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I Sheraton
I Sheraton

Heliopolis Heliopolis

Starting From 2,543,200 EGP

Go Heliopolis
Go Heliopolis

New Heliopolis New Heliopolis

Starting From 2,450,000 EGP

Sun Gates
Sun Gates

Masr El Gedida Masr El Gedida

Ajaweed Mall
Ajaweed Mall

Heliopolis Heliopolis

Starting From 1,904,400 EGP

Isola Sheraton
Isola Sheraton

Sheraton Sheraton

Starting From 4,580,000 EGP

Valoure Sheraton
Valoure Sheraton

Heliopolis Heliopolis

Go Heliopolis Mall
Go Heliopolis Mall

Heliopolis Heliopolis

Starting From 2,050,000 EGP

Valore El Thawra
Valore El Thawra

Masr El Gedida Masr El Gedida

Starting From 5,100,000 EGP

Heliopolis Hills
Heliopolis Hills

Obour Obour

Starting From 6,840,000 EGP

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Compounds in Heliopolis

Live in a Distinguished House in Heliopolis Compounds


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Details about Heliopolis District


“I want to build a city in this place, in the name of Heliopolis, the city of the sun.” With these words, Baron Empain, a Belgian industrialist, began to realize his first steps in his dream of buying 6,000 acres in a barren desert. Through his determination and perseverance, Baron Empain within a short period of time succeeded in turning those yellow sands into green gardens. It was known as Heliopolis, which later became one of the most important neighborhoods in Cairo.

Baron Empain entrusted the genius engineer, Ernest Gaspard, with laying the foundation stone of Heliopolis. Ernest Gaspard had a battalion of distinguished engineers who set out to build residential buildings and shops in Heliopolis according to the European style mixed with Islamic architecture. The first building completed in Heliopolis was the Heliopolis Palace Hotel, which is currently the seat of the Presidency of the Republic and its most famous building. Then, the Heliopolis House, with its Groppi Café, was completed.

The construction of a new city in a desert area made many people laugh at the beginning. But with the tram connecting Cairo with the Heliopolis district, Heliopolis became the focus of the Egyptians’ attention. Those in charge of its establishment attracted all classes by granting facilities in paying housing units, in addition to some other distinguished services, such as hospitals, mosques, churches, schools, sports facilities, commercial centers and so on. 


Heliopolis Oasis Company: the Developer of the Heliopolis District


Baron Empain, a Belgian businessman, founded the Heliopolis Oasis Company, which took over the tasks of implementing the construction works for the Heliopolis district. After purchasing a large area of ​​land from the British colonial government between 1906 and 1907, the purpose of this project was to make Heliopolis one of the most prestigious districts in Cairo.

In Heliopolis, the Baron built hotels, golf courses, high-end resorts, and distinctive residential housing with innovative designs that still exist today. 


Fundamental Changes in Heliopolis


Over the course of many decades, Heliopolis witnessed a tangible development on the ground. The total area of the district increased, its buildings were aged, and new buildings appeared. The main reason behind this was the state’s keenness to preserve distinctive residential buildings that combine European design and Islamic style. So, the government began to enact laws and regulations that preserve these historic buildings from demolition.

With its sparkle, the Heliopolis district continued to illuminate and decorate Cairo, even after most of the original residents left the country after the July Revolution of 1952.

In order to overcome the traffic congestion experienced by most of Heliopolis streets and areas, radical solutions have been started to permanently solve this problem. Traffic developments and car bridges were built in Heliopolis in 2019. Five new bridges were constructed in Heliopolis at famous intersections. These are the places of the five bridges:

1. Al-Mirghani intersection with Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Street.

2. The intersection of Al-Mirghani with the Seven Apartment Buildings.

3. The intersection of Salah Salem with Nozha Street.

4. The intersection of Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street with Othman Bin Affan Street.

5. Al Mahkama Square Bridge.

It was inevitable to develop the Heliopolis district, as it is the lifeline that connects Cairo with the Ring Road, Sokhna Road, Suez and Ismailia. It is also one of the important corridors to reach the New Administrative Capital, the most important project of New Cairo.


The Most Important Landmarks of Heliopolis


Heliopolis district is distinguished by many important landmarks, most of which are of a historical or archaeological nature, on top of these landmarks:


Baron Palace


The Baron Palace is one of the historical palaces in Heliopolis and was opened in 1911. It is located in the heart of the Heliopolis district and includes a variety of architectural styles between European, Asian and Indian. The palace overlooks the most important streets of Heliopolis, Ibn Battuta, Ibn Jubayr, and Hassan Al-Saddaq. The total area of the palace is about 12,500 square metres. One of its most prominent possessions is the huge antique clock, which consists of categories of minutes, hours, days, months, years, and temperatures.

The palace was designed in such a way that the sun's rays would never disappear from its rooms at sunrise.


Palace of Boghos Nubar Pasha


Boghos Nubar Pasha is a former Prime Minister of Egypt and the first partner of Baron Empain in establishing the Heliopolis district. The Palace of Boghos Nubar Pasha is located near the Palace of Baron Empain.


