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O Business District

O Business District

6th Of October

Offices 54,315 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 5,285,400  EGP


6 October

Separate Villa 45,181 EGP/M²
Villas 41,539 EGP/M²
Twin House 34,477 EGP/M²
Town House 29,096 EGP/M²
Apartments 15,678 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 5,719,000  EGP
October Park

October Park

6th of October city

Town House 46,469 EGP/M²
36,159 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 7,917,019  EGP
Granza West Somid
Maspero Business Towers

Maspero Business Towers


Co-working space 160,180 EGP/M²
Stores 143,252 EGP/M²
Restaurant 141,603 EGP/M²
Commercial 124,585 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 15,210,000  EGP
Royal Hills - 6 October

Royal Hills - 6 October

6 October

Villas 13,043 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 30,000,000  EGP


6 October

Starting Price: 7,500,000  EGP
Crown Central

Crown Central

6th Of October

Restaurant 142,998 EGP/M²
Stores 90,546 EGP/M²
Offices 70,271 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 6,034,700  EGP
Palm Parks Compound

Palm Parks Compound

6 October city

Town House 45,468 EGP/M²
Apartments 43,327 EGP/M²
Apartment with Garden 32,256 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,542,000  EGP
Life Point

Life Point

6 October

Apartment with Garden 10,000 EGP/M²
Apartments 9,931 EGP/M²
Chalet with Garden 9,800 EGP/M²
Golf Extension

Golf Extension

6 October

Separate Villa 88,760 EGP/M²
Villas 77,558 EGP/M²
Twin House 64,020 EGP/M²
Town House 38,181 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 14,570,500  EGP
Palm Hills October
M Apartment

M Apartment

6th Of October

Apartments 13,140 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,013,900  EGP
October Hills

October Hills

6 October

Twin House 17,956 EGP/M²
Separate Villa 17,543 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 6,500,000  EGP


6th of October

Twin House 24,963 EGP/M²
Town House 22,426 EGP/M²
Apartment with Garden 21,702 EGP/M²
Apartments 19,911 EGP/M²
Penthouse 19,357 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 5,152,000  EGP
District One

District One

6 October

Starting Price: 10,500,000  EGP
Nesterea Dreamland
Hale Town

Hale Town

6 October

Clinics 43,942 EGP/M²
Ashgar Heights

Ashgar Heights

6th Of October

Villas 19,401 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 8,546,142  EGP
Palm Valley

Palm Valley

6th of October

Villas 55,429 EGP/M²
Town House 49,138 EGP/M²
Twin House 43,529 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 11,793,000  EGP
Medical Gate

Medical Gate

Hadayek Al Ahram

Clinics 18,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 990,000  EGP


6 October

Separate Villa 58,077 EGP/M²
Twin House 48,518 EGP/M²
Town House 44,257 EGP/M²
Villas 41,611 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 8,210,000  EGP
Grand Heights

Grand Heights

6 of october

Villas 25,735 EGP/M²
Twin House 19,451 EGP/M²
Town House 18,299 EGP/M²
Yasmeen Greenland

Yasmeen Greenland

6 October

Twin House 25,174 EGP/M²
Separate Villa 16,532 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 5,790,000  EGP
Wood Ville

Wood Ville

6th of October

Villas 56,794 EGP/M²
Town House 47,297 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 9,886,400  EGP


6th of October

Villas 39,883 EGP/M²
Twin House 33,330 EGP/M²
Apartment with Garden 30,099 EGP/M²
Apartments 25,173 EGP/M²
Town House 21,503 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 2,038,000  EGP
Abha 6th Of October

Abha 6th Of October

6th Of October

13,624 EGP/M²
Duplex 12,625 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 3,753,600  EGP
Green 4

Green 4

6th Of October

Twin House 21,115 EGP/M²
Town House 19,223 EGP/M²
Agyad Garden City

Agyad Garden City

6 October

Apartments 8,500 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,075,250  EGP
Deyaar Plaza

Deyaar Plaza

6th Of October

Apartments 8,000 EGP/M²
Starting Price: 1,200,000  EGP

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Find your new home in 6th of October city and choose from a variety of modern residential compounds.


