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Smeralda Bay

Smeralda Bay

North Coast

Chalets 38,450 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 6,179,000  EGP
One Alamein

One Alamein

Alamein City

Apartments 19,901 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,071,000  EGP
Palm Hills New Alamein

Palm Hills New Alamein

New Alamein City

Apartments 34,607 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,947,300  EGP
El Alamein Capital

El Alamein Capital

New Alamein

Chalet with Garden 17,903 EGP/M²
Chalets 17,457 EGP/M²
Properties 0 EGP/M²


North Coast

Apartments 20,334 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,516,385  EGP


New Alamein

Villas 48,460 EGP/M²
Apartments 33,333 EGP/M²
Duplex 33,049 EGP/M²
Penthouse 33,028 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,650,000  EGP


New Alamein North coast

Starting Price: 3,900,000  EGP
Porto Cruise

Porto Cruise


Chalets 20,008 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 909,000  EGP
Stella Heights

Stella Heights

Al Alamein

Separate Villa 12,245 EGP/M²
Twin House 11,760 EGP/M²


New Alamein

Twin Villa 39,882 EGP/M²
Studio 37,871 EGP/M²
Town House 36,697 EGP/M²
Chalet with Garden 35,807 EGP/M²
Apartments 33,037 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,590,600  EGP
Palm Hills New Alamein Mall

Palm Hills New Alamein Mall

New Alamein

Restaurant 99,075 EGP/M²
Stores 71,901 EGP/M²


New Alamein

Chalets 32,571 EGP/M²
Apartment with Garden 32,023 EGP/M²
Apartments 32,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 4,512,000  EGP
The Gate Towers

The Gate Towers

New Alamein City

Apartments 46,619 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 6,900,000  EGP
IL Latini

IL Latini

New Alamein

Apartments 28,258 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,513,000  EGP


Al Alamein City

Twin House 32,917 EGP/M²
Chalets 27,607 EGP/M²
Separate Villa 20,588 EGP/M²
Chalet with Garden 8,571 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,700,000  EGP

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Know More Information about El-Alamein City


El-Alamein city project is one of the most important projects on the northern coast, and it is one of the cities of Marsa Matrouh Governorate, and its total area is about 48,000 acres.


El-Alamein city is distinguished by its distinctive view of the Mediterranean Sea, with a distance of 14 kilometers.


El-Alamein city has many mega projects that resemble the projects of the New Administrative Capital compound , and commercial centers, resorts, and luxurious tourist villages, which provide residential properties that vary between: studio apartments, two-bedroom chalets, and twin house units, and villas.


Various Properties For Vacation or Housing in El-Alamein


In general, El-Alamein city includes residential, commercial for sale , and tourist properties and recreational facilities, with easy access to parks, stunning beaches, swimming pools, as well as prominent areas such as the Al-Alamein Museum, Dubai Towers and Tourist Walk, which makes it one of the most sought-after coastal areas in Egypt.


Division of El-Alamein City 


El-Alamein city is a mixed-use area, divided into residential and coastal sectors, in addition to being an important historical region. The city contains 14 residential neighborhoods, commercial and service areas on an area of ​​5,000 acres. 


The residential sector in the city includes about 10,000 housing units. The city consists of recreational areas, luxury hotels and Resorts in El Alamin, in addition to distinctive residential neighborhoods, as well as prestigious educational facilities.


El-Alamein city is distinguished as an important archaeological and historical area, as it was carried out by the Battle of El-Alamein of World War II, which distinguishes it from other coastal cities to become a tourist destination as well.


The mega projects in El-Alamein city include towers and skyscrapers similar to those in Dubai, and the tower rises 40 floors and contains about 230 residential units. 


These towers are being implemented by a group of the most important and famous engineering companies in Egypt, such as the Arab Contractors, Hassan Allam Sons, Orascom, City Edge Real Estate Development, the Development and Housing Bank, and Rordecon in partnership with the Urban Communities Authority.


Transportation and Parking Spaces in El-Alamein


If you rely on public transport for your transportation, you can take buses through the available transportation companies, such as:


  • Blue Bus

  • Super Jet Land Transport Company

  • High Gate Company

  • Go Bus Land Transport Company

  • West and Central Delta Transport and Tourism Company


It is planned to implement a high-speed train with a speed of up to 250 km/hour, linking 6th of October City and El-Alamein, and extending about 221 km along the Wadi El-Natrun-Al-Alamein road.




El-Alamein International Airport is located in northwestern Egypt, near the city of El-Alamein, specifically 60 kilometers from the Porto Marina resort and 12 kilometers from the El Dabaa area.


The Most Important Services and Facilities in El-Alamein city


Health Services and Facilities


There are many options for medical care in the city of El-Alamein between clinics and hospitals. The Model El-Alamein Hospital is available at Kilo 107 on the Alexandria - Matrouh desert road. It also provides an integrated medical service and a positive health environment aimed at patient safety. There are clinics for sale in New Alamein, North Coast with great prices. The city of El-Alamein also includes the International Medical Center for Hospitalization and Physiotherapy, which extends over a massive area of ​​about 44 acres.


There are also many pharmacies in the city of Alamein, including Usha Pharmacy, located at km 105 on the Alexandria - Matrouh desert road.