Palace of Sultana Malak 


Sultana Malak is the wife of Sultan Hussein Kamel. Baron Empain presented the palace as a gift to him, and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is currently undertaking a project to restore it due to its mixed Islamic and European style.


Maryland Park


It is one of the most important historical and recreational parks in the Heliopolis district.


Granada Coliseum


It was built by King Farouk according to the Andalusian style. King Farouk used to watch horse racing from this coliseum.


The Presidential Palace


It is the seat of government in Egypt. It was a hotel named after the Grand Hotel and was designed by the Belgian engineer Ernest Gaspard. It was also known as the Heliopolis Palace.


The Military College


It is one of the largest Egyptian military educational institutions. It was established in 1954 in Heliopolis.


The Most Famous Streets of Heliopolis


  • Damascus Street: it extends from Ibrahim Al-Laqani Street to Harun Al-Rasheed Street.

  • Beirut Street: it starts from Al-Hijaz Street and runs intersecting with Al-Ahram Street behind the Basilica, passing through Beirut Square, and intersecting with Al-Orouba Road.

  • Al-Ahram Street: it extends from Al-Mirghani Street at the Ittihadiya Palace to the Basilica Church Square.


The Most Famous Areas of Heliopolis




The Korba area is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Heliopolis. It has a distinctive architectural style that still maintains its quality. It was designed according to European designs mixed with Islamic style.

Korba is located between Salah Salem Street, Al-Mirghani, the Ittihadiya Palace and the Caliph Al-Mamoun street. It is located among the commercial areas that include a distinguished group of luxurious and popular restaurants, cafes, shops and markets. There is also the Heliopolis Club and the Federal Palace.


Jisr Al-Suez


It extends from the 10th of Ramadan Parking Lot to Ibn Sendar Street. Jisr Al-Suez neighborhood is close to the popular residential area, including the 10th of Ramadan Parking Lot, Badr Park, Al Arab, and the middle residential areas, which extend from Alf Maskan through Al-Tajneed, Ibn Sendar, and Al-Qubba Bridge.


Ard El Golf


It is classified as one of the finest neighborhoods in Heliopolis. It is located in a privileged location between Heliopolis and Nasr City, near Nasr Road, Nozha Street, Al-Thawra Street, and Al-Merghani Street.

The most important landmark of Ard El Golf is City Stars Mall, one of the most famous luxurious commercial markets in Cairo.




Roxy has managed to be at the forefront of the commercial areas in Heliopolis for decades. It is one of the best commercial places to buy clothes and shoes of local and international brands. It also includes a group of the best restaurants and cafes, such as Al-Amriceen and Abu Haidar.

The most famous landmarks of the area are Roxy Square, Roxy Intersection, and the famous Roxy Cinema. Roxy square is close to the Korba area and Maryland Park, and next to the Baron Palace and the Presidential Palace.

The area includes the most famous medical clinics in all medical specialties. So, it ranks among the best options to start your life as a newly graduated doctor. It is also suitable for small and micro companies that the Egyptian state has recently given extensive attention to by granting them tax and customs benefits and facilities. So, it enables them to expand into the national industry.


Heliopolis Square


It is one of the most famous squares in Heliopolis. It connects Montazah Street, Hejaz Street, and Abdel Aziz Fahmy Street. It is located near Heliopolis Hospital, Mary Gerges Church, and the housing units vary between medium and above average.


Services of Heliopolis: Sophistication and Diversity


Schools and Educational Services in Heliopolis


In Heliopolis, there are many universities and government, experimental and private schools, which are among the best universities and schools in Greater Cairo. In addition to the Institute of Specific Studies near Hejaz Square, the most important of these schools are The New Egyptian Language School, Al-Qaed Private Schools, Al-Nasr International Schools, Jamal Abdel Nasser National Joint Language Schools, the Patriarchal School - formerly called the Freer School, the New Generation International Schools Heliopolis, El Nozha School, and El Farouk School.


Hospitals and Medical Services


Heliopolis district includes a group of the finest hospitals in New Cairo, charitable clinics, and famous pharmacies, with varying levels to suit all groups and needs. The most prominent of these hospitals are Al-Ganzouri Specialized Hospital, Al-Rahma Hospital, Preachers Hospital, Nozha Specialized Hospital, Cairo Specialized Hospital, Egypt Air Hospital Heliopolis, Al Hayat Hospital, Nozha International Hospital, El Merghany Hospital, El Galaa Hospital, Al Duaa Hospital, and Golf International Hospital.


Sports Clubs


Heliopolis has a large number of sports clubs and youth centers, where people can enjoy individual and group games. These clubs include Al Shams Club, Heliolido Club, Al Nasr Club, Heliopolis Club, Aviation Club, Al Orouba Youth Center, Aviation Club, Al Ghaba Club, Aerosport Club, and Wadi Degla Club.


Recreational Venues


Heliopolis also has many entertainment venues, including malls, cinemas, restaurants and major cafes. The most prominent of these cinemas are Vox Cinemas, City Center Almaza, Golden Star inside City Stars Mall, Sun City Mall Cinema, Royal Renaissance Cinema behind Sheraton Residences, Stars Cinema Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street, Normandy Cinema, and Roxy Cinema.