6th of October is a modern city, located in Giza. It contains several residential areas and compounds that were built in order to reduce the population density of Cairo.

Delivering on its promise, 6th of October city has an area of ​​400 km and enjoys a low population density compared to other cities and regions in Cairo.

Besides being a residential city, it is one of the most prominent industrial and commercial cities in Egypt.


Information about 6th of October City


6th of October City is well known for its carefully planned structure. It contains paved roads, making it quick, easy and efficient to transport goods and people. It also has several vital main roads and lively areas.


6th of October city contains upscale residential compounds, making it a city for everyone and catering for different preferences and requirements.


Division of 6th of October City


The neighborhoods in 6th of October city vary according to social levels and interests.


6th of October contains upscale neighborhoods as well as various Types of Units in Compounds for people with a range of income levels.


6th of October city may contain mixed income neighborhoods, however all these neighborhoods provide the same essential services and utilities such as electricity, water and gas.


All neighborhoods in 6th of October city embrace contemporary architectural design. Among these popular neighborhoods are:

  • Upscale neighborhoods such as Al-Motamayez District, Eighth District, West Somid District, Third District and Twelfth District

  • Middle neighborhoods such as District 1, District 2, District 4 and Al Bashayer District

  • Economic neighborhoods such as Southern neighborhoods, October Gardens and the Industrial Zone


Location of 6th of October City


The location of 6th of October city is one of its most distinctive features. It is located in Giza, one of the most important governorates of Greater Cairo, just 38 kilometers away from Greater Cairo.


6th of October city is ideally close to several main and vital roads, axes and bridges as well as to several cities and modern residential compounds such as Sheikh Zayed City and the Al-Ahram Gardens, making it easier for residents to move around and visit other cities.


6th of October city is not far from the city center; it provides various services and facilities, covering all its neighborhoods.


Services in 6th of October City


6th of October city isn’t just a luxurious city; it also provides all essential utilities.


6th of October city is one of the best cities for real estate investment in Egypt, as it includes health, educational, commercial and entertainment facilities, available in all of its neighborhoods.


Health Services in 6th of October City


6th of October city provides its residents with comprehensive and integrated health services; it has several and various hospitals, medical malls and centers and pharmacies, covering most of its neighborhoods, including:


Medical Centers in 6th of October City


6th of October city contains several medical centers that offer various specialties, services and treatments, with different fees for different incomes. Among these medical centers and malls are:

  • October Medical Board Center, located in 6th district, 5th neighborhood in El Isaaf area

  • Al Shareyah medical center, located in Area 251 Ahmed Arrab, Saad bin Amada

  • Al Hosary Medical Complex, in Al Hosary Square

  • Bright Scan Radiology Center, located in 8th district on the central axis

  • TechnoScan Radiology Center, located in Al Najda Square


Hospitals in 6th of October City


Medical hospitals are as important as medical centers. Accordingly, 6th of October city has several hospitals that provide integrated medical and treatment services. These hospitals are equipped with the latest modern treatment methods and techniques. Among these popular hospitals are:

  • 6th of October University Hospital, located in Al-Nasr Road on the central axis

  • Al-Safwa Hospital, located in 1st district, Omar bin Al-Khattab Street

  • Al-Zuhour Hospital, located in 3rd neighborhood, 7th district

  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital, located in the tourist area on the 26th of July Corridor

  • Souad Kafafi University Hospital, in Al Motamayez district


Pharmacies in 6th of October City


Almost all neighborhoods and areas in 6th of October city have pharmacies, operating 24 hours to cover the medical needs of its residents. Among the most popular pharmacies available in 6th of October city are:


  • Misr pharmacies in Al Central Street, 1st district, and in 4th district

  • Al Fouad pharmacies, in Al Hosary Square

  • Roshdy pharmacies, in 1st district

  • Shifaa pharmacies, on the central axis


Educational Services in 6th of October City


You can find everything you need in the compounds of 6th of October city, as it contains various educational services and facilities. 6th of October city contains several experimental and international schools as well as private and international universities, that provides the best and the latest educational services at the highest level. Among these educational institutions are: 


