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11,650 EGP

Prices of Apartments in Nasr City average 11,650 EGP per square meter.

14,000 EGP

Prices of Villas in Nasr City average 14,000 EGP per square meter.

Average price per meter in past 12 months

Neighborhood Apartments Average price per meter
Abd El Razek El Sanhoury St. 17,750 EGP /M²
Ali Ameen St. 17,500 EGP /M²
Youssef Abbas St. 17,400 EGP /M²
Abo Dawoud El Zaheri St. 17,350 EGP /M²
Rabaa Investment 16,950 EGP /M²
Abbas El Akkad St. 15,800 EGP /M²
Genena Mall 15,750 EGP /M²
Ahmed Fakhry St. 15,350 EGP /M²
El Tayaran St. 15,050 EGP /M²
Compounds in Nasr City 14,300 EGP /M²
Makram Ebeid St. 14,200 EGP /M²
1st Zone 14,100 EGP /M²
Mohamed Hassanein Heikal St. 14,100 EGP /M²
El Nasr Road 13,100 EGP /M²
El Serag Mall 13,000 EGP /M²
Khedr El Touny St. 12,900 EGP /M²
Masaken El Mohandesin 12,750 EGP /M²
6th Zone 12,600 EGP /M²
Rabaa El Adawiya 12,500 EGP /M²
Emtidad Ramesses 12,250 EGP /M²
Hay El Waha 11,950 EGP /M²
Hassan El Maamoun St. 11,900 EGP /M²
Sixth District 11,850 EGP /M²
Moustafa El Nahaas St. 11,450 EGP /M²
El Sefarat Neighborhood 11,450 EGP /M²
Tawfiq City 11,100 EGP /M²
Zakir Hussein St. - El Mithak 10,950 EGP /M²
9th Zone 10,950 EGP /M²
Seventh District 10,850 EGP /M²
8th Zone 10,550 EGP /M²
Tiba Mall 10,050 EGP /M²
10th Zone 9,000 EGP /M²
Tenth District 8,950 EGP /M²
El Hay El Swissri 8,350 EGP /M²
Madenet El Fath 8,000 EGP /M²
El Moshir Tantawy Axis 7,900 EGP /M²
Eighth District 6,450 EGP /M²
El Shorouk Buildings 5,800 EGP /M²
Zahraa Nasr City 5,500 EGP /M²
El Amal City - Ezbet El Haganah 3,600 EGP /M²


Demand level

(Very High)


Price change in 12 months


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Price change in 12 months

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About Nasr City

Nasr City... A residential and commercial city par excellence

Nasr City district is one of the largest and most diverse districts in Greater Cairo. Nasr City district is located east of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and near the Heliopolis district and New Cairo City.

The area of Nasr City is ​​about 250 square kilometers and is divided into two main neighborhoods; East and West Nasr City. The district contains many residential neighborhoods, which represent all levels of housing: economic, middle and luxury. It also contains many commercial activities, factories and large markets.

Nasr City district was established after the 1952 revolution as an extension of the ancient Heliopolis district. Its location was chosen to the east of the capital, and is distinguished by being close to the downtown area, as it is about 17 square kilometers away from it. Later on, the district became the link between Cairo downtown and new cities such as New Cairo, Madinaty, Rehab and the New Administrative Capital.

Nasr City also contains all kinds of basic services, such as education, health, security, roads, transportation, and entertainment services, such as cinemas, sports clubs, restaurants and malls.

Nasr City development... Expansion of roads and new bridges

As part of a major plan to get rid of traffic congestion in Greater Cairo, the Cairo Governorate began a development plan in Nasr City streets. The plan aims at opening new arteries and connecting such streets to the New Administrative Capital, in order to find solutions to the severe congestion for which Nasr City is famous.

4 bridges were built east of Nasr City to eliminate the intersections in the district. Also, some bridges were carried out east of Nasr City in Hassan Maamoun, Makram Ebeid, Abbas Al Akkad and Ahmed Fakhry streets. Besides, Youssef Abbas, Al-Tayran, Mustafa Al-Nahhas, Al-Sa'iqa streets, and the axis of Abdul Hamid Badawi were developed and expanded.

The development plan has several pivots; the most important of which are the infrastructure development and providing solutions to achieving traffic fluidity through a group of axes, roads and bridges which might help in this respect.

The most important of these bridges is the Counselor Hisham Barakat Bridge, which extends across Tayaran Street intersecting with and hovering over Nasr Street, providing traffic flow that was missed in this area due to the congestion. Additionally, some bridges were established east of Nasr City on Hassan Maamoun, Makram Ebeid, Abbas Al Akkad and Ahmed Fakhry streets.

