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Obour City Obour City

Starting From 5,673,760 EGP

Gardenia Obour 2
Gardenia Obour 2

Obour Obour


Obour Obour

Starting From 2,802,000 EGP

Moon Gardens Residence
Moon Gardens Residence

Obbour City Obbour City

Al Karama Mall
Al Karama Mall

El Obour El Obour

Starting From 3,800,000 EGP

Golf City Residence
Golf City Residence

Obour Obour

Starting From 4,107,500 EGP

Golden Park
Golden Park

Obour Obour

Starting From 2,344,550 EGP

Al Hurriyah Mall
Al Hurriyah Mall

Obour Obour

Starting From 4,182,000 EGP

High City
High City

Obour Obour

Starting From 2,893,759 EGP

Al Magd Mall 1
Al Magd Mall 1

El Obour El Obour

Starting From 4,000,000 EGP

Al Hayah Mall
Al Hayah Mall

El Obour El Obour

Starting From 2,000,000 EGP

High City Mall
High City Mall

El Obour El Obour

Starting From 2,962,814 EGP

Rock Ville
Rock Ville

El Obour El Obour

Starting From 5,697,299 EGP

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Obour City compounds

Your Comprehensive Guide About El Obour City Compounds


To facilitate the search for an apartment or villa with the price and specifications you want in El Obour compounds, Aqarmap offers you the Aqarmap Compounds Guide to use in this mission. Aqarmap Compounds Guide provides comprehensive and documented information about each residential project, compound or commercial mall in El Obour. The Guide also contains the history and record of the real estate developers and their most prominent projects. Moreover, there is also complete information about the locations of the projects in the city and the roads and axes that connect it to the neighboring and other cities.


An Overview About El Obour City


El Obour city covers an area of ​​about 16,000 acres. The city is located at the distance between Kilo 9 to Kilo 15 on the Cairo-Belbeis Desert Road. It is located at a depth of 7 kilometers to the right of the road and is bordered to the west by the Cairo-Belbeis Road and to the south by Cairo-Ismailia Road at Kilo 26.

El Obour was established under the decision of the Prime Minister in 1990. It belongs to the Qalyubia Governorate and its population is expected to reach 500,000 people in the coming period due to the high demand for housing units in El Obour compounds that provide competitive prices for young people.


Neighborhoods of Obour City


El Obour city is divided into a number of different residential neighborhoods. All of these neighborhoods enjoy a high level of services and facilities. The main neighborhoods of El Obour are the First, the Second, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, the Seventh, the Eighth, and the Ninth Neighborhoods, the Golf City Neighborhood, the Future Housing Neighborhood, and the Youth Housing Neighborhood.

The Seventh Neighborhood is called the neighborhood of the villas and is characterized by a large number of villas with different shapes, areas, designs and decorations. There are also some villas in the Fifth and Sixth Neighborhoods.


Main Roads Near El Obour City


El Obour is close to many important and main roads and axes, such as the Cairo-Belbeis road to the west, and the Cairo-Ismailia road to the south. Additionally, there are several other major roads, such as the Regional Ring Road and the Middle Ring Road.


An Independent City With Its Integrated Services


El Obour city is characterized by integrated services, including educational, health, commercial, entertainment, sports and other services that guarantee an easy and comfortable life for the inhabitants.


Educational Services in El Obour City


Schools in El Obour


The city has a large number of educational schools for different stages, including:

  • Golf Language Schools on Mukhtar El-Teach Street in the First Neighborhood

  • Al-Safwa Language Schools in the Second Neighborhood

  • Al-Fursan Private Schools in the Sixth Neighborhood

  • Kenana International Schools at Kilo 30 on the Cairo-Ismailia Road

  • Egyptian Nile schools

  • Rajak Private Schools

  • Misr International Schools

  • Manarat Al Bayan Language Schools in the Second Neighborhood

  • Al-Shuhada Primary School

  • El Obour Secondary and Preparatory School for Girls

  • El Obour Industrial Secondary Joint School

  • Moaz Bin Jabal Primary Mixed School

  • Manaret Taher Abu Zaid Islamic Private School

  • Modern Avenue School in the Second Neighborhood

  • Happy World School

  • Talaea El Azhar El Sharif Ideal Institute


Universities and Institutes in El Obour City


As for universities and specialized institutes in El Obour, the most prominent of them are:

  • El Obour Academy for Engineering and Technology

  • Egyptian Academy of Engineering and Advanced Technology

  • Misr International University

  • Obour Higher Institute Of Management, Computers And Information Systems

  • Valley Higher Institute for Administrative, Financial and Information Sciences


Medical Centers and Hospitals in El Obour


El Obour city provides excellent health services to maintain the health and safety of its inhabitants. So, there are many hospitals and specialized medical centers in the city. The most prominent of these hospitals are:

