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Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City

Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City

Nasr City

Apartments 26,378 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 7,123,690  EGP
Sun View Mall
Cairo Plaza

Cairo Plaza

Nasr City

Apartments 8,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 765,000  EGP
EMC Mall

EMC Mall

Nasr City

Stores 38,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,450,000  EGP
Eskon w Asat Nasr City

Eskon w Asat Nasr City

Nasr city

Apartments 18,219 EGP/M²
Properties 15,300 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 998,400  EGP


Nasr City

Apartments 10,100 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 931,040  EGP
T Square
Sky Roof

Sky Roof

Naser City

Starting Price: 3,000,000  EGP
Sun View
True Gate

True Gate

Nasr City

Apartments 11,671 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,195,665  EGP



Pharmacy 80,976 EGP/M²
Apartments 18,736 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,650,000  EGP
Arena City Towers

Arena City Towers

Nasr City

Apartments 11,800 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,219,800  EGP
Panorama Green

Panorama Green

Nasr City

Apartments 10,576 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,600,000  EGP
Capital East

Capital East

Nasr City

Apartments 11,346 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 940,000  EGP
Cairo Town

Cairo Town

Nasr City

Apartments 8,629 EGP/M²
Apartment with Garden 7,624 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 526,050  EGP

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Compounds in Nasr City

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More Details About Nasr City


On an area of ​​250 square kilometers - which is a very vast area - and in a distinguished vital location, Nasr City was built to become one of the largest and most famous cities in Greater Cairo. Nasr City is an extension of the Heliopolis district, and in 1999 a ministerial decision was issued to divide it into two districts; the West Nasr City and the East Nasr City. That decision entered into force in early July of the same year.

Nasr City enjoys a privileged strategic location. It is easily accessible from all sides, either through the subway through the exhibition grounds and stadium stations, or via the Ring Road, the Martyr axis, or Al Nasr Road. Such ease of accessibility is indeed one of the city's main advantages.

There are other unique advantages of Nasr City, on top of which is that being a lively city with remarkable commercial activity. Nasr City has many markets, commercial centers and shops, in addition to its integrated services from schools, hospitals, institutes, universities and clubs, not to mention the diversity of housing levels. Nasr City has average, above average and upscale housing.


The Internal Planning of Nasr City and Its Most Famous Neighborhoods


As we mentioned earlier, Nasr City is divided into two districts and the following are details of each one:


West Nasr City District


The area of ​​West Nasr City is about 18 square kilometers. It is one of the districts of the Eastern Province, as it is bordered to the east by Egypt-Suez Road until kilo 51, to the west by Salah Salem Street with Youssef Abbas, to the south by Kattameya Road, and to the north by Al-Mirghani and Al-Thawra Streets.

West Nasr City includes many residential areas at excellent prices, such as the sixth and seventh neighborhoods. It is also divided into several other famous neighborhoods, such as the stadium, the eastern Sarayat, Ezbet Al Arab, the railway club, and Al-Azhar University.


East Nasr City District


East Nasr City district represents the eastern front of Cairo Governorate. It is one of the largest residential districts in Cairo, with a population of more than 750,000.

East Nasr City includes several residential neighborhoods with a high population density. It includes the First Neighborhood, the Sixth Neighborhood, the East of the Sixth Neighborhood, the Seventh Neighborhood, the Eighth Neighborhood, the Ninth Neighborhood, the Tenth Neighborhood, the Eleventh Neighborhood, Engineers Neighborhood, golf Neighborhood, Companies Neighborhood, Al-Tawfiq Neighborhood, Rabaa Al-Adawiya Neighborhood, Al-Ahly Club Neighborhood, Al-Wafaa and Al-Amal Neighborhood, Zahraa Nasr City Neighborhood, the International Garden Neighborhood, and Ezbet Al-Haggana Neighborhood.

The neighborhoods and internal areas of Nasr City are generally linked to each other through a group of important streets. On top of these streets are Hassan Al-Mamoun Street, Makram Ebeid Street, Abbas Al-Akkad Street, Tayaran Street, Youssef Abbas Street, Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street, and Al-Nasr Road.


Services of Nasr City 


Nasr City is characterized by the widespread of its various services, whether health, educational, commercial, recreational or sports. All of which made it one of the attractive areas for residents. In the following lines, we will talk about these services in detail.


