decisions were issued to expand its area and annex several lands to it. An area of ​​5,302 acres was annexed to El Shorouk in 2015. In 2017, a presidential decree was issued to increase the cordon of El Shorouk City and include new lands. So, the total area of ​​the city is 52,991 acres.


Details About the Establishment of El Shorouk and its population


El Shorouk City was established under the decision of the Prime Minister in 1995. It was an attempt to reduce the population increase in overcrowded areas, provide housing opportunities for young people, and create new job opportunities. Indeed, the city's attractive strategic location - near the Tenth of Ramadan City, Madinaty, Rehab City, Obour City, Salam City, New Heliopolis and the New Administrative Capital, and the most important projects of New Cairo - has succeeded in attracting many citizens to live in it. Besides, the city has attracted a large elite of businessmen and investors to set up investment, commercial and residential projects.


The current population of El Shorouk City is about 500,000 people and is expected to significantly increase during the coming period. The number of populations will increase after the completion of the new subway line that extends to reach the New Administrative Capital. It is a great edifice with a selection of giant investment and residential projects and is scheduled in the near future to welcome most of the headquarters of ministries, embassies and government agencies.


The Most Famous Neighborhoods and Residential Areas in El Shorouk


El Shorouk is internally divided into several areas, the first area, the second area, the third area, the fourth area, the fifth area, the sixth area, the seventh area, the eighth area, the ninth area, family housing 1 area, family housing 2 area, and the university and institutes area. 

El Shorouk City also includes a large number of residential neighborhoods: the first is called Al-Yaqout neighborhood, the second is called Al-Massa neighborhood, the third is called Al-Fayrouz neighborhood, the fourth is called Lazord neighborhood, the fifth is called Al-Jawhara neighborhood, the sixth and is called Al Lu’lu’ah neighborhood, the seventh and is called Al Zumuroud neighborhood, the eighth and is called Rimas neighborhood, the ninth and is called the Brillant neighborhood, and the club and is called the Al-Aqiq neighborhood. The latter is the most important neighborhood in all of the above-mentioned neighborhoods in terms of sophistication and the distinguished social level in El Shorouk City.


Facilities of the Highest Quality in El Shorouk City


El Shorouk City is characterized by the quality of its infrastructure and facilities, including water, electricity, sewage, and a communications network. The following is a review of these services in some detail:


Water: it is pumped to El Shorouk city through a water purification plant in the Tenth of Ramadan City. The city authority implements a water line from El Asher station and a water line from El Obour City. A good station has been also implemented to supply the city with drinking water completely.


Sewage: Wastewater is treated through the Hekestep sewage treatment plant. It is being developed to be a triple treatment plant for pure water used for irrigation and drinking purposes. As for the sewage networks, the city has 540 km of sewage networks.


Electricity: El Shorouk City is characterized by the spread of electricity networks with a length of 2,560 km.


Communications networks: In El-Shorouk, there are communications networks with a length of 440 km to cover the entire city.


Many Services in El Shorouk City


El Shorouk City is distinguished by its diverse and distinguished services at the same time. The city has educational, health, recreational and other services to meet all the basic needs of the residents and prevents them from resorting to any place outside its borders. Here are the most prominent of those services:


Schools in El Shorouk


There are many public, private and international schools in El Shorouk city. All of which offer a distinguished level of education, including:

  • Khaled Ibn Al-Walid School

  • Huda Shaarawy School

  • Nabawiyeh Musa School

  • Tabari El Shorouk School

  • El Shorouk School for Basic Education

  • Royal Youssef School

  • El Shorouk Modern School

  • Amjad School El Shorouk Language School

  • Tala’a Al Amal Islamic Language School

  • Manaret El Shorouk Language School

  • British Columbia Canadian International School

  • Dover American International School


Universities and Academies in El Shorouk 


El Shorouk is distinguished from other new cities by the spread of many of its universities and academies. This gave it an important advantage to be unique. The most prominent of these universities are:

  • The British University

  • The French University

  • The Arab Open University

  • El Shorouk Academy.


Hospitals and Health Centers in El Shorouk


El Shorouk City includes a group of hospitals and medical centers that provide an outstanding level of medical care for citizens. There are private and governmental hospitals and medical centers. The most prominent of them are:

  • Nour El Shorouk Hospital

  • El Shorouk General Hospital

  • Royal Hospital


Places of Worship El Shorouk


There are many mosques and churches in the different residential neighborhoods in El Shorouk city, including:

  • Tariq Ibn Ziyad Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques in El Shorouk city

  • Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque

  • El Shorouk Mosque

  • Panorama El Shorouk Mosque

  • Al-Rahman Mosque

  • Al-Jami Mosque

  • Sheikh Al-Tayeb Mosque

As for the churches in El Shorouk city, there are:

  • Church of the Virgin

  • Church of St. George.


Sports Clubs


El Shorouk City is distinguished by its clear interest in social and sports clubs. The most famous of which are:

  • Green Hills Club

  • Heliopolis Sports Club

  • El Shorouk Sports Club


Malls and Shopping Centers


The most important malls in El Shorouk City are:

  • Al Jamea Mall

  • Sky Plaza Mall

  • Galaxy Mall

  • The Gate Mall

  • Paradise Mall

  • Panorama Mall

  • Future Mall

  • Al Jawhari Mall has many shops with various activities, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, kids areas, and more.


The Internal and External Transportation Network


El Shorouk city has an integrated transportation network that connects it with other nearby and far cities. Therefore, it it one of the best places to set up your project. For example, there are bus lines to connect El Shorouk City and Giza Square, and others between El Shorouk and Abdel Moneim Riad Square in Tahrir and Lebanon Square. Mass transit cars connect El Shorouk and Al-Salam Parking, which has endless means of transportation to various regions and governorates.


El-Shorouk also has many internal transportations means that connect the city's neighborhoods to each other. These means are distinguished by their quality and cleanliness, providing convenience for the citizens who use them on a daily basis.


New Transportation Projects to Serve El Shorouk


On the other hand, the country is currently opening new subway lines to connect the new cities with downtown Cairo and create a complete transportation network. These expansions in the metro lines extended to serve areas east of Cairo, linking Salam city starting from the interchange station (Adly Mansour), the city of El Shorouk, Al-Obour, the tenth of Ramadan, Belbeis and Badr, as well as the New Administrative Capital by passing through the second regional road to the Suez Desert Road, and passing In Badr City, El Shorouk, Al-Rehab and Al-Mustaqbal.


 As for the electric train, which is developed by the state in the current period and is seeking to complete the first phase of it soon, it includes 12 stations, 4 car bridges, 7 LR bridges, two LRT tunnels and a railway bridge extending for about 76 km. This train serves El Shorouk City, Al-Obour City, Mostaqbal City, the New Administrative Capital and Badr City. The operational speed of the train is 80 km per hour and the maximum speed is 120 km per hour. The electric train is an entirely Egyptian project, as the developer companies for it are: Petrojet, the Arab Contractors Company, and Concorde.