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Secon Nile Towers
Secon Nile Towers

El Maadi El Maadi

Starting From 6,366,938 EGP

Degla Elegance
Degla Elegance

Maadi Maadi

Degla Elite
Degla Elite

Maadi Maadi

Starting From 945,000 EGP

Eskon w Asat Maadi
Eskon w Asat Maadi

Maadi Maadi

Starting From 2,713,333 EGP


Zahraa Maadi Zahraa Maadi

Starting From 2,715,120 EGP


Maadie Maadie

41 Business District
41 Business District

Maadi Maadi

Starting From 11,969,547 EGP

Maadi Gate
Maadi Gate

Maadi Maadi

Starting From 2,975,000 EGP

The Everest
The Everest

El Maadi El Maadi


Zahraa Maadi Zahraa Maadi

Starting From 4,773,215 EGP


El Maadi El Maadi

Starting From 1,062,500 EGP

Degla Square Mall
Degla Square Mall

Al Maadi Al Maadi

Starting From 21,400,000 EGP

Maadi V
Maadi V

Zahraa Maadi Zahraa Maadi

Starting From 1,595,445 EGP

Maadi Medical Center
Maadi Medical Center

El Maadi El Maadi

Starting From 2,224,000 EGP

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Your Guide to Maadi Compounds

Maadi Compounds: A Great Housing Experience


If you look for a real estate unit or a property in Maadi Compounds, Aqarmap Guide is your broker for finding a suitable residential, commercial, administrative or clinic unit. The Guide includes all residential projects and mega malls in Greater Cairo and all the governorates of Egypt. So, you can easily search for an apartment, a villa, a shop, an office or a medical clinic.

Aqarmap Guide also gives you an opportunity to determine the type of the property, whether residential, commercial or administrative, the price category, whether economic, medium or luxurious, the project's condition, the type of finishing, and the appropriate payment methods. You can also search by the name of the project if you are looking for a specific compound or developer.

The Guide helps you to know all details of the compounds, including services, prices, areas and locations to choose the project near your place of work or your children's schools. It also shows you the owners and developers of the projects and their most prominent achievements to choose the developer who is trustworthy and famous for quality.


Maadi Projects


If you look for a housing unit in a place close to services, diverse transportation networks, job opportunities, and is divided into neighborhoods that vary in locations, views, and unit prices to suit all groups and needs, there is no doubt that you will not regret at all if you resort to Maadi district to take it as your destination.

In the following lines, we will talk about everything related to housing in the famous Maadi district.


Know More About Maadi


First of all, it is worthy to mention that the reason for naming Maadi with such a name is due to the ferry located in front of the district. This ferry was used to cross the River Nile, which is one of the most distinctive landmarks in this district.

The Maadi Corniche is a destination for all real estate development companies when developing projects, including compounds and residential buildings. Also, the owners of restaurants, cafes and other projects also prefer El Maadi Corniche to construct malls and entertainment venues.

Maadi is known as one of the most famous and prestigious ancient districts in Egypt. The district attracts the elite of society and foreigners as well. Despite the modernity of its architecture, buildings and the many new projects, Maadi dates back to the era of Khedive Ismail.

Maadi is distinguished by well-planned streets, where each street has a number, such as Street 9, Street 105, Street 82, and the like. The most famous of these streets is Street 9, which brings together many commercial and service facilities. Street 9 is the main street in Maadi.


Location of Maadi District


Maadi is located south of Cairo, on the eastern bank of the Nile. It is bordered to the west by the Nile Corniche Street, to the east by the Autostrad Road, to the north by Al-Basateen and Dar Al-Salaam districts, and to the south by Helwan district.


The Most Important Neighborhoods and Areas of Maadi


The main areas of Maadi are: Old Maadi, Zahraa Maadi, and New Maadi. There are more neighborhoods and non-main areas. In the following lines, we will talk about the details of these neighborhoods.


New Maadi


  • This area is located between Lasilki Square and Autostrad Street.

  • There are both the Saqr Quraish area and the Kuwaiti Company residences.

  • Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for ownership of apartments in New Maadi.

  • The area combines different categories of housing, average, above average, and economic.


Old Maadi


  • It is one of the most prestigious areas in Maadi and Cairo in general.

  • It is characterized by elegance and classics.

  • It includes villas and residential buildings in the ancient style, which is characterized by luxury, with low floors.

  • It is characterized by its dense trees and diverse flowers that give it a lively, cheerful and distinctive character.

  • There are many embassies, foreign communities, and international companies in Old Maadi.


Zahraa El Maadi


  • It is one of the new areas in Maadi.

