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Family Home
Family Home

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EL Mokatam EL Mokatam

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Mokattam Mokattam

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Mokattam Mokattam

Al Safa
Al Safa

Mokkatam Mokkatam

Golden Gates
Golden Gates

Al Mokattam Al Mokattam

Art City
Art City

El Mokatam El Mokatam


Mokattam Mokattam

The Key
The Key

Mokattam Mokattam


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9 Side
9 Side

Mokkatam Mokkatam

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Le Jour

El Mokatam El Mokatam

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Emaar Uptown

Mokattam Mokattam

Starting From 8,427,071 EGP

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Mokattam District compounds

Mokattam Compounds: Various Options and Suitable Payment Plans


Many people prefer to live in Mokattam, as it provides new and high-level services. In the following lines, we will talk about Mokattam, which is one of the largest and oldest districts in Cairo. Mokattam extends over an area of ​​14,000 square kilometers, and is distinguished by combining all categories of units. It also provides many housing options, whether within Mokattam compounds or in independent buildings in Mokattam.

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An Overview About Mokattam


The name of Mokattam is due to its location at the top of the famous Mokattam mountain. Mokattam Location is south of Cairo and next to other old districts, including the Sayeda Zeinab. Some also call it the central plateau because it contains several plateaus, where this plateau is the most famous of them.

Mokattam is distinguished by reasonable prices of units and various services that any individual may need during his stay. So, we will address these services in the coming lines, including health, educational, entertainment and shopping services, and much more.


Areas and Neighborhoods in Mokattam


Mokattam consists of three main plateaus: the upper plateau, the central plateau, and the lower plateau. Above each of these plateaus, there is an entire neighborhood, and these neighborhoods are Al Asmarat District, Uptown Cairo, and Mokattam Corniche. Each neighborhood carries a number of other residential areas.

While Mokattam is divided on the map into specific areas, namely:

A: Corniche area

B: The area next to the Corniche

C: The area surrounding the Insurance Company Club, Mokattam Central, Al-Quds Mosque and Skoda

D: an area starts at Al Nafoura Square and ends at Shell Petrol Station

E: Part of the famous Street 9

F: An area starts from the Al-Jazirah Institute and ends at Al-Mafraq Square in the earthquake residences.

The best and most attractive of these areas is C Area, due to the wideness and organization of its streets, in addition to its quietness compared to other areas.


The Most Important Streets of Mokattam


Mokattam is classified as a lively area, with many distinctive facilities that are of great importance not only to its residents but also to visitors as well. The streets that contain important facilities are:


Street 9 in Mokattam


It is located on the upper plateau. It includes the presidency of the Mokattam district and the main police station. It extends from Nafoura Square to the Asmarat district. It is characterized by many companies and shops offered for sale.

Street9 also includes real estate and residential buildings of varying levels, including economic, average and above average. It also includes the Mokattam Club, the Misr Insurance Club, and Al-Thawra Street passes through it.


Mokattam Street


It is also one of the most famous and comprehensive streets in the Mokattam. This street extends from Street 9 to the southern entrance. This neighborhood includes more high-end real estate than Street 9, where the housing units on Mokattam Street vary between above-average and high-end, and the Diplomatic Quarter passes through it.


Karim Bennouna Street


This street passes through the middle of Street 9 and extends to the house that connects the Upper and Middle Hills.


Sobhi Hussein Street


The street is very similar to the previous one, as it passes through Street 9 also, and extends from Al-Mafraq Square before the earthquake dwellings until it connects the upper and the central plateaus.


The University Street


It is located in the central plateau and extends from the house that connects the two plateaus to the gate of the Mokattam from the Ring Road. It contains a modern university, so you can rent your apartment near your university in Mokattam.


The Roads and Transportation Network in Mokattam


The access to the Mokattam has become easier than ever before through a network that provides all types of transportation to, from and within the district. There is one exception, which is the metro because Mokattam is basically a mountain. So, it is difficult for the metro to work or be extended into the district. However, there are some stations near it that you can use to reach the metro, and then take another way to reach your destination precisely.

It is noteworthy that the nearest metro station is called (Al-Malik Al-Saleh Station), and you can reach it by taking a ride in the direction of Helwan from any other station.

Mokattam provides transportation of all categories, from parking cars to private taxis, and public and private buses as well. There are many roads that are easy to pass by, and the best of these roads are Al Nasr Autostrad Road, the Ring Road, and Salah Salem Road.


The Most Prominent Landmarks in Mokattam


As we have said, Mokattam is one of the oldest districts in Cairo. Therefore, it contains several prominent landmarks that attract outside visitors. The most famous of these landmarks are:

• Fountain Square: it is a square with a fountain in the middle and includes a group of cafes and small houses. It is noteworthy that it often attracted artists and celebrities, old and new.

• The Monastery of Anba Semaan: it is located in the heart of Mokattam Mountain and combines the beauty of nature and distinctive architecture. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Cairo. It includes the Church of St. Shenouda, the Church of Anba Abram Ibn Zara’ Syriani, the Church of the Angel, Mary and Hanna, the Church of St. Paul and St. Anthony, the Church of St. Mark, and the Cathedral of the Virgin and St. Simeon.

In addition, the foot of Mokattam Mountain also contains the tombs of some of the Companions. All of these things make Mokattam more valuable.


The Most Important Services in Mokattam


Mokattam has developed many of its services. Educational and health facilities were built at a high level of quality, which has attracted new tenants and owners to this district. We will discuss the most prominent of these services as follows:


Cultural and Educational Services Mokattam


Mokattam includes a number of educational centers, private, government and language schools for the primary, preparatory, and secondary stages, in addition to summer schools, specialized centers, and Quran learning centers. Here are details of each of them:

Mokattam includes:

  • Oasis Schools located on Hadi Gohar Street

  • Badr Private Schools located on 15th Street

  • Qassem Al-Khalifa

  • Al-Mokattam Language School, which is located on Street 9 in Mokattam.

