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Twin house for sale in New Cairo

Twin houses for sale in New Cairo


Security, comfort, luxury, and services available around the clock are mainly the basic desires of anyone who is about to buy a new housing unit, so New Cairo has provided everything that customers are looking for through its privileged location near the Ring Road and NA Road, in addition to the wide variety of shapes and spaces of residential units, most notably Twin House for sale in New Cairo with areas starting from 260 square meters and with various payment systems, whether cash or installments.




Location of New Cairo 


New Cairo is located in Cairo Governorate and is considered one of the most prestigious and luxurious newly established cities, which brings together many services that help every family to live in an elegant place full of services. Such as Nasr City, Heliopolis, and important main roads.




Important cities near New Cairo


The distinguished location of New Cairo played an important role, making it close to many cities such as Nasr City, Downtown, Mokattam, Maadi, Rehab and the New Administrative Capital.




The main roads near New Cairo


New Cairo has a number of main roads and axes that connect them to many areas, most notably the Ring Road, NA Road, and Al-Moshir Axis, in addition to its proximity to Ain Sukhna Road.




What is the twin house and the difference between it and the villa?


The twin house is one of the types of high-end residential units that express luxury and represent their private life that enjoys a lot of comfort and happiness. The unit is surrounded by a garden on three sides in addition to that each unit has a separate entrance and a separate gate.


The villa differs from the twin house in that the villa is a standalone property that gives residents more privacy than any other type of real estate, in addition to that the villa has a private garage, a private garden,  and an independent gate, which is another type that is more private and luxurious.




Details of Twin house in New Cairo


New Cairo includes a large number of twin houses with different designs that meet the needs of every family, so there are twin houses for sale in New Cairo that consist of two floors and three floors and contain a number of rooms, for example, there is a twin house that makes each floor look like integrated independent apartment consisting of several bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and there are other types of twin houses that are allocated on the upper floors of the bedrooms and the ground floor of the living and kitchen.




Areas of Twin houses in New Cairo


The twin house units are suitable for families with large numbers that are looking for a more private and independent life to enjoy more comfort and tranquility and enjoy the experience of luxury and elegance. Therefore, the twin houses’ spaces vary to suit everyone, as the twin houses spaces in New Cairo start from 260 square meters up to 500 square meters and more. .



Designs of Twin Houses in New Cairo


Each twin house design varies according to the customer's taste and needs, so there are twin house units consisting of two floors and others consisting of three floors, and the space of the twin house greatly controls its design, there is a twin house with a private pool, garden, private garage and another not It has these things due to its small area.




Advantages of Living in New Cairo


New Cairo has many advantages that make living in it a dream for many looking for better opportunities to live in prestigious places and one of the most prominent advantages that New Cairo enjoys.


● The distinguished location that made New Cairo city close to many new cities such as Downtown, Maadi, Mokattam, Nasr City and the New Administrative Capital.


● There are a number of important main roads, such as the Ring Road, which connects New Cairo with many neighboring cities, in addition to the NA Road, which reaches Nasr City in a few minutes.


● New Cairo is famous for its high-end architectural design and organized planning of streets


● The level of housing varies in New Cairo, where there is economic housing - medium and luxury due to the presence of housing projects affiliated to the Ministry of Housing for economic and medium housing and a number of luxury residential compounds affiliated with the largest real estate companies.


● New Cairo includes many educational, health, recreational and commercial services so that each family member can find his interests and needs near home.


● Green spaces spread in an orderly manner in the streets of New Cairo, which made the city enjoy a charming nature, a clean atmosphere and an elegant aesthetic touch.


● New Cairo is the ideal choice for lovers of tranquility and relaxation due to the presence of many residential areas and neighborhoods


● The types of residential units in New Cairo vary, as there are apartments, studios, townhouses, twin houses, duplexes, triplexes, roofs, and villas, in addition to the variety of spaces and designs as well, so you can easily find the type of unit and space you are looking for.


● New Cairo has vital public facilities and excellent infrastructure, as it is considered a newly established city, so there are water connections, sewage networks, natural gas, electricity, and communication networks.


● There are many means of transportation between New Cairo and various cities and regions, where there are many public transportation links between Downtown - New Cairo, Helwan - New Cairo, Mokattam - New Cairo, Haram - New Cairo and others.




Services near New Cairo


The customer searches for the service areas in the area before taking the step of residing there, and the presence of services is an important matter that saves the residents a lot of time, effort, comfort, and safety. Therefore, New Cairo enjoys that it includes all the services that each customer is looking for, such as:


First, hospitals and clinics

Air Specialty Hospital, Tabarak Children's Hospital and Royal Specialized Clinics.


Second, schools and universities

The International English School, The International Schools of Choueifat and the American University.


Third, the commercial malls

Cairo Festival City Mall, Point 90 Mall and Downtown Mall.




Prices of Twin houses in New Cairo


Many customers are looking for a twin house for sale in New Cairo at reasonable prices to provide a better standard of housing for their family, so the price per square meter in the twin house varies according to the location and design, and whether it is fully finished or unfinished, and the total area of ​​the twin house as well as the number of floors all of that The price per square meter of the twin house is determined, so you can find out the latest update of the prices of the twin house in New Cairo, as well as the price per square meter through the Aqarmap prices guide.


 Payment and Installments Systems in New Cairo


New Cairo has become a popular destination for many residents due to its enjoyment of a large number of advantages, which made real estate companies and real estate owners offer different methods of payment, whether cash or installments, where the customer can choose the method that suits him to pay as well as determine the down payment and divide the rest of the amount on Installments over several years.


The number of the Twin House For sale in New Cairo is 764 listings
The sub locations in New Cairo are El Banafsag, Lotus, Northern Investors, Southern Investors, El Narges, Ard El Zohoor, El Yasmeen, Industrial zone, Takseam El Andlos, El Tamer Hena, First Settlement, Third Settlement, Gharb Arabella, Arabella, Gharb El Golf
The top brokerage companies in New Cairo are Quest Real Estate, LIVING real estate, روافد العقارية, DealbyDeal, conceptegypt