Only in 2020, developments have covered Zahraa Madinat Nasr district in the area that is located behind Ragab Sons, the main street in Saqr Quraish district, Al-Salam Street in the Seventh District, Sayed Afifi Street in Ard El-Golf district, Muhammad Talaat Salem Street in the First District, the square in front of the Melsa Mosque, the A area in the Swiss neighborhood, and Syndicates residences in El Toob El Ramli. Moreover, sidewalks, electricity cables and lighting poles were repaired. Streets were afforested and re-paved after a comprehensive repair of rainwater drainage sewers.

Neighborhoods and districts of Nasr City

The Seventh Neighborhood:

It is one of the most famous and oldest neighborhoods in Nasr City. It is located near Mustafa Al Nahhas Street and the Sixth neighborhood. It contains the Police Hospital and the Nasr City Court, and extends across Zakir Hussein and Tayaran Streets.

The Seventh Neighborhood in Nasr City is characterized by having all economic, middle and upscale standards of living. There is a commercial area with shops selling all needs of clothes, shoes, household appliances, restaurants, and more.

Al-Azhar University students prefer to live in the Seventh Neighborhood because of its proximity to the university, its average standard of living, and the availability of all services; most importantly the means of transportation. There is a public transport stop in addition to transportation to most areas of Greater Cairo such as Ramses, Downtown, Giza, Al-Haram, the Tenth Neighborhood and New Cairo.

The Tenth Neighborhood:

The Tenth Neighborhood is famous for being a destination for foreign students who study at Al-Azhar University, especially because it has economic areas. Many people prefer to rent housing units there because of the availability of transportation to and from it. Therefore, buying an apartment for investment by renting is a guaranteed and successful project that guarantees you a good profit. The Tenth Neighborhood is characterized by commercial activity, availability of main services and proximity to all areas of Nasr City.

Properties are widely available in the Tenth Neighborhood, whether for purchase or sale. The Neighborhood is also characterized by low prices compared to the rest of Nasr City districts. The landmarks of the Tenth Neighborhood in Nasr City include the auto market, which attracts many dealers on a weekly basis and is one of the most famous car markets in Greater Cairo.

Al Sefarat Neighborhood:

It is one of the calmest and most unique neighborhoods in Nasr City, as it is located near Abbas El Akkad Street, Makram Ebeid Street, the Tenth Neighborhood and the Seventh Neighborhood, making it close to all entertainment and basic services.

Al Sefarat Neighborhood is characterized by calmness and good planning, as it is similar to a compound. The standards of living in the Neighborhood vary between the average and the distinguished. Also, there are all educational, medical, economic and entertainment services.

Landmarks of Al Sefarat Neighborhood include the Free Trade Zone affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which is one of the most important free zones in Egypt. The free zone attracts many workers and employees, giving the Neighborhood vitality and activity.

Also in Al Sefarat Neighborhood, there are the headquarters of the Ministry of Higher Education, PepsiCo, the headquarters of Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries (Enppi), and many well-known schools, banks and shops.

Al-Waha Neighborhood:

It is one of the modern neighborhoods in Nasr City. It is characterized by good design and planning, and is located next to the Tenth Neighborhood, the free zone, and close to the axis of the Field Marshal Tantawi and the Fifth Settlement Road. This makes it close to all landmarks of Nasr City and linked to all its districts and neighborhoods.

There are many housing units in Al Waha Neighborhood, as there are apartments, villas, and duplexes. Areas in the Neighborhood start from 80 up to 300 square meters. Al-Waha Neighborhood also includes some residential compounds that are relatively higher in level than the rest of the housing units in the Neighborhood.

Zahraa Nasr City district:

It is a group of organized housing units and located in the far east of Nasr City. The district was established by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority. It was specifically established for the army officers and their families, and then civilians were allowed to reside therein.

Zahraa Madinat Nasr district is located along Al Mithaq Street, which connects it with the Seventh Neighborhood and Tayaran Street. Zahraa Madinat Nasr district is characterized by its good planning, and the low-floored apartment buildings. Actually, floors in a single apartment building cannot exceed five floors and it is not allowed to violate this rule. Also, there are many important services and facilities in the district, such as water and electricity stations, in addition to some recreational services, such as a group of amusement parks in the heart of the district, the public library, a banquet hall, a central, government and private schools, military court and police station.

