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Art City

Art City

El Mokatam

Property Type Price  
Studio 445,000 - 516,000 5,002 EGP/M2
Apartments 722,400 - 1,400,000 6,404 EGP/M2
Apartment with Garden 711,400 4,503 EGP/M2 Details
Duplex 742,500 - 1,650,000 4,869 EGP/M2
445,000  EGP
El Baron Royal Tower

El Baron Royal Tower


Property Type Price  
Apartments 1,150,000 - 1,600,000 8,010 EGP/M2
900,000  EGP
Le Jour

Le Jour

El Mokatam

Property Type Price  
Apartments 680,000 - 1,175,000 6,238 EGP/M2
Duplex 1,165,000 6,197 EGP/M2 Details
680,000  EGP
Family home

Family home

El Mokatm

Property Type Price  
Apartments 580,000 - 1,330,000 7,239 EGP/M2
580,000  EGP
Mountain Plaza

Mountain Plaza


Property Type Price  
Offices 372,000 - 1,144,000 13,453 EGP/M2
Stores 979,000 - 2,138,000 20,108 EGP/M2
Apartments 369,000 - 780,000 5,250 EGP/M2
Duplex 612,000 - 816,000 5,250 EGP/M2
369,000  EGP
Florenta Mokkatam

Florenta Mokkatam


Property Type Price  
Apartments 810,000 - 1,248,000 7,532 EGP/M2
810,000  EGP
Golden Gates

Golden Gates

Al Mokattam

Property Type Price  
Studio 520,000 9,286 EGP/M2 Details
Apartments 550,000 - 1,500,000 7,104 EGP/M2
Penthouse 1,757,000 8,571 EGP/M2 Details
520,000  EGP
Next Point

Next Point


Property Type Price  
Apartments 681,500 - 1,160,000 7,250 EGP/M2
681,500  EGP

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Mokattam District compounds

Lately, people have started moving to Mokattam after it started providing great services and new utilities. In this article we are going to talk about Mokattam District that is one of the largest and oldest neighborhoods in Cairo. It stretches over 14,000 kilometers and has many options of residential units whether compounds or buildings. 


Details about Mokattam


The Mokattam was named after the famous mountain in the south of Cairo and next to many historical neighborhoods including Al Sayeda Zainab Neighborhood. It is also called the Middle Hill sometimes because Cairo has several hills and Mokattam is the most famous one. 

Al Mokattam is known for the abundance of services that any residents might need with competitive prices in his staying and this is what we are going to talk about in the following lines including health services and entertainment. 


Areas and Neighborhoods in Al Mokattam 


Al Mokattam has 3 main hills; the upper, medium, and the lower or “smaller” hill. Each hill has a full neighborhood such as Al Asmarat, Uptown Cairo, and Corniche Al Mokattam. Each neighborhood has other districts as well.

Geographically, Al Mokattam is divided to be the following: 

  1. Corniche Area

  2. Beyond Corniche Area

  3. The area surrounding the insurance company, Al Mokattam Central, Al Quds Mosque and Skoda

  4. Parts from the fountain until Shell Gas Station

  5. Part of the infamous 9 street

  6. It starts from Al Jazeera institute and ends at Al Mafraq Square in Al Zelzal Residences 


The Most Notable Streets in Mokattam


Mokattam is known to be a lively area that has many attractions for both residents and visitors. Most notably:

1. Street 9 in Mokattam

It falls in the upper hill and hosts Al Mokattam’s District building and a police station. It stretches from the Fountain Square to Al Asmarat district. It has many shops and companies.

 It also has many commercial and buildings that vary between economical, middle, and upper middle classes. It also has many clubs such as Al Mokattam and Misr Insurance Sports clubs. 

2. Al Mokattam Street 

One of the prettiest streets in the Al Mokattam neighborhoods and stretches from street 9 to the southern upperside. 

It has a more of an upper level touch than street 9, where the units there vary from upper middle to luxurious and that is what made it perfect to have the Diplomatic District unit.

3. Karim Bannona Street

The street is intersected with street 9 that connects the upper and middle hills. 

4. Sobhy Hussein Street 

A lot like the previous street, it is intersected with street 9 and it extends from Al Mafareq before Al Zelzal residences and connects the upper and middle hills. 

