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El Centro Mall

El Centro Mall

New Administrative Capital

Stores 79,539 EGP/M²
Studio 50,000 EGP/M²
Offices 41,870 EGP/M²
Clinics 39,739 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,334,000  EGP


New Cairo

Villas 60,475 EGP/M²
Twin House 47,727 EGP/M²
Town House 35,140 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 14,800,000  EGP
Ozone Health Care

Ozone Health Care

New Cairo

Clinics 54,174 EGP/M²
Medical 51,815 EGP/M²
Pharmacy 44,034 EGP/M²
Hospital 6,491 EGP/M²
Radiology Center 0 EGP/M²
Medical Lab 0 EGP/M²
Stores 0 EGP/M²
Medical Center 0 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,968,970  EGP
One Seven Mall
Village Gate Mall

Village Gate Mall

New Cairo

Stores 103,535 EGP/M²
Clinics 66,457 EGP/M²
Offices 64,462 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,900,700  EGP


New Cairo

Stores 137,501 EGP/M²
Offices 75,140 EGP/M²
Clinics 67,500 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,588,000  EGP



Apartments 10,207 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 937,300  EGP
La Mirada plaza Mall

La Mirada plaza Mall

Fifth Settlement

Pharmacy 136,051 EGP/M²
Commercial 100,975 EGP/M²
Stores 90,000 EGP/M²
Administrative 75,154 EGP/M²
Offices 75,154 EGP/M²
Clinics 47,000 EGP/M²
Medical Center 36,938 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,783,650  EGP
Heartwork Business Hub

Heartwork Business Hub

New Cairo

Stores 76,318 EGP/M²
Offices 55,326 EGP/M²
Administrative 33,584 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,059,825  EGP
Rove Mall

Rove Mall

New Cairo

Stores 93,646 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 12,420,000  EGP


New Cairo

Stores 92,083 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,711,800  EGP
Head Quarters Mall

Head Quarters Mall

New Cairo

Administrative 50,468 EGP/M²
Offices 50,468 EGP/M²
Sun Gates

Sun Gates

Masr El Gedida

Apartments 16,250 EGP/M²
Art City
The Clinics

The Clinics

New Cairo

Pharmacy 241,500 EGP/M²
Stores 148,328 EGP/M²
Commercial 112,296 EGP/M²
Clinics 84,375 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,811,250  EGP



Apartments 11,141 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,552,500  EGP


Al Narges

Penthouse 21,233 EGP/M²
Apartments 16,472 EGP/M²
Apartment with Garden 11,341 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,945,800  EGP
The Village Gate

The Village Gate

New Cairo

Apartments 50,667 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 7,701,327  EGP
Compound Vial


Gesr El Suez

Stores 78,383 EGP/M²
Offices 18,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,656,000  EGP
Eclipse Business Space

Eclipse Business Space

Fifth Settlement

Commercial 158,492 EGP/M²
Administrative 76,869 EGP/M²
Medical 72,450 EGP/M²
Co-working space 72,000 EGP/M²
Properties 0 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,332,700  EGP
Village Avenue

Village Avenue

Fifth Settlement

Penthouse 24,528 EGP/M²
Duplex 19,914 EGP/M²
Apartments 17,836 EGP/M²
Premium Business Center

Premium Business Center

New Cairo

Stores 52,491 EGP/M²
Offices 40,222 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 805,000  EGP
Golden Gate Complex

Golden Gate Complex

New Cairo

Offices 83,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 5,780,000  EGP
La Terra


New Cairo

Apartments 14,625 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,829,000  EGP
Mountain view Hyde Park

Mountain view Hyde Park

New Cairo

Penthouse 28,157 EGP/M²
21,789 EGP/M²
Apartments 18,103 EGP/M²
Twin House 0 EGP/M²
Properties 0 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,415,000  EGP
Azad Views

Azad Views

Fifth Settlement

Apartment with Garden 38,140 EGP/M²
Duplex 32,046 EGP/M²
Apartments 31,885 EGP/M²
Penthouse 19,949 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 4,430,555  EGP
Secon Nile Towers

Secon Nile Towers

El Maadi

Apartments 95,369 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,461,500  EGP

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Compounds of New Cairo

Choose Your Upscale Home in New Cairo Compounds


Whatever the required property is, whether residential, commercial, administrative or for investing money, it can be searched for through the new comprehensive Compounds Guide provided by Aqarmap. Actually, Aqarmap Compounds Guide is about the high-end residential projects known as compounds, which are widely scattered and highly sought-after in New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement.