Rabaa Al Adawiya district:

It is one of the most famous and prestigious districts in Nasr City. It is the front of Nasr city for those coming from central Cairo. It is famous for its luxurious buildings, whether government or buildings, and malls.

​​Rabaa Al-Adawiya or the First District is located on Al-Nasr Road and close to Al-Tayaran Street, Abbas Al-Akkad Street and Youssef Abbas Street. It has many landmarks, such as Al Nasr Club for the Armed Forces, the Nasr City Health Office, the Labor Office in Nasr City and the Post Office. The District is quiet and elegant, and has many Green spaces between buildings.

The most famous landmarks and services that are located nearby are Al-Azhar University, Cairo International Stadium, Al Zohour Club, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Armed Forces Financial Affairs Authority, Ministry of Defense, Information Systems Institute for the Armed Forces, and Cairo Stadium Metro Station.

• Abbas El Akkad Street:

It is an economic activity and trade area in Nasr City. It extends from Nasr Road to Zakir Hussein Street. It is characterized by the commercial activity, as there are many shops and galleries for all types of commercial activities.

Abbas El Akkad Street is an excellent investment destination in Nasr City, as besides containing many commercial activities, it also has many high-quality residential units. In fact, it is a distinguished residential area with luxury apartments and duplexes.

Makram Ebeid Street:

It is one of the elegant and quiet streets in Nasr City. It extends from Nasr Road to Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street and is located near Hassan Al-Maamoun and Ahmed Fakhry Streets. It is characterized by its relatively low buildings, and has many shops for the most prominent international brands, in addition to the famous malls: El-Serag Mall and City Center Mall.

Tayaran Street:

It is one of the most famous streets in Nasr City. It intersects with Nasr Road, starting from Ali Amin Street and extending to Salah Salem. It is surrounded by the most prestigious areas of Nasr City and the best of them in terms of services.

• The Sixth District:

It is one of the most prestigious districts in Nasr City. It is located near Al-Nasr Road, City Stars and City Center malls. The District has many services, facilities and hospitals, the most famous of which is Hassabo International Hospital.

• Nasr City services

Nasr City is characterized by being a relatively modern city. However, it is not far from the downtown, as it combines the modern character of cities with the privileged location in between New Cairo, Heliopolis and Cairo Downtown.

Services in Nasr City vary according to districts and neighborhoods, as there are all levels of services and options, whether in basic services such as utilities, electricity, water, shops, schools, universities, hospitals, or at the level of entertainment services such as malls, parks, playgrounds, cinemas, restaurants, and local and international companies.

• Entertainment services:

Nasr City is an important destination for many of those who want to make shopping or hang out. It is home to many malls and commercial centers such as Genena Mall, El-Serag Mall, City Stars, City Center, Technology Mall and Taiba Mall.

Additionally, there is a group of public parks that are spread in the districts and neighborhoods of Nasr City, such as the Child Park. It is located on Makram Ebeid Street in the Sixth District and on about 92 thousand square meters of area. Also, the International Park which is located on Abbas Al-Akkad Street, and provides many activities for adults and children. The International Bowling Center, which is located on Salah Salem Road and next to the October War Panorama and Cairo Stadium. The Center provides many bowling activities.

In Nasr City, there are some of the best cinemas in Egypt, the most famous of which are Tiba Mall Cinema on Nasr Road, City Star Cinema, El-Serag City Mall Cinema on Makram Ebeid Street, Nasr Cinema at the Nasr Armed Forces Hotel, Signal House Cinema, International Garden Theater, Renaissance Wonder Land cinema in Abbas El Akkad street, and Cinema Winder Galaxy.

General and basic services in Nasr City:

Nasr City has all basic services, at all levels, in all areas, and all the time. This is due to the multiple economic levels in any neighborhood, which requires meeting all tastes and needs.

The most famous hospitals in Nasr City are Dar Al Fouad Hospital on Nasr Street and next to Rabaa Al Adawiya Square, One Day Surgeries Hospital, Al Sahha Street next to the Sixth District Medical Center, Nour Al Hayat Fertility Hospital on Makram Ebeid Street, Dar Al Hekma Hospital on Mohamed Hussein Heikal Street behind the Workers University, and Dar Al-Arqam Hospital on Ibn Al-Nafees Street, Tabarak Children's Hospital on Muhammad Mahdi Street, Al-Nour Hospital for Eyes on Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street, Petroleum Hospital on Makram Ebeid Street, Dr. Jamal Abu Al-Azaim Hospital for Psychiatry on Abu Ageila Street, Al-Andalus Specialized Hospital on Tayaran Street, Al-Essawi Specialist Hospital on Abbas Al-Akkad Street, Hassabo International Hospital at Ahmed Fakhry Street, Children's Specialized Hospital on Muhammad Al-Maqrifi Street and in front of Al-Ahly Club, Nasr City Hospital on Youssef Abbas Street, and Magrabi Eye Hospitals and Centers on Abbas Al-Akkad Street.

