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19,050 EGP

Prices of Apartments in New Cairo - 5th Settlement average 19,050 EGP per square meter.

22,450 EGP

Prices of Villas in New Cairo - 5th Settlement average 22,450 EGP per square meter.

Average price per meter in past 12 months

Neighborhood Apartments Average price per meter
Madinaty 26,500 EGP /M²
El Mostakbal City 25,450 EGP /M²
El Rehab 24,250 EGP /M²
Compounds in New Cairo 22,350 EGP /M²
American University Housing District 22,000 EGP /M²
Gharb El Golf 20,350 EGP /M²
El Choueifat 20,100 EGP /M²
East of Academy 18,950 EGP /M²
Behind Mirage City 18,950 EGP /M²
North Rehab 18,800 EGP /M²
90th Street 18,600 EGP /M²
New Lotus 18,300 EGP /M²
Golden Square 17,850 EGP /M²
South of Academy 17,450 EGP /M²
Other neighborhoods In New Cairo 17,350 EGP /M²
El Yasmeen 17,250 EGP /M²
El Narges 17,000 EGP /M²
El Ahyaa 16,950 EGP /M²
El Banafsag 16,800 EGP /M²
New Narges 16,750 EGP /M²
Diplomats 16,450 EGP /M²
El Kornfol 15,850 EGP /M²
First Settlement 15,750 EGP /M²
Dar Misr 15,250 EGP /M²
Lotus 15,150 EGP /M²
Katameya 15,050 EGP /M²
Northern Investors 14,700 EGP /M²
Southern Investors 14,650 EGP /M²
Gharb Arabella 14,400 EGP /M²
Bait El Watan 13,950 EGP /M²
El Andalus 13,300 EGP /M²
El Tamer Hena 12,850 EGP /M²
New Cairo Extension 11,850 EGP /M²
New El Andalous 11,700 EGP /M²
Takseam El Andlos 11,600 EGP /M²
Third Settlement 11,500 EGP /M²
Industrial Zone 10,300 EGP /M²
Neighborhood Villas Average price per meter
El Rehab 26,050 EGP /M²
El Mostakbal City 25,500 EGP /M²
East of Academy 25,450 EGP /M²
American University Housing District 25,050 EGP /M²
Compounds in New Cairo 24,300 EGP /M²
South of Academy 24,000 EGP /M²
El Yasmeen 23,850 EGP /M²
Katameya 23,450 EGP /M²
Diplomats 23,250 EGP /M²
El Kornfol 23,100 EGP /M²
El Narges 22,350 EGP /M²
El Choueifat 22,150 EGP /M²
Northern Investors 21,900 EGP /M²
Southern Investors 21,450 EGP /M²
Gharb El Golf 21,150 EGP /M²
90th Street 20,300 EGP /M²
El Ahyaa 20,300 EGP /M²
First Settlement 20,200 EGP /M²
El Tamer Hena 20,200 EGP /M²
El Banafsag 19,200 EGP /M²
New Cairo Extension 18,850 EGP /M²
Madinaty 18,600 EGP /M²
Other neighborhoods In New Cairo 17,400 EGP /M²
Behind Mirage City 17,000 EGP /M²
Bait El Watan 14,350 EGP /M²
Golden Square 6,450 EGP /M²


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Price change in 12 months


Demand level



Price change in 12 months

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Shopping & Dinning


New Cairo is one of the biggest and most sophisticated neighborhoods in Greater Cairo. It is located east of Cairo, and it includes many residential areas; most notably Fifth Settlement, First Settlement, and Third Settlement which are among the first areas to be populated. It is common to call New Cairo the Fifth Settlement; however, the reality is that the Fifth Settlement represents a small area inside New Cairo.

The city is very well planned in Egyptian standards; however, many people complain that the city is already getting crowded around the 90th road commercial area although the city is not fully populated yet.

New Cairo is mostly calm with low population density, and it contains a number of private universities and schools. Some roads are still unpaved in the newer areas but they are expected to be finished soon.

One of the drawbacks of New Cairo are the outrageous property prices which are mostly fueled by high demand. The majority of New Cairo neighborhoods offer upscale and luxury level housing; however, there is still several areas that offer middle and upper-middle level housing, and areas like Third Settlement has pockets of economic housing offerings. New Cairo key landmarks are: Police Academy, Cairo Festival City, Downtown Mall, American University in Cairo. The city can be easily reached by driving as it's surrounded by Ring road, Sues road, and Sokhna road. Public transportation to New Cairo is limited, and within the city it is almost non-existent. The 90th road is an exception and it remains highly serviced due to its heavy commercial activity.

The Fifth Settlementarea consists of several neighborhoods, the most important of which are: The first, second, third, fourth and fifth districts.

This is in addition to other neighborhoods such as: Choueifat, West Golf, Al Yasmine, Diplomats, Violet, Southern Academy, and El Narges districts.

As for the most important streets in the Fifth Settlement, 90th street is one of the most important. It contains many financial and commercial centers and other centers that serve the New Cairo area, as well as it is located along the central axis ofNew Cairo.

Upscale areas for those who prefer housing in villas

The Fifth Settlement is also famous for having many independent villas and luxurious palaces in different architectural styles.

Due to the great interest in the Fifth Settlement, many international universities and international schools determined to have their headquarters there. For example:

  • American University in Cairo (AUC)
  • German University in Cairo (GUC)
  • Future University in Egypt
  • Canadian International College
  • Police Academy
  • The International School of Choueifat
  • Other universities, colleges and schools.