The most famous malls, they include the City Stars Mall, the Sun City Mall in Sheraton, and the Freedom Mall, which is famous for local and international clothes and shoes.

The most famous cafes and restaurants in Heliopolis include Einstein Cafe in El Merghany, Tivoli Dome Cafe and Restaurant, The District in Masaken Sheraton, Harris Cafe in Korba, TBS Bakery in Almaza, Smiles Grill Restaurant, Papa John's Restaurant, Pizza Hut and Spectra Restaurant, Buffalo burger, Cortigiano, Fellowes coquina, Al Dahan and Manakeesh Al Reem.




There are many markets and hypermarkets in the Heliopolis district, which offer continuous competitive offers that suit all middle, above- middle and high-end categories. These markets include Al-Othaim markets in Manshiyat Al-Bakry, Ard El-Golf market, the Happy Family Supermarket in Hejaz Street in Heliopolis Square, and Al-Basha Market In Masaken Sheraton, and Tabarak Markets in Saint Fatima.


Places of Worship


Heliopolis district is an integrated complex of religions, which includes many mosques and churches to practice religious rites. In addition to the Jewish temple that was built in 1927 in Heliopolis, the most prominent mosques include Qutuz, the Tatar, Al-Thawra, Harun Al-Rashid, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, Imam Hassan, the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, the martyr Jamal Al-Din Abdel-Khaleq Amer, Othman bin Affan, and Omar Bin Abdul Aziz, and Youssef Al-Sahabi.

The most prominent churches in Heliopolis, they include the Basilica, St. Mark on Cleopatra Street, Saint Fatima, the Archangel Michael, the Sheraton, the great martyr St. George, Anba Abram - Heliopolis, the Evangelical in Heliopolis, the Virgin Mary Ard El Golf, the Archdiocese of St. Claires for Catholics, the Martyr Georgios and Anba Antonios, and Mar Gerges Almaza.




Heliopolis includes a diverse transportation network, including public transport buses, service fare, Careem and Uber cars, in addition to taxis and the metro.


The Best Compounds and Residential Areas in Heliopolis


This area is characterized by the good planning of its residential neighborhoods and streets. It also features wide, clean and paved roads, vast green spaces, and widespread parks. This indeed contributed to making it the best destination for many individuals and investors due to its strategic location.

Heliopolis district is the best choice for individuals who desire a distinguished modern life because it is unique in the good architectural organization of the residential buildings. The designs of the district also vary to satisfy all tastes and needs. The most prominent compounds and residential areas in Heliopolis are as follows:


Ard El Golf


Ard El Golf is one of the most prominent residential areas in Heliopolis. The area has become increasingly popular with customers and investors, due to its many advantages, including the unique strategic location, in the middle of Nasr City and Heliopolis. It is also famous for its vast green spaces and high residential buildings.


Hijaz Square


Hejaz Square is one of the best high-end residential areas in Heliopolis. It is a great choice for those looking for a healthy life, luxurious housing, and residing away from noise and disturbance. The demand for the Hijaz Square area increases among customers because it is located near Abdel Hamid Street, which contains Al Shams Club, one of the most famous sports and social clubs in Egypt. Additionally, there are international sports stores, such as Adidas and Nike. There are also branches of some banks, such as HSBC and Commercial International Bank, and CIB.

The areas of the housing units in general in Heliopolis range between 100 to 560 square meters. So, it is one of the best destinations for customers and investors, as it suits all tastes and needs.


Learn More About the Most Prominent Advantages of Heliopolis District


Excellent Vital Location


  • Heliopolis district is located in eastern Cairo, with a total area of ​​about 9 square kilometers. It is inhabited by about 136,000 people and is located next to prominent areas and neighborhoods in Cairo. For Examples, Al-Zaytoun, Nasr City, Ain Shams, and Al-Waili.

  • Heliopolis is the eastern gateway to Cairo. It is Egypt's luminous front for those arriving from abroad from Cairo International Airport. It is one of the entrances to the capital for those coming from the governorates of Ismailia and Suez.

  • Easy access to the neighborhood and its suburbs, and easy access to the vital and main areas overlooking Heliopolis. For instance, Al-Orouba Road, Salah Salem Road, and Jisr Al-Suez Road.


 Upscale Residential District


  • Heliopolis is one of the most elegant districts. It is inhabited by the elite of the society of thinkers, writers, ministers and artists.

  • Heliopolis has a number of government and presidential headquarters. This fact contributes to making it one of the high-end districts that the state pays great attention to the continuous care of it.


Stunning Antique Architecture


  • The buildings of the Heliopolis district enjoy European architectural design mixed with Islamic style.

  • The streets of Heliopolis are adorned with picturesque gardens and parks.

  • Heliopolis includes a number of antique squares and important streets that were built more than 100 years ago.


 Services Everywhere


  • Heliopolis is one of the popular commercial districts, which includes a distinguished group of shops and local and international brands of clothes, leather, and jewellery from famous brands. Additionally, Heliopolis has many areas of entertainment, picnics and shopping.

  • Superior traffic flow, especially after the development works and the new bridges, which facilitated the movement to and from Heliopolis.