As for the educational services in Nasr City, they are many and are provided in every neighborhood. In addition to Al-Azhar University, there are the Workers University, and some medium and military institutes, in addition to a large group of schools for all educational levels, whether governmental, private or languages. For example, the Technical School of Administration and Special Services, the Egyptian Language School, King Fahd Model Complex for Languages, Al Manarat Private Language Schools Complex, Al Radwan Islamic Private Schools, Talaia Al Mostaqbal Language Schools, Ibn Al Nafees Experimental School, Al Sayeda Nafisa Secondary School for Girls, and Al Oubour Preparatory School for Girls.

Nasr City Compounds

Nasr City has a large group of compounds that combine the privacy and high-quality services with the distinguished location of Nasr City, which is near all services. The most famous of these compounds are as follows:

• Capital East Nasr City Compound:

It is an urban community that was carried out by Tabarak Holding Company. The Compound is designed according to the latest engineering and architectural designs that take into account combining the modern life styles with the latest entertainment and service centers, as well as providing various housing units suitable for all tastes.

The Capital East Compound is located in the middle of the most important roads and axes that connect to the Nasr City, such as the Ring Road, the 6th of October Bridge, and the axis of the Field Marshal Tantawi.

• Sun View Nasr City Compound:

It is a residential compound and located in the Eighth Neighborhood in Nasr City. It is in front of the Child Park and close to Cairo International Airport. The Compound is carried out by AMAR Real Estate Company.

The project consists of 220 housing units, and has a commercial and administrative mall. Areas of units start from 115 to 230 square meters.

Degla Landmark Nasr City Compound:

It is one of the most famous and best compounds in Nasr City. It is located in the heart of Nasr City, only 5 minutes from the 90th Street and the Fifth Settlement. It is located near Mokattam, Maadi, Heliopolis, the Ring Road and Ain Sokhna, Al-Ahram schools and the British School.

The area of ​​Degla Landmark Compound is about 14 acres. The project is carried out by Memaar Al Morshedy Company, which is the owner of large projects and has long experience in the Egyptian real estate market. Areas of units start from 55 to 158 square meters.

Cairo Town Nasr City Compound:

It is the latest project of Arba Developments Company. The Compound is located in the Oasis of Nasr City. The project covers an area of ​​27 thousand square meters, and includes 29 residential towers with a total investment of one billion and 200 million Egyptian pounds.

The Cairo Town Compound is located in the city of Al-Waha, about 5 minutes from the NA axis and the Martyrs Corridor. This makes it close to the 90th Street, the main street on Fifth Settlement, the Ring Road, and the Mokattam and Maadi cities. The project was designed by an elite group of professors of architecture and Engineering to meet all needs.

Sun View Nasr City Compound:

It is located on the extension of Mostafa El-Nahhas Street and behind Al-Ahly Sporting Club. The Compound enjoys a privileged location in Nasr City, and provides housing units, commercial units and administrative offices. Areas start from 152 to 231 square meters.

Arena City Towers Nasr City Compound:

It is one of the most luxurious projects of the Structure Line For Development Company, which has high-quality projects. The Compound is located near the Arab Contractors Club and Autostrad Road, with an area of ​​about 44 acres.

The Arena City Towers Nasr City Compound has different areas ranging from 115 to 162 square meters.

• Degla Towers Nasr City Compound:

It is one of the projects of Memaar Al Morshedy Company in Nasr City. Degla Towers project is located in the center of Nasr City, therefor it is close to all urban communities and important places in Cairo, including Heliopolis, the Fifth Settlement, Maadi, and Mokattam. It provides all services, and unit areas start from 90 to 165 square meter.


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New Cairo - 5th Settlement

New Cairo - 5th Settlement

  • 19,050 EGP
  • Average price per meter
Heliopolis - Masr El Gedida

Heliopolis - Masr El Gedida

  • 11,450 EGP
  • Average price per meter
El Hadabah El Wosta

El Hadabah El Wosta

  • 8,550 EGP
  • Average price per meter