  • El Obour Specialist Hospital

  • Ain Shams Specialized Hospital, Obour City

  • Health Insurance Clinics, Obour City

  • Private Obour Hospital

  • Farid Habib Hospital

  • Misr Al-Amal Hospital

  • Dar Al-Yusr Clinics

  • Al-Safwa Medical Clinics

  • Mustafa Mahmoud Clinics

  • Obour Comprehensive Clinics

  • Bareeq Hospital for Psychotherapy and Addiction

  • Almashfa Medical Clinics

  • Hebat al-Hayat for Psychological and Behavioral Therapy


Pharmacies in El Obour City


There are also many pharmacies in the various streets and neighborhoods of El Obour city to completely cover all residential areas, including

  • 19011 pharmacies

  • Misr Pharmacies

  • Dr. Diaa El-Din Pharmacy

  • Dr. Abram Nadi Pharmacy

  • El-Shorouk Pharmacy

  • Hind Pharmacies

  • El-Aqbawy Pharmacy

  • Said Sabry Pharmacy

  • Loay Pharmacy

  • Shifa Pharmacy

  • Adnan Pharmacies

  • Dr. Peter Pharmacies

  • Seif Pharmacies

  • El-Hawy Pharmacies


Commercial and Recreational Venues in El Obour City


Commercial and recreational venues are provided in the form of commercial malls, where all families and friends can find their enjoyment and entertaining time in one place with all their needs. So, they can shop by buying a lot of clothes, gifts and accessories from international brands, spend a nice time strolling inside malls, eating delicious meals in the most luxurious restaurants and cafes, watching new and exclusive movies in the best cinemas, or spending a wonderful time in the amusement parks for all ages.


Malls in El Obour City


There are many malls with wonderful shapes, designs and services in El Obour city. The most important of which are as follows:

  • El Obour Mall

  • Golf City Mall

  • Plaza Mall

  • Town Stars Mall

  • Uni Mall in the Ninth Neighborhood

  • High City Mall in Obour City

  • Al Khair Mall

  • Cairo Mall in the Ninth Neighborhood

  • Avenue City Mall Walk

  • City Mall in the Eighth Neighborhood

  • Hanimex Mall

  • Capital Plaza Mall

  • El Obour Palace Mall

  • Grand Mall in the Sixth Neighborhood


Markets and Hypermarkets in El Obour City


There are also a number of major shops selling food and household goods, such as:

  • Carrefour

  • Najmat El Obour Mini Hyper

  • Al Mansouri Hyper

  • Panda Hyper

  • Al Mahlawy Hyper

  • Tabarak Markets

  • Al Malaki Stores

  • Ragab Sons

  • Al Ferjani Stores


Sports Clubs in El Obour City


Many families prefer to have memberships in sports clubs to play various sports and find the right place for spending a beautiful and enjoyable time in a quiet and beautiful place. They can also enjoy sitting amidst the vast green spaces, playing various sports in many playgrounds, or enjoy walking and running in dedicated tracks.

Some places have been allocated to establish sports clubs with large areas, beautiful designs and all the services that the city's inhabitants need. The most famous sports clubs in El Obour are:

  • Obour Sports and Social Club

  • Plaza Sports Club

  • Ramy Ashour Squash Court

  • City Club


Fitness Clubs in El Obour City


There are many gyms to regularly practice activities and exercises to maintain fitness, including:

H2O Gym, H2O Gym for women, Perfect Gym, Profit Gym, Falcon Gym, Champions Gym, Gold's Gym, World Gym, Effective Gym, Galaxy Gym, Fitness 360 Gym, Iron Gym, Smart Gym, First Gym, Titanium Gym, Olympic Gym, and Galaxy One for Women.


Facilities of El Obour City 


El Obour compounds are distinguished by their strong facilities and great infrastructure. So, many inhabitants have been attracted to them. The population of El Obour has so far reached about 661,600 people, and the most important facilities that we will talk about in the following lines are water, sewage, electricity, roads and communications.


Roads and Communications


El Obour has a strong transportation network and paved roads. The city is characterized by the wonderful and organized planning of its streets and neighborhoods. So, it is easy to move between different neighborhoods and areas within the city. Roads have been developed in El Obour city with a length of 580 km, while communication networks have been developed to contain 189,000 lines.


The Most Important Landmarks of El Obour City


El Obour is characterized by a number of distinctive landmarks that attract many visitors. These areas are among the most distinctive places in El Obour, such as:

  • Jiro Land, which is a city of entertainment for elders and kids

  • Al-Ashraf Mosque or the Great Mosque

  • Aqua Park, which has many wonderful water games for elders and kids

  • El Obour famous market, which specializes in selling all food commodities, vegetables and fruits.

  • There are also many government institutions, sports landmarks, universities, and malls. We will quickly talk about them in the following few lines:


Major Government Institutions


El Obour includes a number of government postal agencies, labor offices, the tax authority, and the educational administration.


Sports Attractions


There are many huge sports clubs in El Obour, which include 3 sports and social clubs, 9 open fields, in addition to a large number of fitness centers.




El Obour has Benha University, Misr International University and Ain Shams University, Obour Branch.


Commercial Malls


El Obour has a large number of huge commercial malls that provide many diverse services. The most famous of these malls are:

  • Gardena Mall

  • Grand Mall Obour

  • Golf City Mall