Hospitals and Health Centers


Nasr City and Greater Cairo contain a large number of major hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and medical centers that are known for providing a high level of health care.


First: the Hospitals


The most prominent of these hospitals in Nasr City are Al Nasr Specialized Hospital, Al Tawfiqia Specialized Hospital, Nasr City Health Insurance Hospital, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Tabarak Children’s Hospital, Al Masa Hospital in the Tenth District, and Rabaa Al Adawiya Specialized Hospital.


Second: Clinics and Medical Centers


As for the clinics and medical centers in Nasr City, the top of them are Al-Tayseer Specialized Clinics, Al-Tayseer Medical Center, the Center for Otolaryngology and Endoscopy, Al-Haq Specialized Clinics, Asma Specialized Clinics, and Al-Furqan Specialized Clinics.


Third: Pharmacies


With regard to the most prominent pharmacies, they are Seif pharmacies, Africa pharmacy, 19011 pharmacies, Delmar and Atallah Pharmacy, Nasr City Pharmacy, Ezz El-Din Pharmacies, Zoghbi Pharmacy, El-Serafy Pharmacy, Husseini Pharmacies, Al-Masry Pharmacies, Amer Pharmacy, Al-Azakhana Pharmacy, Misr Pharmacies, Shady Pharmacies, Hosny Pharmacy, Kiwan Pharmacies, Islamic Pharmacy, Farouk Pharmacies.


Schools and Educational Services in Nasr City


Nasr City includes plenty of educational schools for different stages, as well as distinguished universities and institutes. Most of which we will review with you as follows:


First: Universities and Institutes


The most important universities and institutes in Nasr City are Al-Azhar University, the American Open University, the Workers’ University, the Graduate Institute of Childhood Studies, Al-Alsun Higher Institute for Tourism, Hotels and Computers, the Higher Institute for Social Service, the Higher Institute of the Holy Qur’an, and the Information Technology Academy.


Second: Faculties


As for the faculties, they are the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies for Girls, Al-Azhar University, the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies for Boys, Al-Azhar University, the Faculty of Human Studies for Girls, Al-Azhar University, the Faculty of Pharmacy for girls at Al-Azhar University, the Faculty of Pharmacy for boys at Al-Azhar University, the Faculty of Medicine for girls at Al-Azhar University, and the Faculty of Medicine for boys at Al-Azhar University. The Faculty of Science for Boys, Al-Azhar University, the Faculty of Science for Girls, Al-Azhar University, the Faculty of Islamic Sciences for Expatriates, Al-Azhar University, and the Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University.


Third: Schools


Schools in Nasr City vary between public, private and international schools to suit the different social groups of residents. On top of those schools: Nasr City Private Schools, Al-Radwan Private Islamic Schools, Al-Ritaj International American School, Egypt Schools, St. George’s School in Nasr City, Nasr City Industrial Secondary School for Boys, Al-Manhal Private School, Futures Language School, Taiba Language Schools, Manarat Al Salem International School, Al Ola Language School, Al Alsun Language School, Saint Fatima Language School, Badr Al Islam School, Fatima Al Zahra Private School, Experimental Unified and Secondary School, Asmaa Fahmy Primary School, Manarat Heliopolis School, and Al Bayan Modern School.


Commercial and Recreational Venues


Nasr City has a large number of commercial centers, hypermarkets and shops that cover all the needs and requirements of the population. There are commercial centers for food commodities, household items, clothes, and so on with great services.

The most prominent complexes of shops selling food and household goods in Nasr City are Saudi Market in front of Nasr City Hospital, Ragab Sons on Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street, Metro Market in Hassan Al-Mamoun Street, Metro Market in Al-Batrawi Street behind Genena Mall, and Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets in Tripoli Street branched from Hassanein Heikal st.

As for the commercial and entertainment malls in Nasr City, there are a large number of malls with plenty of shops, international restaurants, cafes, play areas for elders and kids, and cinemas. The most important of which are: City Stars Mall, City Center, Horus Mall, Tiba Mall, Wonderland Mall, and Genena Mall. 