Schools in 6th of October City


  • Al-Tahrir Official Language School, 2nd District

  • The Spanish Experimental School, 2nd District

  • The International Schools of Choueifat, in Dreamland

  • City International School, Dr. Ahmed Fakhry Street

  • Heritage International School, Tourist village


Universities in 6th of October City


6th of October city has some of the top universities in Egypt, offering its students the best programs and education. Some of these universities are: 


  • Misr University for Science and Technology: It is one of the most popular and large private universities in 6th of October city. It provides a wide range of faculties and research centers, the most prominent of which are: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Faculty of Media, Center for Educational Technology and Center for Computers and Information.

  • 6th of October University: It is an Egyptian university and a member of the Federation of Arab and African Universities. It contains a variety of faculties and higher institutes, the most famous of which are: Faculty of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation, Faculty of Applied Arts, the Higher Institute for Engineering and the Higher Institute for Media. It also contains a university hospital and an outpatient clinic.

  • International Academy of Engineering and Media Sciences in Media Production City

  • Academy of Culture and Science


Commercial and Entertainment Areas in 6th of October City 


6th of October is one of the most modern cities providing luxurious recreational and entertainment services to its residents and visitors. It has a wide range of commercial areas, malls and amusement parks; all offered at affordable prices that suit various social groups. Below are some of its most prominent entertainment areas:


Malls in 6th of October City


  • Mall of Arabia, Desert road

  • Diamond Mall, next to 6th of October University

  • Mall of Egypt, Oasis Road

  • Cityscape Mall, on the Central Axis

  • Family Mall, Central District


Amusement Parks and Social Clubs in 6th of October City


  • Dream Park, Dreamland residential compound

  • Magic Planet, in Cityscape, Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt

  • Snow City Ski Egypt, Mall of Egypt

  • 6th of October Club, 26th of July Corridor

  • Al Fardous Club for Armed Forces, 6th of October

  • Gezira Club, 6th of October branch

  • Wadi Degla Club, Oasis Road

  • Equestrian Club, Dreamland, Al Wahat Road


Utilities in 6th of October City


6th of October city is an integrated city, providing its residents with the basic utilities and services that are essential for everyday use, including water, gas, and electricity. These utilities are available in most of the compounds and residential areas within 6th of October city. As for the areas that are under construction, the city continues to install these utilities so that every residential area has the basic facilities and services available. 


6th of October city contains a drinking water and sanitation company that works to provide a sound structure to its residents, to avoid the damages caused by rainfall, floods and bad weather. It also has a branch of the South Cairo Electricity Company, to ensure the availability of electricity for its residents and to manage their complaints and requests in a timely manner. 


The Most Important Landmarks of 6th of October City


6th of October city, despite being a modern city, contains a variety of landmarks. These landmarks play a significant role in the lives of its residents as well as external visitors. Among these landmarks are:


Government Landmarks in 6th of October City


  • 6th of October City Authority: No city dispenses with its own device that provides citizens with all the details they are looking for, whether they live in the city or want to live in it; It also provides a comprehensive guide to residential area prices, payment and purchase methods for those who wish to do so, and is located on Al-Wahat Road

  • Water and Wastewater Customer Service Center: It is located in Al-Zahir El-Shaarawy. It is responsible for managing all complaints and requests of 6th of October residents, related to water and waste management

  • First of October Police Department: It is one of the most important landmarks of the city, serving all its residents and assets


Mosques in 6th of October City


  • Al-Hosary Mosque: It is located in 7th district in Al-Hosary Square, taking after Al Hosary name. It is one of the most popular mosques in 6th of October that celebrates many occasions

  • Misr University Mosque: Misr University mosque is not a traditional university mosque. Rather, it is a huge mosque with a large prayer hall. It boasts a luxurious Islamic style, competing with other mosques in the city


Conference Centers in 6th of October City


6th of October city, being a modern and elegant city, is an ideal destination for holding huge scientific and business meetings and conferences. In addition, it has several landmarks, containing various halls suitable for hosting all kinds of events and conferences such as Helnan Dream Hotel various halls, Mövenpick Hotel Conference Center and Misr University for Science and Technology various halls and Opera House.