The Guide also includes many malls, commercial, administrative and medical centers in the Fifth Settlement, the outskirts of New Cairo, and the residential areas inhabited by thousands of families. So, a great number of audiences are present and ready to buy, which is the most important and first element for the success of any project.


New Ways from Aqarmap to Facilitate the Search


Just choose the desired property, whether it is an apartment, villa, or studio with the area you specify. You can also limit the search to choose offices, administrative headquarters, medical clinics or shops. You can also use the new search options from Aqarmap to specify:

  • The purpose of the property is residing, establishing an administrative headquarters for your business, or choosing a commercial store.

  • The price segment of the property, is it economic, medium or luxurious?

  • The construction state and the date of receipt of the unit or property.

  • The type of finishing, whether it is semi-finished, luxe or ultra-super lux.

  • The most suitable payment method for paying the price of the property: is it in cash or in installments over years?

  • The name of the project in case you want a specific project, compound or mall.


Comprehensive Information About the Developer to Make a Reliable Choice


Before choosing a project, you are supposed to review the developer’s history, his previous projects and the number of projects he developed. Therefore, you can know the extent of his seriousness and commitment. Here, in the Compound Guide, you find such information transparently explained without bias, and also find what matters to you about the project details that help you choose a reliable compound.


How Close the Compound is to Services and Roads


It is also important to choose the location of the project near the important services for you, such as schools, universities, or workplaces. You also should know the most important nearby roads and the main axes that connect you to the cities and neighboring areas.

In the Guide, you will also find details about the advantages of the compounds and their inside or nearby services, the design of the projects, and the privacy and healthy environment they provide for you.


New Cairo: the First Choice for High-end Housing


New Cairo is one of the most famous residential areas and new cities in Greater Cairo. It is also one of the first residential projects in Egypt outside the capital. The City is characterized by its good planning, as it is divided into a group of districts and communities. The most famous of which is the Fifth Settlement, the Third Settlement, Rehab City, Madinaty, Lotus Neighborhood and Katameya.

The area of ​​New Cairo is about 85,000 acres, which is a huge area awaiting the construction of new housing projects. ​​New Cairo is located east of Cairo, between the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ain Sokhna roads. Thanks to the development of roads and main axes and the extension of bridges, access to and from the city have become easy. So, you can easily move from ​​New Cairo to Nasr City, Heliopolis, or The New Administrative Capital in less than half an hour at the latest.

For more than twenty years, New Cairo has managed to find a place for itself among the new cities. It includes many services, public facilities, many universities and schools of all kinds, sports clubs, malls, hospitals, health centers, and other services used by a large number of the population.


Districts, Neighborhoods, and Areas of New Cairo 


New Cairo includes more than one residential area, as it is divided into districts and areas. The most famous of which are the Fifth Settlement, the First Settlement and the Third Settlement. Additionally, there are some new areas, such as Beit Al-Watan and the Extension of South 90th Street and others.

In the following paragraphs, we will quickly learn about the most important residential areas in New Cairo:


1- Fifth Settlement: it is the most famous district in New Cairo. It is located south of the 90th Street, the most prestigious area of ​​the Fifth Settlement. It consists of five residential neighborhoods and has also become the preferred headquarters for new companies and branches of major banks. Thus, the Fifth Settlement has become a high-end financial and commercial hub in West Cairo.


2- The Lotus Neighborhood: it is one of the best neighborhoods in New Cairo and is distinguished by its good panning. Lotus is located east of New Cairo and between the northern and southern 90th Streets. The Neighborhood is divided into northern and southern parts to take the shape of a lotus flower. In the vicinity of the Lotus Neighborhood, there are a group of distinctive landmarks, such as the American University in Cairo (AUC), the Clubs District, the Future University in Egypt (FUE) and Air-Forces Specialized Hospital.


3- Northern Investors Area: it is located north of the 90th Street and next to the Lotus and El Korunful neighborhoods, and Rehab city. The Northern Investors Area is characterized by a high level of residential projects, green spaces, and proximity to the most important landmarks of New Cairo, such as the 90th Street and the Golden Square area.


4- Southern Investors Area: it is one of the largest residential areas in New Cairo and is located south of the 90th Street and across the Northern Investors Area. It is characterized by a variety of compounds in the Southern Investors Area, some of which are villa-only compounds.