5. The University Street

The middle hill has the modern University and it extends from the house that connects that two hills to the gates of Al Mokattam neighborhood from the Ring Road. 


Roads and Means of Transportation in Mokattam Neighborhood


It is important to point that Al Mokattam neighborhood  and compounds became more accessible than ever through a network that offers all kinds of transportation from and to the neighborhood. Except for the subway because it is located in a mountain but still there are some subway stations that are close and accessible that you can ride from and reach your designated destination. 

The closest subway station is El-Malek El-Saleh that can be accessible through riding anyway towards Helwan and from it to your location. 

Al Mokattam offers all kinds of transportation starting from private cards, taxis, and buses both public and private which offers a lot of locations to reach. Most notably Al Nasr Road (Autostrad), the Ring Road, and Salah Salem Road. 


Most Notable Locations in Al Mokattam


Al Mokattam is one of Cairo’s oldest neighborhoods in Cairo, thus, it has many landmarks most notably: 

  • The Fountain Square: A square that has a fountain in the middle and has cafes and small houses and it is notable that it used to attract artists and celebrities now and then

  • Saint Samaan: It is located in the heart of Al Mokattam’s mountain. It enjoys natural beauty and unique architecture and is considered as the most notable landmark. It has Saint Pola Church, Athony and Marcus church and the Virgin Mary Cathedral and Saint Samaan church

It also has some Sahabas graves at the bottom of the mountain. 


The Most Important Services in Mokattam Neighborhood


Al Mokattam neighborhood has improved its services a lot and has a lot of new and improved educational and health services that attracted a lot of renters and new owners. We are here to discuss the following services: 

Educational and Cultural Services 

Al Mokattam neighborhood has several educational centres, private and public schools, it has language schools all the way to secondary. Not to mention summer, cram, and Quran schools. Here are the most important: 

Al Mokattam has all Waha Schools that are in Hadi Gohar, Badr school that falls in Street 15 in Khalifa District and Al Mokttam Language school that falls in Street 9. 

There is also Al Talaa language school that also in Street 9, besides the governmental schools, Al Shark prepetuary schools (mixed) that is located in Baklali street, Khalifa District, Al Shimaa middle school for boys in the Al Abd Residence in the Middle Hill and Katameya High School that is in the schools area.

There are Quran teaching centres in Majda Centre in Alaeddin Centre, Nesrine Gomaa to teach recital, Al Mokattam Friends Association and Bedaya Centre.

There are also many cultural movements such as “ Al Mokattam Salon”, “Shababeek”, Al Kasr Culture Nasser’s Foundation’s library. 


Universities in Mokattam District

Al Mokattam has a lot of high prestigious higher educational institutions that attracts a lot of students and their families to live in Mokattam. Most importantly: 

The Modern University for Technology and Information, which is one of the most important universities in all of Cairo, Al Jazeera High Institute for Engineering and Technology that falls in street 9.

There is also Al Mokattam Academy for Modern Science, The Modern Academy and the Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology in the middle hill in Mokattam. 


Al Mokattam district  has a plethora of services that are important and indispensable in their daily life: 

AL Mokattam police station and many banks that are near the fountains such as Al Ahly, The Arabic African, The Bank of Egypt that falls in Street 9 including Credit Agricole, Qatar National, Anwar Taha mosque that is between hills Heraa Mosque that near the Fountain Square and the most recent Mosque which is Al Safaa in Mokattam. 


 Health Care Services  in Mokattam District


Al Mokattam neighborhood has many hospital such as:

  • Tabarak Pediatric Hospital, the Fountain Square

  • Motherhood Specialized Hospital that falls in 31th on Street 9 

  • Al Mokattam Specialized Hospital that is at the end of Street 9

  • Al Rakhawy Mental Hospital that is in Street 12 

  • Al Jameela Hospital that is in Al Ahram street in front of Misr Insurance Company

There are some clinics that are specialized as well such as:

  • Beit Al Hamd Specialized Clinic at the Fountain Square

  • Al Redwan Clinic that is in 53 street 103

  • Al Mokattam Clinic that are in Atlas Residences

  • Al Razi Socialized Centre that is in street 9 in front of Al Nasr Building 

  • Al Safwa Hospital in street 9 and many more labs and analysis centres such as Al Mokhtabar, Al Borg, Alpha and Teiba