  • The apartments in Zahraa El Maadi vary between luxurious, above-average, average and economic.

  • There are buildings for oil companies.

  • It contains Wadi Degla and Wadi Degla Protectorate.


Degla Maadi


  • Many people, especially families, have recently moved to this area to live therein.

  • It includes the Degla Club, which is one of the most important reasons that attracted families to this area.

  • Its buildings are distinguished by their height, as they contain tall towers, unlike the old Maadi.


Maadi Autostrad


  • This area extends from Al-Basateen and Saqr Quraish neighborhoods to Tora.

  • Maadi Autostrad includes housing units of various categories, popular, average, and above average.

  • There are residential compounds for police officers.


Maadi Corniche


  • This area extends from the Constitutional Court in Cairo to the beginning of the Tora area.

  • It contains 3 main entrances, which are Entrance 1, Entrance 2, and Entrance Tora.

  • It attracts many seekers of high-end housing in a privileged location and includes many services.


Main Streets and Roads Near Maadi


Maadi is close to many main roads and streets, which connect it to all parts of Cairo. This gives it a unique and distinct location from other similar districts.

It is 10 kilometers away from Tahrir Square, which is one of the distinctive landmarks in Cairo. It is also connected to the heart of Cairo by 4 roads, namely the Nile Corniche, the Agricultural Road, the Autostrad Road, and the Ring Road.


The Most Important Landmarks of Maadi


Maadi contains some prominent and important landmarks, which made it a touristic, not only residential, district. These landmarks include:


  • Wadi Degla Protectorate


It is one of the most famous and most prominent of these landmarks. The Protectorate is located in the Eastern Desert and includes rare animals, such as deer, hares, red fox, and mountain goats. There are beautiful landscapes, and many people go to it to experience camping. Bicycles can also be used in it.


  • The Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court


It is distinguished by its ancient and civilized architectural design at the same time. The Court contains 14 Pharaonic obelisks on the ground floor, and 14 distributed on other floors. It is similar in design to the Egyptian museums and includes a fountain in the shape of a lotus flower.


  • Maadi Island


They are small islands located in the middle of the Nile, connected to the mainland by wooden bridges. Around these islands, there are a number of restaurants, cafes, parks and amusement parks.


  • Technological Zone in Maadi


It is the first specialized investment zone in Egypt. It is the result of joint cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Ministry of Investment, and the Cairo Governorate.

Maadi also includes the Petrified Trees Reserve, east of Maadi, and some ancient religious monuments, such as the Hussein Sedky Mosque and the Church of the Virgin Mary. This is in addition to the satellite station, and the gate of the House of Suleiman Pasha al-Farnsawy (Lycée Maadi).


The Most Important Services in Maadi


Maadi contains integrated services at a high level. It includes basic educational and medical facilities, in addition to malls, restaurants, and various promenades. We will highlight this part in the following lines.


First, Medical and Health Services


Hospitals, clinics, medical centers in maadi and radiology centers are basic facilities in any residential district. So, Maadi is distinguished by the level of health services it provides. The most prominent medical facilities in this district are as follows:


  • Hospitals


Hospitals in Maadi include:

  • Armed Forces Hospital, which is located on the Maadi Corniche, next to the Constitutional Court

  • the Cleopatra Hospital Group on the Maadi Corniche as well

  • Dr. Mohamed Salah El-Din in Maadi Gardens

  • Jasmine Hospital in Algeria Street in New Maadi

  • Andalusia Maadi Hospital in the Lasik division

  • Al Manara Hospital on 9 Ahmed Zaki Street

  • Al Rayyan Hospital across the District Presidency building on Street 77

  • Al Farouk Hospital on Al Nahda Street behind Al Farouk Mosque

  • Tabarak Children’s Hospital across the Traffic Department on Street 306

  • There are also many medical units in the Maadi district.


  • Clinics and Centers


There are many specialized clinics and centers in Maadi. The most famous of them are:

  • Maadi Eye Center, which is located at 131 Ahmed Zaki Street

  • Maadi Clinic, which is located on the Nile Corniche near the Japanese Embassy

  • M​y doctor's clinic

  • Dawie clinics.


  • Pharmacies


Maadi includes many branches of the most famous pharmacy chains in Egypt, such as:

  • Misr Pharmacies, there is a branch in Zahraa El Maadi

  • Hamdoun Pharmacies at 36 Street 267 branching from 263

  • Rawda El Maadi Pharmacy at 9 Street 131

  • Seif Pharmacy at 17 Othman Towers

  • El Ezaby Pharmacy at 23 Freedom Square

  • 19011 pharmacies on Street 9 in front of the metro station

  • Another branch next to Koueider Corniche Maadi

  • There are dozens of other pharmacies in different parts of the area.