5- El Korunful Neighborhood: it is a small neighborhood dedicated to villas. It is called the villas area and is directly located next to Rehab city on the Northern 90th Street. It is only 5 minutes away from Suez Road.


6- The First Settlement District: it is one of the quiet and sparsely populated neighborhoods in New Cairo. It is located next to the Police Academy and has many residential units for sale or rent at a medium and high levels.


7- Rehab City: it is one of the most prestigious residential communities in New Cairo. It is divided into many internal neighborhoods and is directly located on the Cairo-Suez road. Rehab City is next to the family garden and is the first integrated city to be established by the private sector in Egypt. It is also characterized by good organization, a high level of security, and wide green areas.


8- Madinaty: it is the most famous residential project for the private sector in Egypt. It is located east of New Cairo and directly on the Suez Road. It is a modern, integrated city that enjoys a high level of luxury. It accommodates 600,000 people and covers an area of ​​8,000 acres. The total number of units in Madinaty is about 120,000 with different areas, designs and types. Madinaty has apartments, villas and mansions. 


9- Bait Al Watan Area: it is a residential project for the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA). It is located between Madinaty project and Rehab City project. So, it has a privileged location near the Suez Road and is characterized by being dedicated to Egyptian expatriates. Bait Al Watan is designed to be one of the upscale areas in New Cairo and is not far from the New Administrative Capital. 


10- El Banafsij Neighborhood: it is located north of the northern 90th Street in New Cairo. It is divided into 12 areas or zones. It is directly located on the 90th Street, and near Rehab city. El Banafsij offers many residential units in various areas.


11- El Andalus neighborhood: it is one of the quiet and sparsely populated areas in New Cairo. It is located east of the city and near the American University in Cairo (AUC). It is similar to the neighborhood of villas in terms of building designs, as it is very low, which gives it a special character.


The Main Streets and Roads Near New Cairo


New Cairo is surrounded by a group of main roads and axes that form great entrances to it from all sides. There are also a number of roads and axes within New Cairo that serve as its lifeline, linking its various neighborhoods and areas to other cities and areas. The most famous of these roads are the Ring Road, Suez Road, the 90th Street, the Jamal Abdel Nasser axis, and the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.


North and South 90th Streets


The 90th Street is the most important and most famous street in New Cairo. It extends along from the Ring Road and branches into two streets, one of which is north that reaches the Cairo-Suez Road, and the second is south and reaches the Middle Ring Road.

On both sides of the 90th Street, there are the most famous residential projects, the most famous commercial centers, universities, and a group of important landmarks in New Cairo. For example, Cairo Festival Mall, the Kattameya Sports Club, the Air Force Specialized Hospital, the Future University in Egypt (FUE), the American University in Cairo (AUC), and SODIC.


Jamal Abdel Nasser Axis


It is one of the largest axes and streets in New Cairo. It is located between El Narjis Extension and El Narjis neighborhoods. Jamal Abdel Nasser Axis extends 3 km in length, from the Ring Road until it intersects with the 90th Street.


Mohammed bin Zayed Axis


It is the road that connects New Cairo with the New Administrative Capital. It starts from Nasr Square in El Lotus Neighborhood to the heart of the New Administrative Capital to be divided into north-south. The length of the Mohammed bin Zayed Axis is about 25 kilometers.


The Cairo - Suez Road


It is one of the roads that surround New Cairo and its northern entrance. It passes through many areas, such as Rehab, Rehab Extension, Beit Al-Watan and Madinaty.


The Ring road


It is one of the most important roads in Egypt. It is the main road leading to New Cairo from the west, coming from Nasr City, Downtown, Giza and Maadi. It also passes by Cairo Festival City Mall, Golf Heights, Police Academy and Porto Cairo Mall.


The Katameya - Ain Sokhna Road


It is the southern road that surrounds New Cairo and serves as an entrance to the southern neighborhoods of it, such as the Third District, Golf Heights, Hyde Park and El Andalus neighborhoods.


Services Available in New Cairo 


New Cairo is characterized as an integrated city. It includes all the educational, medical and commercial facilities and institutions, in addition to the recreational centers. This is due to the diversity of the population communities within it and the multiplicity of classes of the population. So, starting a commercial project, restaurant or clinic is a guaranteed success. Any project would enjoy a target audience from the residents of Nasr City, Heliopolis, El Shorouk and the rest of the surrounding areas of the Fifth Settlement.

