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What is so special about owning a villa in Tagamoa?

Luxury, privacy, excellence, and elegance all these words can be used to describe villas for sale in the Fifth Settlement.

There is a plenty number of villas in Tagamoa with different areas, they start from 3 rooms to 7 rooms and more, some of the villas have a pool, garden, parking area, and private gates.

Public figures and VIP prefer owning a villa in New Cairo in the Fifth and the Third Settlements since it is close to Road 90, Nasr City and Suez Road.

Top tier classes prefer Fifth settlement because it is the largest residential community in New Cairo. It consists of several neighborhoods (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th districts, in addition to golf, Shuwaifat, Diplomats, Arabella, Jasmine, Al-Bafaseg and South Academy). The fifth settlement has the largest number of hospitals, schools, universities, shopping malls like Point 90, Cairo Festival City and Downtown Katameya.

You can find Villas for sale in the Third Settlement at cheaper prices than villas for sale in the Fifth Settlement. Also, Villas in Compounds in New Cairo are usually offered at great payment plans and facilities.

The outings in Tagamoa are glamorous, besides the amazing cafes and restaurants, there are fun outing places like escape rooms and the Horror House, and entertainment parks.