 Second, Educational Institutions


There are many schools in Maadi, whether private, governmental or international. Additionally, there are nurseries, universities, and specialized educational academies. Below we will list the most important ones for you:


  • Nurseries


The most prominent nurseries in Maadi:

  • Tolly Kids Nursery in Maadi Al Sarayat Al Gharbia

  • Al Nada Nursery at 25 Zahraa El Maadi Street

  • Future Nursery at 25 El Salam Street

  • Al Sanafir Nursery in Maadi Gardens

  • Green House Nursery at 2 Sherif Salama Street

  • Fairy Land Nursery at 4 Zahraa El Maadi Street

  • There are dozens of other options.


  • Schools


Maadi offers many educational options, including international, language, private, public, and Arabic schools. The most prominent of these schools are:

  • Al-Bashaer International School

  • Taiba School

  • Al-Aliaa Private School in Zahraa El-Maadi

  • Wadi Degla Language School in Ezbet Nafeh

  • Manarat Maadi International School on New Horizon Street

  • Canal Language School at 22 Street 82

  • The British International School in the Fourth Neighborhood

  • Al-Amal Language School at 18 105 Street

  • New Maadi Preparatory School at 34 Mostafa Kamel Street.


  • Universities 


Maadi includes:

  • International Electronic University

  • KUC University

It also includes a number of specialized academies, including:

  • American Maritime Academy in Maadi Degla

  • NASA Aeronautical Academy at 4 151st Street

  • Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences at 151st Street

  • Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology in Al-Basateen Al-Sharqiah.


Third, Residential Services and Utilities


The Maadi district provides its residents with the most important services they need in their daily lives. There are natural gas connections to homes, and a number of gas companies are available in Maadi, such as Egypt Gas, Town Gas, Maadi Petroleum Services, Sinai Gas, and others. You can view all the prices of apartments in maadi, villas and real estate in Maadi through our price guide

The Electricity Company is located in Maadi on 3 Wadi El-Nile Street near Al-Farouq Mosque, and near it there is a Drinking Water and Sanitation Company at 1 Wadi El-Nile Street.


The Best Restaurants and Cafes in Maadi


We do not exaggerate if we say that Maadi includes branches of all the famous and distinctive restaurants and cafes. There are also many branches throughout the district, including:

  • Branches of Mori Sushi Restaurant

  • McDonald's

  • Burger King

  • KFC

  • Abu Mazen Al-Suri

  • Papa John's

  • Hadhramout

  • Winos

  • Silnatro Café

  • Many other restaurants and cafes, whether they are located independently or within a mall.


Shopping in Maadi Malls


Maadi is one of the areas filled with commercial markets and branches of famous chains of stores. The best malls in Maadi:

  • Grand Mall Maadi, includes a lot of famous clothing, shoes, jewellery and electrical appliances stores. It also includes various restaurants and cafes, and shops for toys and household items.

  • Point 90 Mall, contains a group of restaurants and open cafes, in addition to a cinema, a gym, and some famous clothing stores. This mall is located near the American University.

  • City Center Maadi, combines everything you may look for, including a restaurant area, clothing, shoes, accessories and appliances stores, a supermarket, and more.

  • Bandar Al Maadi, is famous for its bowling alley and games area, in addition to a cinema, a number of famous restaurants, and other shopping needs. It is located on Palestine Street in Maadi.


There are also more shopping options in Maadi, such as:


  • Baron Mall

  • Gourmet Degla

  • Boomers

  • Cafloka

  • Nile Point

  • Carrefour Maadi

  • Splash Out

  • Carpet City Maadi

  • Shawwa Group

We will not forget to mention the famous Street 9 neighborhood, which includes many entertainment venues, in addition to restaurants and shops.


The Most Famous Entertainment Venues in Maadi


Maadi offers dozens of recreational options, which are characterized by open spaces that enable individuals to walk, run or cycle while enjoying nature. The most prominent of these options are:

  • Maadi Rowing Club

  • Wadi Degla Club

  • Al Shorouk Club for Police Officers

  • Maadi Club for Armed Forces Officers

  • Teachers Club in Maadi

  • Beach 54 Military Club.

In addition to the Maadi Corniche, which is overlooked by many famous luxurious hotels, where you can spend quality time with your family, or ride a Nile cruise while dining in the middle of the water. These hotels include:

  • Cairotel

  • Sofitel

  • Holiday Inn