Entertainment Services in Mokattam District


Al Mokattam has a different vibe that allows its visitors and residents enjoy their atmosphere such as: 

  • The Fountain Square: It is one of the most famous areas in Mokattam, it is on street 9 and has many shops, cafes or even strolling around

  • The New Fishing Club: It allows many different activities such as meditation, running or jogging

  • Al Mokattam Corniche: It has a plethora of high end cafes and restaurants that allows you to enjoy a great meal while observing Saladdin’s Citadel, Mohamed Ali’s Mosque and many structural wonders 

  • Al Mokattam Mountain: It is on the rock cliff that you can sit on while enjoying your drinks

  • Al Mokattam Sport Club: It is on street 9 in the upper hill and is considered one of the largest sports monuments with 32 years history 

  • Misr Insurance Club: it is in the middle of street 9 and used to be called Al Shark Club

  • Saladdin Citadel: one of the always buzzing with tourists and Egyptians alike and has some cafes besides it

  • Al Gyoshi: one of the first mosques that has been built by stone in Cairo, it is on top of Al Mokattam’s mountain and is famous for its praying minarets that go back to the Fatimid era


Shopping Experience in Mokattam District


Al Mokattam has many shopping options that offer many shopping options for everything you might need from apparel, appliances and even toys.

Al Mokattam has large shopping venues such as Carrefour, Metro, Awlad Ragab, Kheir Zamaan, Al Raya, Beam and Othaim. There are also many local shopping places for groceries all around the neighborhoods. 

There’s also Kids Mall that provides all what your kids need, The Baron Mall that is in Khalifa’s district and has many shops and many more such as Genina Group, Elite Mall, and City Mall. 

These places are administratively available for sale and internal offices. Some have cinemas, kida areas and restaurants to give you the whole experience.


Most Famous Compounds in Al Mokattam 


Al Mokattam has luxurious compounds that mostly reside in the Diplomatic District and the most notable ones are: 

1. Uptown Cairo Compound in Mokattam District

Built in a strategic location by Emaar Egypt, the compound gives you an overlook to the whole city of Cairo. It was built to the highest of standards and the architect mixes of Spanish, Italian, and Egyptian style. 

Uptown Cairo is characterized with large green landscapes and hosts a mall, a plethora of schools, restaurants and medical centres. It also holds services such as spas and sports.

2. Mountain Plaza Compound in Mokattam District

It has a very elegant design and is known to be one of the compounds that offers the best services and varieties in terms of choices; where you can choose your unit to start from 82 to 136 square meter for residential apartments available for sale. This compound has entertainment, health clubs, sports clubs, and many commercial services that the residence might need. 

3. Next Point Al Mokattam Compound

Next point is of the best compounds in Al Mokattam and Cairo and is known for its large space, it has more than 3000 residential units that varies between 110 and 191 square. It stretches over 50,000 square meter on the Ring Road in Maadi in the “Middle Hill” in Mokattam. 

It is near many important locations such as Carrefour, Street 9, Fishing Club, and the international airport. The compound has many restaurants, cafes, shops and sports and entertainment activities. 

4. Bianster compound in Mokattam District

It is one of the greatest places to pursue, it was designed with quality in every detail and uniqueness in its architecture. The areas of units vary between 107 and 192 square meter. It has many schools, hospitals, and malls. 

Bianster Compound has all kinds of services to guarantee a luxurious and elegant life. It has a strategic location near the Fishing Club in the middle hill and near Maadi Carrefour, The Ring Road, Al Nasr City and New Cairo. 

5. Le Jour Compound in Mokattam District

It stretches over a massive area to fit all needs, the compound has many areas that vary from 40 to 301 square meters. 

Le Jour is easily accessible through the Ring Road, Madinat Nasr and Mohandeseen. It is introducing many spaces that will answer to all what you might need in the highest quality. 

6. Elite Compound in Mokattam District

A smaller compound for privacy purposes, it was built on 2500 square meter in the Ashgar Neighborhood in the upper Hill.Despite its small area, it contains properties offered for sale that contain all the integrated services that the owners of the units and their visitors may need It has all the services that the residents might need so they do not leave the compound if they don’t desire to through malls and entertainment facilities.