These services represent the great strength of New Cairo, as they make life easier and more elegant, elevate communities and meet the needs of residents. Residents in any residential area need some services on a daily basis, such as educational and health services. For example, schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, specialized centers and others. So, let us learn about the most important of these services and their places within New Cairo.


1- Educational Institutions, Schools and Universities


 Educational services in New Cairo are distinguished. These services are widespread everywhere in the city. The most important schools and universities in New Cairo are as follows:


  • International Schools of Choueifat: it is the most famous school in New Cairo. It is located at the entrance to New Cairo on the side of the Ring Road. It is famous for excellent management.

  • The Modern English School: it is located in the Fifth Settlement and is known for its high academic level.

  • Canadian International School: it is located in the Fourth Nationhood within the Fifth Settlement. Its curricula are subject to the Canadian education system.

  • English School: It is located near Mirage City on the Suez Road.

  • The American University in Cairo (AUC): it is one of the most famous and best universities in Egypt. It is located on the Southern 90th Street and near the South Lotus District.

  • The Future University in Egypt (FUE): it is located between the North and South 90th Street, and near the American University in Cairo (AUC).


2- Medical Services and Hospitals


There are many hospitals, medical centers In New Cairo and specialized clinics, such as:

  • The Air-Force Specialized Hospital in the Fifth Settlement

  • The Violet Medical Center in the Banafsj District

  • Al-Manar Medical Center in the Third Settlement

  • Shafa Hospital in the Fifth Settlement

  • Tabarak Children’s Hospital in the First Settlement

Additionally, there are many clinics, such as:

  • Prime Clinics

  • Medical Clinics Park

There are also branches of many pharmacy chains, such as:

  • Seif

  • El-Ezaby

  • Misr

  • El Morshedy


 3- Sports Clubs and Gyms


New Cairo is famous for many sports clubs, such as:

  • Wadi Degla Club

  • Aviation Club

  • Platinum Club

  • Kattameya Club

  • Al Zohour Club

  • Branches of Balance Gym and Gold's Gym.


4- Malls and Entertainment Venues


New Cairo is greatly famous for malls and commercial centers. Many people from inside and outside the city go there to spend a good time, shop and eat. The most famous commercial malls in New Cairo are for example:

  • Meeting Point Mall

  • Americana Plaza

  • Cairo Festival City

  • Moon Valley Mall

  • The Spot Mall

  • Downtown Mall

  • Concorde Plaza


The Most Important Landmarks of New Cairo


New Cairo is an integrated city and has many landmarks and attractions that residents and visitors from outside the city come to visit. These landmarks include public parks, commercial centers and main streets.


The most important landmarks of New Cairo:


  • Family Park: it is a public park with an area of ​​80 acres. It belongs to the armed forces and offers an upscale and useful visit for kids and elders. The Park has a zoo, safari activities, a war museum, shows, art activities, amusement parks, open spaces and water spaces.

  • Rehab City: it is one of the most prestigious residential areas in New Cairo. It is characterized by green spaces, low population density, and distinguished services. It is known for its distinguished market, which includes various restaurants, walking and shopping areas.

  • The American University in Cairo (AUC): it is the most famous international university in Egypt. The university is famous for the quality of its academic programs. It is located on the Southern 90th Street near the Future University in Egypt (FUE).


The Best Commercial Malls in New Cairo


1- Cairo Festival City: it is the most famous mall in Greater Cairo. It is located at the beginning of 90th Street on the Ring Road. The Mall has a very large number of international shops and stores. It is characterized by its recreational activities, such as cinemas, cafes, kids areas and restaurants.


2- Concord Gardens: it is a commercial mall and a medium-sized shopping center consisting of only two floors. It is famous for a distinguished group of restaurants and is located on the 90th Street directly near Al-Masrawiya Compound.


3- Meeting Point: it is one of the famous commercial centers in New Cairo. It is located on the Southern 90th Street near the Future University in Egypt (FUE) and is distinguished by its open space in front of it. The Mall is dedicated to restaurants, famous shops and entertainment areas.


4- Americana Plaza: it is a commercial center located on 90th Street and across from the American University in Cairo (AUC). It is famous for its seafood restaurants and is characterized by its proximity to many famous compounds in New Cairo.


5- The Spot Mall: it is located across Gate  4 of the American University in Egypt (AUC), directly on Zizinia Street and near Midtown Mall.


6- Midtown Mall: it is one of the newest commercial centers in New Cairo. It opened in 2019 and is famous for its huge screens to watch the most important matches. The Mall has many shops and restaurants and is located across from the American University in Cairo (AUC).