The Best Malls in 6th of October City


6th of October city offers its residents as well as visitors the best commercial centers and malls for shopping, guaranteeing a fun and luxurious experience. 


  1. Mall of Egypt in 6th of October City

Mall of Egypt is one of the largest malls in 6th of October city and the Middle East. It is located on the Oasis Road. Mall of Egypt is best known for having a wide range of shops, selling the most luxurious local and international brands. It also contains candy stores, restaurants and several entertainment avenues, most notably Magic Planet, Ski Egypt, and Fox Cinema


  1. Mall of Arabia in 6th of October City

It is one of the most popular malls in 6th of October city. It contains a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes and furniture stores. It also has various entertainment areas for children, Galaxy cinema and 3D cinema. The mall is located in Juhayna Square


  1. Family Mall in 6th of October City

Although it is smaller than the other malls in 6th of October city, it provides the different recreational needs of its visitors including commercial stores, selling various goods, clothes and accessories. It also has a children's entertainment area


The Best Residential Compounds in 6th of October City


The main purpose of establishing 6th of October city is to provide residential areas, so that the population density in the greater city of Cairo is reduced. 

Accordingly, developers have excelled in implementing fully integrated and upscale residential compounds in 6th of October city, providing its residents with all the essential services and utilities and catering for the different needs of different social groups. Among the most popular compounds in the in 6th of October city are:


1. Degla Gardens in 6th of October City


Degla Gardens is not your typical compound; it contains a wide range of shops as well as upscale restaurants and cafes that are popular with its visitors. 

Degla Gardens compound offers residential and administrative apartments available for sale and rent, making it a fully integrated community.


2.Lakefront in 6th of October City


Lakefront is one of the luxurious residential compounds located in 6th of October city. It boasts a spectacular contemporary architectural design. It offers all the basic and recreational services. Lakefront is located close to Oasis Road and the Ring Road. You can easily own an apartment at Lakefront offered for sale, as the prices of residential properties in October are much lower compared to New Cairo and Nasr City.


3. Mountain View Chillout Park in 6th of October City


Mountain View Chillout Park is one of the largest compounds in 6th of October city. It prides itself in providing an integrated recreational life for its residents. It contains walking tracks, cycling trails, and industrial lakes that give spectacular views. It also has a commercial center and a medical center. It is located in the heart of 6th of October city, close to 26th of July Corridor.


4. Badia Compound in 6th of October City


Badia Compound is located on Al Dahshur Road. It is one of the most prestigious compounds in 6th of October city. It offers a variety of residential units, with different areas at reasonable prices.

It provides all the basic and recreational services and facilities, guaranteeing a contemporary and elegant community for its residents. Palm Hills established Badia Compound in 6th of October city, with a distinctive design that takes into account the utilization of spaces, offering a smart, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 


The residential apartments in Badia project vary in areas; starting from 80 square meters up to 250 square meters. There are also ground floor apartments, with private gardens. As for the lovers of privacy, Badia offers a variety of villas; whether standalone or twin houses.


5. O West Orascom Compound in 6th of October City


O West Orascom Complex October is all about luxury. It contains several artificial lakes, swimming pools and entertainment areas for children. It is located behind the Media Production City. It boasts an international design. The prices of residential properties in O West Orascom compound are very attractive. The prices vary according to the specifications of each property.


6. Aeon Compound in 6th of October City


Aeon Compound is the perfect destination for lovers of tranquility and privacy, as it offers soundproof upscale residential properties. It provides all basic and recreational services and facilities.  It is located close to 26th of July Corridor, making it easier for its residents to move around and visit other cities. You can easily own an apartment in Aeon Compound, as it offers reasonable prices as well as flexible payment systems and plans.