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Villas for Sale in Madinaty in New Cairo


Madinaty is famous for being one of the largest new cities, located in East Cairo, and the beginning of construction dates back to 2006 on an area of ​​8,000 acres, or 33.6 million square meters, by Talaat Moustafa Real Estate Group.


Strategic Location of Madinaty in New Cairo


Madinaty is located east of Cairo on the Cairo-Suez road, which makes it in a privileged location close to a group of important and basic services as well as close to several important and upscale new cities.


It is 40 minutes away from the most important cities, such as Heliopolis and Nasr City. It is only minutes away from El Shorouk City and New Heliopolis. Madinaty is also close to the Middle Ring Road, which makes it facilitated access to and from the area, and it is close to the Regional Ring Road and the Administrative Capital.


Details of Villas in Madinaty


The area is not limited to villas or apartments only, but it combines areas for residential buildings in Greater Cairo and others for villas, which were built in several stages. Each stage follows a modern style in designs and external facades. 


Madinaty villas have a stunning view of golf courses, transparent lakes and green spaces, including It provides a pure, elegant life that enjoys privacy for the residents of the area.


Different Stages of Construction in Madinaty


Madinaty has witnessed since it was planned several housing stages, allowing individuals the freedom to choose the most suitable for them according to the enjoyment of each stage, we represent as follows:

Stages I, II, and III (B1 - B2 - B3)


These stages are an area of ​​residential buildings that follow the Andalusian style in their designs, separated by wide green spaces, which give individuals privacy. 


These buildings also contain 7 different models of apartments in the first, second, and third stages, with areas ranging from 89 square meters to 331 square meters.


Sixth Stage (B6)


It is the area close to the most vital centers, such as the Foodcourt and the main position of the city, and this also has the presence of 5 models of apartments in the sixth stage.


Seventh Stage (B7)


The lowest stages in the models and division, but it is distinguished by its location facing the sixth stage and its proximity to the food court.


Eighth Stage (B8)


It is unique in its location near the Champs-Elysées Avenue and the Mega Mall, and its designs that follow the panoramic architecture in construction and finishing are diverse.


Tenth Stage (B10)


The most modern of them and organized exploitation of the interior spaces spread over picturesque public gardens, and they are close to the new central park and the Avenue des Champs-Elysées.


Available Services in Madinaty Area


There is no doubt that the villas in Madinaty are among the best options for lovers of entertainment and privacy, as they are surrounded by a set of daily and basic services, which differ from one area to another and according to the needs of the residents. 


Among the most famous of its services that meet the demand of the upper classes are the following:


Educational Services


The region is interested in providing a better educational life for children, without going through great distances to reach different schools. 


It includes Egyptian schools such as Madinaty Language School, which follows the modern Egyptian style of education, and there are also international schools such as the British International School, which follow the British style of education.


Madinaty is close to several private universities, which are accepted by many students from Egyptian and non-Egyptian villages, due to its effective and distinguished educational level, which qualifies individuals for the labor market, such as the British University in Egypt (BUE), Heliopolis University and the Egyptian University for E-Learning.


Medical Services


The developers of the project seek to provide the needs of individuals in one place throughout the day, so they have carefully chosen the location of Madinaty. 


Its location is close to major specialized hospitals and medical centers in different departments, such as the Coptic Hospital in Badr City and the Royal Hospital, as well as a rehabilitation center for burns and Golf Park Hospital And a veterinary hospital in the region and many other medical clinics in Cairo.


Commercial Services


The area contains commercial markets equipped with all the supplies and collectibles needed by individuals, commercial centers in Madinaty for shopping such as South Park, the Open Air Mall, Arabesque Mall, and Ragab Sons Market. 


Each area contains restaurants and cafes of different cuisines, and individuals can carry out banking transactions with ease, because there is an integrated banking complex, and the area also includes cinemas, clubs, two golf clubs, and Central Park Madinaty.


Advantages of Residing in A Villa in Madinaty 


  • The privileged location in New Cairo, and the abundance of transportation

  • The large area of ​​the project, providing several service centers at each stage of the construction

  • Good urban planning and wide streets

  • Integrated housing and multiple services in one place

  • The abundance of schools that follow the modern educational system

  • Availability of parking spaces

  • Privacy and tranquility for all individuals

  • Villas have a charming view of the golf courses and landscape

  • Innovative designs that combine ancient Andalusian flair with modern panoramic architecture

  • The spread of recreational centers, hotels, and swimming pools that increase the region's elegance


Areas and Prices of Villas in Madinaty in New Cairo


Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG), the developer of Madinaty, has been keen on satisfying all tastes and meeting the needs of customers, by providing multiple areas for villas. 


Areas of villas start from 259 square meters up to 660 square meters, and despite the varying prices of villas for sale in Madinaty, which may be a little high among other ranges, they offer The best payment offers commensurate with the financial capabilities of customers.