  • Talaa Al Mostaqbal Language Schools, which is also located on Street 9.


There are also some government schools, including:


  • Al Sharq Primary Common School, located at 113 Al-Baqali Street

  • Qassem Al-Khalifa

  • Al-Shaimaa Preparatory School for Boys, located in Masaken Al-Abed, in the Central Hill

  • Al-Katameya Secondary School for Boys, which is located in the school complex.

The centers for teaching the Holy Quran in Mokattam include:

  • Aladdin Center

  • the Nisreen Juma Center for Teaching Quran Recitation

  • the Mokattam Friends Association

  • Dar Bedaya.

In addition to organizing new cultural initiatives in which public figures are hosted, these initiatives are called "Mokattam Salon", "Shabeeks" and the Naser Culture Palace Library.


Universities in Mokattam


Mokattam includes a number of private universities and modern specialized academies, which attract many students and their families to live in Mokattam. These universities and academies are:

  • Modern University for Technology and Information, which is one of the most famous universities in Cairo and is located on the central plateau in Mokattam.

  • Gezira Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology, which is located on Street 9 in Mokattam.

  • Mokattam Academy for Modern Sciences, which is located on Street 9

  • The Modern Academy, which is located in Plot 6564 in the Fifth Neighborhood

  • Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, which is located in the central plateau of Mokattam.


 Service Facilities in Mokattam


Mokattam contains a range of important and indispensable services that its residents need during their daily lives. The most important of these facilities are:

  • Mokattam Police Department

  • Many different bank branches are located near Al Nafoura Square, including the branches of the National Bank, the Arab African Bank, and Banque Misr.

  • Those services are located on Street 9, including Credit Agricole, Qatar National Bank, Commercial International Bank, and Bank Audi.

This is in addition to a number of prominent mosques, such as:

  • Bilal Mosque, which is one of the largest and most modern mosques in Mokattam

  • Anwar Taha Mosque, which is located between the upper and central plateaus

  • Hira Mosque near Fountain Square

  • Al-Safa Mosque is the newest mosque in Mokattam.


Health Services in Mokattam


With the increase in demand for the Mokattam district, it was necessary to pay attention to the health aspect, because it is one of the most important factors that the residents of any district need.

The most important hospitals in Mokattam are:

  • Tabarak Children’s Hospital, located in Al Nafoura Square

  • Dar Al-Umm Specialized Hospital, located on 31 Street 9

  • Mokattam Specialized Hospital, located at the end of Street 9

  • Rakhawi Hospital, which specializes in mental health and addiction treatment and is located on Street 12

  • Al-Gamila Hospital is located on Al-Ahram Street and across from the Misr Insurance Club.

There are also some hospitals, clinics and specialized medical centers in Mokattam. The most important of which are:

  • Bait Al Hamad Specialized Clinics, 3 Al Nafoura Street

  • Al Radwan Specialized Clinic, 53 Street 103

  • the Mokattam Clinic in Atlas Residences

  • Al Razi Specialized Center Street 9 across Al Nasr Buildings

  • Al Safwa Medical Center for Oncology Street 9.

There are also many radiology and analysis centers. The most famous of which are:

  • Al Mukhtabar

  • Al-Burj

  • Alpha

  • Taiba


Entertainment Venues in Mokattam


Mokattam is distinguished by its different character, which allows its residents and visitors to enjoy its distinctive atmosphere. The most popular entertainment venues in Mokattam are:


• Al Nafoura Square, as we mentioned before, it is one of the most popular commercial areas in Cairo to start projects. It is located on Street 9 and includes many recreational options, such as shopping, sitting in cafes, or walking.

• The New Shooting Club, which allows trying different activities, or practising meditation, walking or running.

• Mokattam Corniche, which contains a group of high-end cafes and restaurants that allow you to see Cairo and its landmarks through it, including Salah El-Din Castle and Mohamed Ali Mosque, overlooked by luxurious villas and residences.

• Mount Mokattam, which extends in the form of a rocky edge, enabling you to sit on top of it with a group of simple cafes that serve you a variety of drinks.

• Mokattam Sports Club, which is located on Street 9 in the upper plateau. It is one of the largest sports edifices, which has been around for 32 years.

• Misr Insurance Club, which is located in the middle of Street 9, was previously called Al Sharq Club.

• Salah El-Din Castle, which is one of the most famous landmarks that are not without visitors, both Egyptians and foreigners, and some cafes and commercial outlets were established around it.

• Al-Juyoushi Mosque, which is the first mosque built with stone in Cairo. It is located on the top of Mount Mokattam, and is famous for its minaret that dates back to the Fatimid era.


Shopping and the Best Malls in Mokattam


Mokattam includes many commercial malls that provide shopping options and all needs to the residents, such as clothing stores, hardware, hyper, popular markets, game outlets, and more.

In Mokattam, there are large stores such as:

  • Carrefour

  • Metro

  • Awlad Ragab

  • Khair Zaman

  • Al-Raya

  • Bim

  • Al-Othaim

There are also popular markets selling vegetables and fruits in different parts of the district. There are many shops along Street 9, specializing in clothes, toys, and just about everything.

The best malls in Mokattam include:

  • Kids Mall specializes in everything a child needs, including clothes, toys, and more.

  • Baron Mall, which is located in the Khalifa section, contains a variety of shops. 

  • Genena Group

  • Elite Mall

  • City Mall

These malls include services and administrative offices for sale or rent in Mokattam. Some of them also contains a cinema, a games area, and a restaurant area, to provide you with fun besides shopping and buying your needs.