Sports Clubs


There are many important sports places in Nasr City, which are very popular with athletes and their families to enjoy exercising and taking care of their physical fitness. The most prominent sports places in Nasr City are the Indoor Halls Complex, the International Swimming Pools Complex, the Athletics Complex, the Olympic Committee in the stadium, the School for the Talented Athletes, Nasr City Sports Club, Al-Zohour Sports Club, Al-Ahly Sports Club, Al-Tala’a Sports Club, Al-Zahraa Club, Armed Forces Equestrian Club, and Enppi Sports Club.

Additionally, there is a number of health clubs and gyms equipped with the latest sports equipment, such as Active Fitness, Sports Talent, Selective Gym, and Real Gym.


 Facilities and Infrastructure


Nasr City is characterized by the strong facilities that make it one of the densely populated areas. There are water stations to deliver water to homes and buildings, sewage stations, natural gas lines and power plants. There is also an integrated transportation and transportation network linking all the streets and neighborhoods together and linking Nasr City with the neighboring cities. There is a strong communications network that completely covers Nasr City.


The Most Important Landmarks of Nasr City


Major Government Institutions


Nasr City is famous for a number of major governmental institutions, which in turn represent its most important features. The city includes the Central Auditing Organization, the Central Organization for Organization and Administration, and the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics. It also includes a number of ministries, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Planning, and the Ministry of Workforce and Immigration.


Cultural Centers and Conferences


As for the cultural monuments in Nasr City, most notably are the conference hall, the memorial, and the exhibition grounds, in which the most important events are organized, such as the book fair in its many sessions, before being transferred to the new exhibition grounds in the Fifth Settlement.


Institutes and Universities


Nasr City has many universities and institutes that are also important landmarks, such as the American Open University, the International University in Latin America, the Arab Open University, Al-Azhar University, the Workers’ University, the Higher Institute for Tourism, Languages ​​and Administrative Sciences, the International Islamic University, and the SkyTeam Academy of Sciences Aviation, and Al-Alsun Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels.


Sports and Recreational Landmarks


The most famous sports landmarks in Nasr City are The Arab Contractors Club, El Sekka El Hadid Club, the Indoor Hall Complex, Cairo Stadium, and the Olympic Committee. The most prominent recreational attractions are the International Bowling Center in Nasr City and the International Park.


The Most Famous Malls in Nasr City


Nasr City is known as a lively and commercial place due to the availability of many services and huge malls. There are also many well-known shops, restaurants, wonderful cafes, entertainment cities and cinemas, in which there are many opportunities to set up your business. Here are the most famous of those malls:


City Stars Mall


It is one of the huge malls that are loved by elders and kids due to the availability of many services, restaurants, cafes and shops with international brands. There are also a number of towers for companies and administrative offices.

City Stars Mall's style and design resemble the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Mall consists of three glass pyramids and is surrounded by 11 towers. There is a separate huge building that includes all services, entertainment, and more than 643 shops, in addition to an integrated play area. It has more than 90 video games for kids. There is a cinema complex on the fifth floor in which all the exclusive movies are shown.


Genena Mall


Genena Mall is located on El Batrawy Street in Nasr City, which is a very distinct and vital location. Genena Mall was established in 1999 and has managed to retain its splendor and beauty in terms of design and great services.

Genena Mall consists of 5 floors and includes many activities for shops specialized in selling clothes, gifts, accessories, furniture and computer supplies. The Mall also has plenty of restaurants and cafes at the highest level, where there are about 10 restaurants serving European, Chinese and fast food.


Tiba Outlet Mall


It is the first outlet mall to be built in Egypt. It is specifically in the heart of Nasr City with an area of ​​about 2,866 square meters. The Mall contains 34 outlet stores ranging from clothing stores, restaurants, kids areas and a large cinema. There is a Carrefour branch inside the Mall for shopping and buying all household necessities and food commodities. There is a large garage to accommodate about 107 cars to prevent crowding around the Mall.


Al-Sarraj Mall


Al-Sarraj Mall is located in Attia Al-Sawalhi Street in the 8th District of Nasr City, along Makram Ebeid Street.


City Center


City Center Mall is located in Makram Ebeid, Sixth Neighborhood, Nasr City. It consists of several floors and includes a variety of shops with different activities. Most of which are well-known brands, most notably Mazaya Cosmetics, Carina, Active, Max, Raven, Mobaco, Starbucks, KFC, and Pizza Hut.