Schools and Universities in El-Alamein City


Residents can choose from several distinguished schools in the region, such as Al-Alamein International Schools, which adopt the British curriculum. There are also many prestigious universities that offer a distinguished level of education, including the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, and Al-Alamein International University.


The most important landmarks and places of leisure and entertainment in New El-Alamein city 

includes many prominent landmarks such as:


 El-Alamein Museum


It is one of the most important military museums that commemorate the end of the Second World War, and El-Alamein Museum is located at the 105th kilometer on the Alexandria - Matrouh desert road, and it was established in 1956, then it was opened again after its development in 1992 to become a tourist attraction. 


The museum includes an open exhibition yard where visitors can see heavy equipment, weapons, and cannons that were used in the battle. Visitors can also wander between the museum halls and see carved pictures of the leaders of the warring armies, as well as war maps and the holdings of the armies.


Recreational Tourist Walkway


The tourist walkway is one of the most important projects in El-Alamein city, as it parallels the Corniche of Alexandria Governorate, and is about 14 kilometers long. Malls and outlets, galleries, cabarets, a complex of cinemas and sports clubs, as well as providing dedicated cycling paths.


El-Alamein city includes many other prominent areas, including the cultural center that includes the Opera House and the recreational tourist walkway, and the recreational area in the city of El-Alamein have many commercials  for sale that offer different types of different commercial and service activities and hypermarkets. The City of Culture in El-Alamein includes the Roman open air theater, the El-Alamein opera hall, a cinema complex, a mosque, and a church.



The Best Resorts and Tourist Villages in El-Alamein City


Bo Islands Resort


Bo Islands Resort is one of the unique resorts in El-Alamein, which provides a wide range of luxury facilities and services, including water activities from the Aqua Park, shops and restaurants, a commercial mall, a medical center and an amusement park, and the chalets feature stunning views of the sea directly or the swimming pools and the vast green spaces that It occupies about 88% of the total project area. Bo Islands Resort also includes a five-star hotel, with more than 1,550 hotel rooms, and a 17 kilometers long Crystal Lagoons on the beach.


Lagoon Resort


The Lagoon Resort is developed by Arco Real Estate Development, it is considered one of the best areas that provide an enjoyable time for the family and is visited by many residents and visitors. The Lagoon Resort is located at Kilo 113 on the Alexandria - Matrouh Desert Road. Both residents and guests enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and vacation unlike any other. The resort consists of equipped units designed according to the modern architectural style, and it is worth noting that the entire area is a complete integrated resort. Since it provides many services and recreational facilities, as well as security and guard services, water games and recreational areas for children. The resort includes residential units of various sizes starting from 60 Square Meters And Up To 95 Square Meters.


The Gate Towers


The Gate Towers is one of the main projects developed by City Edge Real Estate Development Company, and it features direct natural views of the sea and Lake El-Alamein. Its proximity to the most important landmarks of the city, such as the Midtown area, El-Alamein Gardens, the Heritage City, and Al Massa Hotel.


Downtown Village


Downtown Village New Alamein North coast, developed by City Edge Real Estate Company, is ideally located in the heart of El-Alamein, a 15-minute walk from the beach. Owners can enjoy many services and luxuries in Downtown Village, including the spread of gardens and parks, green spaces, private places for family seating, a number of high-end restaurants and cafes, a children's play area, a gym and spa equipped with the latest equipment, and surveillance cameras that provide safety and security standards for residents. The village provides many basic facilities, such as a mosque, a pharmacy, medical facilities to help citizens, and schools and universities near Downtown Village.


Ghazala Bay Hotel and Resort


Ghazala Bay Resort is located at the 142nd kilometer on the Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Desert Road, specifically in Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, and it directly overlooks the sea. Ghazala Resort provides a variety of residential units to suit large families and newlyweds as well, and it varies between chalets, twin houses, and villas of many sizes, and all chalet for sale in the Ghazala Bay project were executed with Super Lux finishes. These units are designed with comfort and an ideal lifestyle in mind, and the villas are equipped with all luxurious facilities, such as ready-made kitchens, bathrooms with modern designs, and large windows extending from floor to ceiling, and the villas also feature a view of the swimming pools and the picturesque gardens.


Ghazala Resort provides a distinctive set of modern facilities and services that guarantee a luxurious lifestyle for residents, which makes it classified as one of the most popular residential areas for buying real estate in the North Coast. Since it also includes a commercial mall, gym equipped with the latest sports equipment and recreational areas dedicated to kids games. A hypermarket to provide the residents' daily needs, in addition to the security and guard services available throughout the year.


Advantages of Investing in El-Alamein City


El-Alamein city areas is one of the largest and most famous modern areas in Egypt, and one of its most important features is its strategic location that made it the focus of attention of investors and buyers, as it is about two hours away from the capital Cairo, and it is located near the governorates of Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh. The city of El-Alamein is distinguished for being one of the fourth generation cities designed with the latest architectural style, as well as being a coastal area and a distinctive tourist and residential destination. The city is expected to change the concept of coastal cities.


El-Alamein city includes many types of Properties for sale , some of which are used for commercial purposes and the other is used for residential and recreational purposes . It also offers integrated services and facilities such as educational and health services that serve the city, thus becoming a residential city also attracts people throughout the year and not only in the summer. This made it the center of attention of investors and residents from all over the country.




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