Moreover, the Fifth Settlement is one of the most prestigious and distinct neighborhoods, which has all the advantages, services, and excellent infrastructure. Thus, all these privileges make you choose to live in it, or to create your own project, whether it is a medical clinic,a commercial store, or any other project.

Among the best 5 neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement inNew Cairoregion are as follows:

90th Street

90th Street is divided into 3 sections:

  • The main 90th Street
  • The northern 90th Street
  • The southern 90th Street

As for the prices of residential units, they differ according to the 90th Street sections and units to be acquired and housing.

El Narges District

The residential neighborhood of El Narges is located near the neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement and can be reached via El-Moshir Tantawy Axis, or the "Cairo-Suez" road, or the Regional Ring Road.

There is also the American University in Cairo (AUC) and many marketing and entertainment centers, such as:

  • 7-Star Hotel
  • Silver Star
  • Marhaba Mall
  • Medical Park for medical services

Lotus District

The distinguished residential neighborhood of Lotus is located near El Shorouk City and Madinaty and can be reached through the 9th Street, the Regional Ring Road, and the Cairo-Suez Road.

Among the most prominent services in it are distinguished hotels, administrative buildings, gardens, and large green areas.

As for entertainment and commercial centers, it contains:

  • Americana Plaza
  • Point 90 Mall
  • Meeting Point
  • The Spot Mall
  • Future University in Egypt
  • American University in Cairo (AUC)

Choueifat District

The neighborhood of Choueifat is located at the entrance to the Fifth Settlement. This neighborhood is called the Schools District because it contains many schools, most notably the International School of Choueifat, in addition to the Triumph Hotel.

El Kornfol District

El Kornfol district is located near the northern investors area and the northern Lotus district.

The neighborhood is considered one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement, as it contains only villas.

In this Fifth Settlement, residential compounds differ according to their location, services, and features, but most of the time they have similar services, such as: being fully-fenced, containing green areas, and water bodies, as well as including a number of different units designed in different and modern styles, such as apartments, villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

Also, these compounds contain various services, such as commercial, health, recreational, and sports activities, as well as the 24-hour security system.

New Cairo compounds are featured with elegance, sophistication and good partitioning, due to being located in one of the most important areas of Greater Cairo, which is "New Cairo City".

All of these features attracted customers who are looking forapartments for sale in Fifth Settlement Compounds. Among the most luxurious Fifth Settlement compounds offered at affordable prices are:

  • Sarai Compound New Cairo
  • Mountain View Hyde Park
  • Bloom fields Compound
  • Hayati Residence Compound

Sarai Compound New Cairo

The compound is one of the most important and finest compounds of Fifth Settlement. It is characterized by its creative and unique design, as well as a number of unique services and features. The project is located on the Suez Road, about 10 minutes away from the Ring Road and the American University, and only 5 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

Also, Sarai compound spans over 5 million square meters, which makes it one of the largest housing projects in the Fifth Settlement. It also offers residential units varying between apartments and villas starting from 122 square meters for apartments and 250 square meters for villas at affordable prices.

Moreover, the project contains green areas, swimming pools, security systems, artificial fountains, shops, restaurants and cafes, a social and health club, health centers, recreational areas, a special area for horse riding, and various types of schools.

Mountain View Hyde Park

The compoundwas developed by Mountain View Real Estate Company, which is one of the leading Egyptian private property development company, specializing in prestigious residential and resorts communities in the country's prime destination.

The project spans over an area of approximately 200 acres. 70% of which is allocated for green areas and services, while the remaining area is allocated for a variety of residential units, including apartments, villas, Twin House, duplexes and penthouses.

The project is located 5 minutes away from the American University in Cairo, 15 minutes away from the Field Marshal Tantawi Axis, and just two minutes away from the Ring Road.

Also, the buildings of the compound are designed in European style, and it includes several services, such as: sports clubs, swimming pools to all categories, schools, security services, and entertainment places, like cinemas, cafes, restaurants, walking and running paths, crystal lagoons, and artificial waterfalls.

Bloom fields Compound

Bloomfields Compound is one of the best compounds in Future City. This amazing compound is developed by Tatweer Misr Company (Tatweer Misr Real estate Egypt). It is located 10 minutes away from the American University in Cairo.

The project spans over an area of ​​410 acres, and residential buildings cover 30% of the project's total area. Such units vary between apartments, villas, townhouses, and twin house with spaces starting from 110 square meters.

The compound includes distinctive services, such as clinics, treatment and recreation centers, as well as open areas for holding parties and various sports activities, in addition to social and commercial clubs, shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Hayati Residence Compound

The compound has a perfect location and excellent designs that enhance living in every possible way. It is built in one of the most vital locations inNew Cairo.

It was built on a wide area of 24 acres in the Fifth Settlement with vast green areas around the buildings adding refinement and charm to every sight. The green areas form 60% of the total area of the compound and the modern interfaces add graceful elegance to it.

The project contains several features, such as: affordable prices, sophisticated designs, great partitioning, green areas, privacy, and distinctive residential life, as well as all of its residential buildings, are overlooking green areas and stunning landscapes.

Moreover, it also provides different types of services, such as: 24-hour security service, garages, health clinics and schools, as well as commercial services, and sports and leisure activities.


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Heliopolis - Masr El Gedida

Heliopolis - Masr El Gedida

  • 11,450 EGP
  • Average price per meter
Nasr City

Nasr City

  • 11,650 EGP
  • Average price per meter
El Maadi

El Maadi

  • 14,000 EGP
  • Average price per meter